Spanking Upon The Fairgrounds


Susan Waterflower Bell

Sequel to 'Spanked by a Ghost'

The once vast open field had been transformed into a wonderland of sights of sounds. Shouts of carnival venders floated above hustling crowed of people. A cool early October wind carried the combined smell of roasting meats and sweets to the noses of the crowds. The wind also carried the sounds of music and dancing and laughing. But there was something lurking in the shadow of the brightly colored carnival tents that housed a strange anime or fixed side show.

That something was a ghost. The ghost was well your average ghost she floated above the ground much like a butterfly floats above a choose flower. Her long black hair reached down to her back. Her kimono was white like snow and a strange soft white light surrounded her. A strange look of amusement graced her face. Maybe tonight will be a good night to cause a little trouble.

The ghost women shifted her coal back eyes around. From her hiding place she spotted a young couple holding hands. The style of the women's hair shook her, never in her time would a women dare wear her hair that short or wear such reveling robes. The women blouse barely covered her arms and her skirt fell just above her knees. With a shake of her head she shifted toward the young man.

He too earned a shake of ghost women's head. His hair unnatural long, it reached below the collar of his shirt and if that was not bad enough his shirt did not cover his arms nor did his pants cover all of his legs. What had become of the modesty laws of her time. Oh her mother would have switched her and her brother if they ever appeared in public dressed like those two.

She was quickly forced to remind herself that her word had ended along time ago. The modesty laws had passed away with her and children these days where raised on a different set of morals than she herself was raised on.

Then she spotted her, a young girl on the eve of womanhood. She had shoulder length coco brown hair and her eyes where like two pink sapphires. The pattern of her kimono was strange, it was a wonderful mixture of blue and pink. A strange ball of light hung above her head. The light seemed to call out to her, a small smile crossed her face, it seemed she had found her first playmate of the night.

A sudden bone chilling chill ran down Susan neck. Goosebumps where starting to form on her arms and it seemed like her blood was starting to freeze into cubes of ice under her skin. Something or somebody was watching her and there was a good chance that something or somebody was a ghost. She shuttered a little as her Sapphire pink eyes searched for any trace of the specter.

"Leave me along, I'm not going to both you so you don't need to bother me." Said Susan under her breath. Her blood still ran cold when ever she remembered the events of that unfolded the night of the this years Obon Festival.

"No my dear," Said the ghost women as the young women's plea reached her ears. "But I'm going to bother you, after all the veil is about to lifted, and this world will once more be separated from the spiritual one. I might as well enjoy myself a little." Said the ghost women with a slight snake like hiss.

A second chill ran down Susan back, the chill traveled from her spine to her arms and a fresh crop of Goosebumps spotted up.

"Hey Bella," Cried Susan over her shoulder. There was a slight tone of concern to her voice. Quickly she scanned the crowds in search of her sister.

"Hey Susie," Said a women around the age of twenty or twenty two. The women's flaming red hair was tied back in two pig tails and she wore a soft blue Kimono. Her Sapphire Pink eyes sparked with concern. A big sisters job was never fully complete.

"Are you sensing something as well," Said Susan toward her.

Isabella titled her head to the side and took a deep breath. "Susan, there nothing there, nothing at all." Said Isabella with a small smile.

Susan nodded her head and smiled a little maybe the feeling was after all just her mind playing tricks on her. It was after all Halloween. If one was to be by folk believe then today will mark the closing of a door. The door was the door that held back the spirit word from are word. The door was opened on the Obon Eve and closed on Halloween at the stroke of midnight.

"Then again it is Halloween," Said Isabella with a small smile. She folded her hands behind her back and walked up to Susan. "The door closes tonight." She quickly added

"True every true." Said Susan toward her older sister. She shifted her eyes toward one of the fair rides. The sound of laughing children and teenagers filled the air around it. The ride was like a huge mechanical swing set. But the swings where replaced with chairs that hung from tick brown ropes. The ride was currently in action as the wooden chairs spun around in its circler path a new popular song will play.

Susan turned toward her sister and flashed her a toothy grin. "Bella, can, I please ride this ride." She said pointing toward the mechanical swing. The swings where starting to slow down now. A sure sign the ride was about to come to a halt.

"Sure, its your money spend it how you want." Said Isabella with a small smile. She was a little taken back that Sue even asked permission. Not that permission was required but still it put her mind to rest a little.

