These walls are built
To guard the things within
I cower behind them
When life expects me to rise above them.

These walls are guarded
I position myself inside
Nothing can break through
Especially not anyone I know.

There is a knocking at these walls
You stand behind the doors
Questioning their existence
Why do I hide behind a wall?

There is a noise within these walls
I'm peeking over the edge
You ask me to knock them down
Who are you to question my walls?

You ask me to knock down these walls
Demand that they crumble beneath
Your guiding hands. You seek to help
But are you really helping?

These walls are coming down
I'm letting you in
You take one step in
And can't take it, I told you so

These walls have been rebuilt
Stronger now than ever before
Only this time, there's no door to knock on.