Author's Note: This was written during a hard time in my life and later edited for style and feel. I'd be interested to hear what you think.


Love is supposed to light our way

But her heart sees only shade

Shrouded by the cloak of darkness

A girl is abandoned in icy winter

Turning to the wind, she sheds a tear

For her humanity

She looks innocent, that girl

But I can see my reflection

In her eyes, when she backs away

The hurt, and betrayal

The fire that burns her heart

and scorches through her soul

It is the pain that we feel which unites us

Our damaged hearts

Will never trust as they once did

We are merely ghosts

Walking in the shadows of our lives

Existing, never to belong

For betrayal is forever

And this vulnerable heart in the cold

Is left to heal

Then with a pang of tenderness

I realize

This girl is me