A bright smile crossed Susan face as she heard this. She quickly wrapped her arms around her older sister waist and gave her a tight squeeze. And before Isabella had time to act she unwrapped her arms and skipped toward the quickly forming line of teenagers and children.

"My little sister is growing up so quickly soon she will have a boy…" Isabella felt her face flush with color. She narrowed her Sapphire Pink eyes into two slits and shifted them around her. If Susan had found herself a special boy whom was more than a friend she will have to find this boy and lay the law down for him. A young heart in love was wonderful thing. But it could also be a tragic thing if not handed right.

The ghost women blinked as she shifted her eyes toward the strange mechanical ride. A look of puzzlement came across her face. She could not help but think what strange rides children these days rode upon. What possible source of amusement could these rides hold for these young souls. She took a deep breath and then slowly she melted into the darken background.

Slowly the ride came to a rest. A bakers dozen of children and teenagers where helped down by the ride hands from the wooden swings. The girls giggled a little as they helped each other straighten there hair styles and the boys boasted to any one within ear shot how they will ride the ride again.

"Okay now only thirteen at a time, please drop your thinner in the wooden box to your right and one of my hands will be around shortly to help you up. Don't strap yourself in one of the hands will that for you." Said the ride master. His tone of voice was thick with what the towns folk called the Carville Accent. Something of a cross between a Scottish man and showman. The ride master wore a white button up shirt that had turned yellow around the sleeves. The shirt was tucked in a tattered pair of dust colored pants and fading blue navy coat guard him from the cooling October wind blowing across the fair ground. His dirty salt and pepper hair was styled in greasy ringlets.

A quick look of panic flashed across Susan face. Did she even have a thinner to her name. Most of her coins where angles or coppers. Quickly she thruster her hand into her small coin purse. After a few seconds of fishing around she felt her hand run across the raised surface of a thinner. Quickly she pulled it out and tossed it into the wooden box. A low thumping sound could be heard as the coin landed on top of other coins.

The ride master gave her a approving nod as he heard her coin landing with the others. "You can pass lass." He said toward Susan. He slowly moved to the side. Quickly Susan nodded as she moved passed the ride master. Quickly she found herself a free swing. She shifted her head over her shoulder. The ride must have been really popular already the thirteen limited had been reached.

"Okay, Lad's and lass's stand by your chosen swing. Stand by ol' bones will strap you in right tight. You have nothing to fear, not one child as fallen on ol' bones watch." Cried one of the rides hands. He was thin as a railroad rail. His white shirt was like a walking menu of his pass week meals. A old dusty patched cloak hung over his thin shoulders. His coco brown hair was long and unkempt. It seemed to shin with grease in the dim lantern light.

Quickly Susan reached up and took hold of the road that held the wooden swings in place. She had paid her thinner and she was not going to give up her spot.

"This be your swing lass?" Said Ol' bone toward Susan. He pointed with his crooked figures toward the wooden rope Susan held in her hand.

"Yes Sir." Said Susan backing up a little. A sudden chill ran down Susan spine. The mere thought of being near this man froze her blood. She took a deep breath and quickly held her nose as the old man bent down and picked her up and placed her in the seat of the old wooden swing. Quickly and skillfully he strapped her in and stepped back.

The old man turned around and raised his hand. The ride master nodded and reached toward the weather beaten lever that would start the ride. He wrapped his long boney figures around the lever and slowly he eased the lever down. A loud hissing sound escaped from the somewhere deep within and slowly the machine started to move.

Slowly spinning chairs gained force as machine started in its circle pattern. Susan could only smile as she was lifted into the air. As the swing started to spin and the cool October wind blew through her shoulder length coco brown hair she felt a overpowering feeling of happiness come over her.

From the shadows of a near by apple tree the ghost women watched as the young women was lifted into the air and spun around. She folded her phantom arms across her phantom chest and shook her head. She was sure that ride was unsafe what kind of guardian would allow there charge to ride upon such a dangers looking ride. Back in her day the rides where powered by old mules and work houses walking around in a circle not by some steam driven machine.

"That things abound to be unsafe," Said the ghost women. She shifted her eyes around the surrounding area. There must be a way to get this young women in trouble. Then for the first time since she spotted the young women she questioned why she wanted to get her in trouble. Maybe because she wounded if the her guardian would give her a spanking those where always a great source of amusement to her. And the fact that she might be spanked before all these people caused a sudden spark of excrement to run down her phantom spine.

