"Sister, why are you so happy?"

I look up at my vanity mirror, and saw my little sister standing in the doorway still wearing her nightgown. Even though she is only eight years old, with shoulder length black hair, red eyes, pale skin and lips lighter than a pink rose, she still has much to understand.

"Did you not forget what today is?"

"What? What is today?"

"Today, I am getting married."

Being eight years apart, I found someone who loves me, instead of jewels or anything of that sort. In return, he revealed to me that there was a prophecy that a princess would seek out her true love, instead of her true love seeking the princess.

And it finally came true. A year after it happened, we were finally engaged and now we are going to be married. And today has arrived for the wedding.

Looking back at my own reflection, I stared at my elbow length brown hair, green eyes, lightly tan skin with almost red as a rose. I was almost as lovely as my own little sister, but she prove to be more beautiful than me.

"Why do you have to get married?"

"We need to get married at some point, in our lives. Marriage cannot wait forever, and that is something that you should know."

"Can't you refuse?"

"Why on earth should I refuse, Frederick? We love each other very much, and we both deserve each other. Our love is strong, and nothing can break it."

She soon left the doorway of my room, and I knew that she was upset about today. Poor, Janessa, my poor little sister. She has a very hard time understanding these sorts of things.

Looking at the wall above my mirror, I saw the portrait of me, my brother, and our little sister Janessa. It was done eight years ago, when Janessa was only five months old.

"Oh, my dear brother. Where on earth have you gone? What is the reason for you to vanish without warning? If only you left a note with reason behind, we would understand. But now, as a price, our parents are in pain, our sister has started to become sour and does not understand, as for me, I have become confuse. If only we knew."

Looking away from the portrait, I got my white gown on, set the veil on top of my head and left my room. My love was waiting for me, at the altar. These were my final moments of being a free woman, before committing myself to Prince Frederick.