Fractured Life

So sweet and pure we did begin

You my heart sought to win.

Sweet letters of love so full

Never once were you cruel.

Always looking to do your best

Holding us above the rest.

Seeming to be so much to me

But alas I did not see.

The fractured soul within

That would rise again and again.

Rearing up to strike at will

Seeking daily to kill

Any joy there could be

Realizing you did not love me.

No you loved yourself most

And the love that you did boast

Was love for only you.

As long as I met your need

You would not get peeved.

Bet let your way be foiled

Like a little child spoiled

A tantrum you would pitch.

The only remedy of which

Would be for me to capitulate.

Your will I should never violate.

I was so blind to the broken pieces

That lay like shattered glasses

Just under the silky lies you told

You were so very bold.

Even you made me believe that I

Was the one messed up inside.

That I was the broken one and you

Were going to fix that too.

But now my eyes are open wide

It all was to appease your pride.

No one matters but you in your life

And you are causing constant strife.

Those fractures have burst

And crashed down to earth.

The pieces falling have left their mark

The reality has become stark.

I cannot remain here in this mess

Each day the real me becomes less.

Loosing myself in the deadly shards

That have been shredding my heart.

The fractures cannot be healed

The fate of us has been sealed

In the tomb of your selfish greed

There's nothing left to even grieve.

Delusions all faded away

My vision is clear I can say

There never was and never will be

Anything left of you and me.