But how, that that was the answer to the thousand yen pot. She looked around and spotted something that appeared to be well it was a sideshow of shorts. Several round cakes lined the wooden counter and behind the wooden counter was a large wooden stage. Large around holes dotted the wooden board the hole on the board as far as she could tell where evenly spaced apart.

"Strange, very strange." Said the ghost women reaching up and stroking her phantom chin. A evil look came across her pace. She might be a ghost but she still had her wits about her. A floated a little closer what kind of game was this. What possible game could have several pies lining up on a wooden counter.

"Be brave, be brave, or be foolish, or be foolish, pay you angle and you too might get a face full of cream. But it will be worth it because my friends ever thing comes at a price and the price for a prize is a face full of cream." Called the man behind the counter. He was wore a light brown dinner jacked over a yellow stained white button up shirt. The shirt was tucked in to a matching pair of light brown pants. Worn down brown dress shoes and a dirty brown bow tie completed the look.

The ghost women titled her head to the side as a wry smile formed on her cheeks. This strange side show had given birth to both the idea and the plot she will use to frame the young women and with the door slowly starting to creek close her power was at its height. Now she only had to lure the women here. Her and her sister.

A small look of disappointment crossed Susan face as the ride started to slow down. The thrill of being in flight and of feeling of the cool October wind blowing through her shoulder length coco brown hair was one of pure magic. Maybe she should have tossed the ride master a angle, that would have brought her four extra turns.

"Okay lads and lass's and ladies and gentleman of all nature." Cried ol' bones once the ride slowed to a snails craw. Both of his hands where cuffed over his mouth as if to hopefully make his voice carry over the laughter and jostling of children and teenagers. "Stay in your seat and wait till ol' bones makes comes by ya I'll help you down and then you may pay your thinner for another round or drop your coins at one of are other great game shows." He added to his cry.

Soon ol' bones stood before Susan, quickly and skillfully he unbuckled her and let her down. A sudden chill ran down her spine as the old ride hand gave her a crooked smile. One that showed his two rotting front teeth.

"Take care lass, there something a-watching hollow specter from Octobers early shadow. Now near door is about to close till next Obon Time. Her power be at her height, Ol' bones knows these things." He said reaching down and ruffling the top of her coco brown head.

Susan looked up and gave the man a puzzled look with her eyes. She quickly nodded and rejoined her older sister Isabella.

Isabella shifted around and peered down at Susan. "So I take it you enjoyed your ride." She said kneeing down to her level. She placed her purse down upon the ground and started to fish through it. The October wind had blown a few strains of her coco brown hair out of place. And well something somewhere deep inside of her wanted to correct this. After a few seconds she fished out a small wooden hairbrush. She took the brush in hand and quickly ran the brush through her coco brown locks of hair.

Susan quickly flushed with color over the sudden show of affection She looked around and blinked as she spotted the faint outline of a pure white kimono . For the brief second she spotted the kimono she could tell that the kimono by its pattern was a old burry kimono. The one ghost from old folk legends wore.

"Isabella what was that." Said Susan pointing in the general direction in which she spotted the faint traces of the kimono. Her last encounter within the boulder of old Sakura had shaken her to the very core and something deep inside of her was telling her she will have another sting filled encounter with the other side.

"Susie, you must seeing things.." She said shifting her head in the direction Susan was pointing. True to her word there was nothing there.

"Come on now, lets forget all about ghost stories and phantom specters they are after all only the fodder of folk stories and urban legends." Said Isabella placing a hand upon Susan shoulder. She gave her sister a small nudge toward one of the side shows. "We are here to have fun so relax and enjoy yourself my dear." Said eyed the pies that sat upon the wooden counter of the booth with a playful grin. She placed a one thousand yen bill down upon the table and smiled toward her sister. "Lets win us a prize shall we."

The ghost women smiled from the shadows. Now was the time to strike. She closed her eyes and quickly melted into the background. She floated toward the pair of the young women. Once she was close enough to touch the helm of Isabella Kimono. She quickly formed her hand and flipped the helm. She turned her head toward Susan and winked a little.

