For Katie, the first person who allowed me to share my story!

Sharing the Story

I wrote everything down

And sent it all to you.

I did not think,

The words thought for me.

I wrote my story:

My terrible,


Heart-wrenching story,

And sent everything to you.

I didn't look at it

Fearing I would change my mind.

I am worried,

I am scared.

Will you understand?

Will you even care?

I press send

Without looking back

Hoping that you can see

That I trust you enough to hear

The world that I grew up in.

I wait for a reply,

I fear it too.

It is hard to think that

You may never understand

What I just gave to you.

Soon it comes,

And it all feels weird

I'm not used to other people knowing

And having people on my side.

I am relieved and scared

All at the same time.

There are people that care about me,

But I don't know how to react to this.

It has been a battle for one for so long

And now there are more.

I reread the paper

To see what I said.

I can't believe I did that!

And told you everything!

It is hard to admit that I did that

After being closed up for so long,

But I am stronger than I think

And I can share my story.