Whatever happened here

That pushes you away like this

We used to be so near

Conversations were like bliss

But you've grown cold and distant

Like the stars and moons forgotten

And you're now so hesitant

As if you don't remember where we've been

And it makes my heart sad

To think we've lost what was had

It hurts to see your face

And know in your heart I've no place

That the light of our bond grows dimmer

And all my thoughts and feelings simmer

It hurts to be so close to you

Yet not know if your words are true

That your feelings have changed to another hue

And the honest friend is now a mist without clue

When will the days be longer

And our bond be stronger?

When will the eternal things matter most to you

And I can see that it is genuine too?

All I ever wanted was you to be strong

And grow into the one, yes I long,

That God desires and predestined you to be - more like His Son.