"Your going to hate me for this, but still its for your own good pinky." She said reaching for one of the pies. And quickly before Isabella could act to her helm being lifted and the cool October wind upon her bottom. Splat the cool cream topping of the pie came into contact with her panty clad bottom. A loud giggle sounded across the fairground as the women dropped the pie ten and lowered Isabella helm.

"What in the name of Holy Hell. SUSAN WATERFLOWER BELL!" She cried. As she turned around and pointed toward her sister. A look that could have shaken the very gates of hell shown across her face. She pointed with a shaking figure toward her younger sister. Whom was in a state of pure shock.

Quickly before Susan could ask what was going on she found herself pulled over her sisters knee. Where Isabella had found the old milk crate she sat upon that night is forever lost to the flow of time but what is clear as a bell is Susan found herself over her sisters lap with the hem of her kimono lifted and her panties around her ankles in five seconds flat.

"You Brat." She cried as her hand came crashing down upon Susan bottom. Her skilled spanking hand was soon peppering her bottom making each bottom cheek bounce with each swat delivered Soon her bottom was peppered with red hot angry hand prints.

"Sissy!" Cried Susan a mixture of shock and pain flooding over her. She could not believe this was happing. She was being bared by her older sister yes she could believe that. But being spanked in public her red bottom on display only seemed to pour brine into a open wound.

"Don't sissy me.. You had to pie the bottom of panties in front of the whole fairground so I'm going to redden your bottom in front of the whole fair ground. Your going to lean one day and I hope that day is soon." Cried Isabella toward Susan her cheeks still flushed with color. And her hand once more like small pieces of embers fell down upon Susan bottom coating the bottom with a light pink color/

About this time a small crowd had gathered to witness this the unfolding scene. Some stood there rolling there eyes at the scene. It was these whom will raise there hands and whisper how this matter should be taken to somewhere more private to save the poor girls honor . Others however would lift there hands to there mouth to shield there giggling smirks. A few small children in the crowd pointed toward the Susan and gleefully shouted.

The ghost women floated above this scene. Her dark gray phantom arms folded across her chest and a look of pure amusement shown clearly upon her phantom gray cheeks. Yes she still had it she still could set a trap and lure those unlucky chosen into it.

Isabella soon felt her anger melt away as her pink hand prints started to overlap each other. She took a deep breath and without speaking a word she reached into her purse and pulled out a wooden polished hairbrush. It was one of those old fashion hairbrush's with thick bristles and not the thin plastic ones. She placed the wooden head of the brush upon her sisters bottom and with a small flick of the risk she gave her bottom a nice testing swat. A nice pink oval appeared atop the quickly fading hand prints.

Susan screamed a ear piercing scream as she felt the cool wooden head smack into her tender bottom. She looked over her shoulder and gave her a pleading look. "Please Sissy not the brush." She said her lip grieving a little.

"I'm sorry Susie," She said raising the wooden brush up. And then in the blink the polished wooden surface of the brush came smacking down upon Susan bottom. Over and over again it rained down upon her bottom leaving in its wake a small oval print. The blush plowed into Susan bottom like the blade of a farmers plow turns the earth during planting time.

Soon Susan was kicking and screaming as the wooden brush came crashing down again and again. Upon her warming bottom. Then it was over. The waves of sting no more came crashing down upon her bottom. The brush no more brought a clasp of hot sting that shook her bottom like a mode of jello. It was all over. The sting was now melting into a skin burning feeling that seem to center on her bottom.

Then as she felt herself being lifted. She felt her sisters loving hands being placed upon her back as she was lifted from her sisters lap and placed upon her shoulder. Like a child clings to a chosen blanket or a special stuffed bear Susan clung to her sister and hung on for dear life. Slowly she started to cry.

The seconds melted into minutes and slowly the crowds started to scatter. "Come sissy." Whispered Isabella into her sisters ears. "Lets enjoy the rest of the night." And with the pair melted into the night.

The ghost women smiled to herself. She had her fun now it was time for her to leave this word and reenter her own. She took a deep breath and started to floated toward two pine trees that stood like two pillars of a gate. She floated between them and then vanished. She might return next obon and she might not.

Authors Note:

I would like to take this time to thank my former sensei for giving me the hard talking too that made this fiction possible. Marigold-Sensei. Are time was together was so very short but we filled those sunny afternoons with wonder.