The cake had been the final straw. He knew how she liked her cake: Angel food cake, with blue icing. Instead, he deliberately, deliberately, made her Devil's food cake with scarlet icing. Her name had twisted violently on the dark chocolaty background, looking sharp and bloody.

She knew it hadn't been a mistake. Oh, there had been other clues too- 'forgetting' the movie tickets, doing up the dishes with lemon-scented soap instead of watermelon-scented soap, buying no-name brand macaroni instead of kraft dinner- little things. But so very, very telling in their smallness.

Well, she'd show him.

That evening, after he'd fallen asleep snoring, as always (he snored like a lawn mower), she stole his prized possession: an atomic vector plotter. With this apparatus, it would be simple to get away from him for good. She quietly loaded up a small basket with the necessities: a loaf of bread, a bag of small green apples, several cans of fizzy lemonade, a spyglass, a compass, and a map of all the currently known universes. It was a large map.

She was all set to go. To be honest, she's been thinking about doing this for some time now. Oh, she'd had the nerve to do it, of course; all she had really needed was that one final push to set sail.

Her chosen mode of transport through the universes was a small cardboard box, big enough to hold one smallish middle-aged woman and a basket of food. It was complete with a set of wobbly wheels, a waterproof duct-tape outer hull, and a canvas sail. Painted sloppily but lovingly on the side was the odd craft's name, The Tempting Havoc. Without further ado, she sat down, pulled her basket in next to her, and looked carefully at the atomic vector plotter tm. It was shaped disturbingly to mimic a gun, and the woman had never been very comfortable with the idea of weapons in general. Kitchen knives made her nervous.

Nonetheless, she had come too far to back out now. She carefully aimed the gun directly in front of her- right in the middle of one of his beloved red rose bushes, heh- and pulled the trigger.

There was a small sound, like someone had dropped a paperback book from a great height, and the portal appeared. There were no flashy lights of mysterious sounds, and the woman was vaguely disappointed by that. Instead, there was a sound of rushing water and suddenly, the box was lifted by a small crest of water.

Blatantly ignoring the laws of physics that held in her natural world, the wave rushed uphill towards the portal, carrying her with it. There was a brief moment of disorientation as she, or rather, her atoms, shifted through worlds, but it passed almost immediately. The gateway quickly closed behind her, but she didn't care. She was too enthralled by the sights before her.

A vast, purple-green ocean swam beneath a white sky. The air smelt like foreign spices and childhood summers at the beach. The woman eagerly took out her spyglass and viewed her surroundings up close. There was a small island nearby, its sandy shores a violent shade of orange. The foliage consisted of some odd blue plants, dotted with apple-like growths and strongly resembling trees which had been placed upside-down. She set her sail against the wind and let the warm wind propel her towards the shore.

She ate an apple, and didn't even think about ever going home.