A Fete Worst than Death

The Second Somerset Adventure

By Sunflower-sama

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row.

The mark our place, and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing. Fly

Scare heard amid the guns below.

We are the dead. In short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and where loved, and now we lie

In Flanders Field.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:

To you from failing hands we throw

The torch; be yours to hold it high

If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields

- John McCrae

The Poppy fete was held at the height of the social season, the party was known to go from morning to the wee hours the following morning. The festival was traditionally held at Swam lake Country Club, a small rural country club located in the heart of the flat rolling delta land that surround Somerset. Here the bourgeoisie of the town and the surrounding hamlets would gather to play a round of golf and drink mixed drinks over ice. A small gauge railroad ran from the station in downtown to the club, the line was used too ferry people in and out. It had been upon this small, privately owned railroad that Sunflower and her mother had rode upon, to join her father who was a guest of honor at this years gathering.

It had been around midmorning when Sunflower and her mother had stepped off the clubs railroad carriage, each one had been given a fresh coat of paint and each side bore the bright snow white letters of SLCC. Had been painted upon each of the four doors. A feeling of being a princess had taken over the young tomboy as she was guided toward the main grounds where the party was to take place/

Though as one hour melted into the other, the feeling of being a princess soured and a feeling of boredom took hold of her. There was little in the way of fun for her once they reached the party. Tasting each dish had been something of a thrill, a little slice of mutton and a little slice of roast beef had been a nice treat, both dish's where normally reserved for the holidays. Though this small pleasure had only lasted for a hour or two. Soon every dish had been sample and the talk of the part had turned to idle village gossip.

And judging from the amount of chatter filling the air the village rumor mill was going at full blast, and it was not only the local busybodies going at it, but also the upcoming young women, who come the summer months will be Debutantes in the annual Deb Ball. A formal garden party that would be held upon these very grounds. Something that would be the talk of the town for many seasons to come she was sure.

"Something bothering you?" The voice was clear and motherly and shook the girl out of her day dreaming. "I can tell when something is bothering you my dear, it's the magic power all mothers are gift with when there daughters are born. Plus your eyes seemed glued to something." The voice belonged to her mother, the middle age women was wearing a formal teal colored gown, that had been trimmed with lace at the sleeves and at the helm. White gloves completed her formal dress.

Her long blonde hair had bad been styled in curls for today's event, and each curl seemed to bounce with each step she took.

Once the voice reached her ears, Sunflower turned her head and looked into her mothers eyes. For a minute the two women locked eyes and more information that could sent through a five minute cable was conveyed in a brief thirty second span of time. Indeed there was something troubling her, something that had been bothering her now since her little adventure a fortnight ago.

"Just concerned mother." Said Sunflower taking a deep breath as she played with the lace around the sleeves of her dress, "I'm surrounded by wealth, fine dress's, women of class and social grace, and yet I have none of those." She said taking a deep breath as she looked down at her simple flora print sundress, the dress reached down to her thighs, polished black pumps with a strap around the heel and white gloves completed the rest of her outfit.

The middle age women offered her daughter a little smile as she reached over and wrapped one of her arms around her daughters shoulder. Taking a deep breath she pulled her into a one arm snuggle. She could understand where little girl was coming from, she had once been in those shoes, life could be hard for a young girl caught between the cliffs of childhood and adulthood. Those where troubled times for most young people, rich and poor.

Sunflower smiled a little as she felt her mother wrapping her arm around her shoulder, a sudden feeling of being loved and cared for and cherished rushed over her, sensing it was okay, she placed her head upon her mothers shoulder and once more she peered toward a group of chattering ladies. She sky above the chattering ladies had turned from a clear blue to a bright orange with a ribbon of purple running through it.

"Its getting late." Sunflower said, directing this little commented toward her mother.

"Indeed it is, soon the beef will be brought out, and my daughter, I think since it's a special day, you should be allowed to join in the toast. I mean you are of age, and little wine will not hurt you, you will after all be confirmed this coming Easter. So a little wine will do you no harm." She said winking toward her daughter as she lifted her arm from her shoulder and stood up from the chair. Once she was standing she started to run her open palm down the folds of her dress, removing the winkles that might have formed in the course of there little talk.

Sunflower smiled a little, getting to taste wine was one of those stepping stones into adulthood, along with marriage. In fact if she was allowed to drink at this party, even just little then maybe this whole deal had not been a total waste after all. So following in her mothers footsteps she stood up, smoothed out her dress and walked toward the refreshment table.

As she neared the table, a sudden blush colored her face as she caught sight of one of the cadets from a local military academy. The boy had robed himself in a handsome uniform, with each step his broad shoulders seemed to flex a little under the rough gray fabric woven into the tunic. Before she could catch herself, her eyes fell toward his flat, inward curving chest that seemed to flow within the weave of the tunic.

Taking a deep breath, Sunflower quickly ducked behind a near by tree, her heart was racing and her mind was bubbling over with perverted thoughts. Her heart yearned too with strange feelings, totally new to the young maiden. But one thought above all else hovered above the maelstrom of feeling, that one saving strain of sanity was the wish her mother would have had the foresight to buy her a fan or something, both to fan her blistering cheeks and to hide her blushing face.

"The Lady will pardon me, but I could not help but see you looking in my direction." Came a voice from behind the tree, the voice was smooth and refined and had a hint of southern twang to it. Clearly somebody from the southern lands, or one of the southern port cities. The voice also had a strong, firm undertone to it, like the one the voice belonged to was use to giving commands and commanded a great deal of respect.

It took only a hand full of seconds for the voice too travel through the airwaves to finally reach Sunflowers ears. Once the voice did reach her ears though, she perked up her head and once more felt the blush washing over her face as she peered into the youths face. His dark gray eyes seemed to glow with love and understanding and also at the same time seemed to be shadowed with firmness and strictness.

"And the young gentleman will pardon me too, for being a bit rude myself." Started Sunflower taking a deep breath and silently saying a prayer to herself that she blush that haunted her cheeks would soon vanish, before the noticeable traits of her current state of mind become clear to all. A pair of blushing cheek bones was the oil, the towns rumor mill ran on. "But would the young gentleman please tell the lady his name, before we advance the conversation."

The young man that stood before her smirked a little, it clear the little lass standing before him was trying to play up her age a little by acting in a mature fashion. His smirk though only lasted for a minute before it was soon replaced by a more acceptable smile.

"My name is Richard, Richard Wheatfield." He said smiling as he took the girls glove hand into his own. He knew well enough the weight, power and prestige his last name carried, and with such power came the vital understanding of how to properly employ it. Using a balance of charm, luck and social grace, all where key elements in climbing the ranks at the academy and the social ladder in the village. A little charm followed by a little grace could easily sway the headmaster into granting you a promotion at the end of the second term.

"And now since the gentleman has been so polite in honoring the lady by giving his name, would the lady be so polite as to tell her own name." He said taking his thumb and starting to rub the back of her hand in a gentle fashion. She was kind of cute, not pretty by any means, but she was indeed a cute one, cute enough to risk a flirt on and possible have a quick go at. After all, men of class cared little about the aftermath, they simply lived for the moment. And as his wise mother had told him once when he was young, the same held for the daughters of the upper class as well. The lower class's might dream of falling in love and retiring to a life of bliss with there husbands and wife's. But for Somerset elite, it was only sex, marriage being little than a formal alliance between two powerful families.

Sunflower blinked and blinked again as she felt the boy rubbing her hand through the soft cotton fabric of her gloves, there was something gentle and kind about the jest, a sudden pleasing chill ran down the curve of her spine and with every pass of the gentle action. She felt special and deep down within her heart, she felt for a brief period of time she became the center of his word, and that made her feel like a goddess.

"Sunflower, Sunflower Beauvilliers." She said with a blush, her name was a small one, nothing when compared to his, her folks for generations had been simply, humble merchants and bank tellers, a few had even toiled to bring forth the fruits of the earth from the hard, unforgiving soil they had been cursed with when the land was divided for free among the first settlers.

The boy offered Sunflower another smile as he switched tactics, now he was rubbing the top of her hand, "I was wondering if you would like to accompany me this evening, it seems everybody has a date, and alas by some run of back luck, I've failed to secure one." He said adding a dramatic sigh toward the end.

The boys proposal took her by surprise. Before Sunflower could catch herself, her flushing cheeks turned from pastel pink to a deep, dark crimson red. One could even feel the head rising from her skin, Wishing one more for a cute paper fan she folded her hands into her hap and fixed her eyes firmly upon the ground. The shock was so profound that her mind had been forced to shut down to process his request.

"Well," Sunflower said, trying now to fight her way through the fog bank that now cloaked her mind. "I'm honored that you would consider me worthy to accompany you this evening." She said lifting her hands from her lap and quickly removing a lose strain of hair from in front of her face, quickly the lose hair was tucked behind her left ear.

Richard smiled as he reached down and took the glove hand of Sunflower into his own, "I would be more than honored to have you by my side." He said smiling softy in her direction as he caught sight of her blushing cheeks. Flirting was like playing a war game, one had to careful about how one presented themselves, words had to be choose with the utmost care and employed with the same care would employ ones men into battle.

"The honor is all mine." Said Sunflower smiling softy as she peered into the boys round blue eyes, her heart skipped a beat and her blood started to boil a little. This could easily become the highlight of her day, and to be honest this mad her day really. Honesty how many of the girls in the village could proudly boost they had the privilege of flirting with one of the local cadets, and if she played her cards right, she might even score her first kiss, under the bright glow of the Strawberry moon.

"Come now, there about to bring out the beef, the mayor is about to toast, I would like you to join me at a private table, away from the crowds, there we may talk a little among are self's." Said Richard, standing up and lifting Sunflower up to in the process. A odd feeling had taken over the boy, each minute that ticked by seemed to make him forget is goal of trying to get into her panties at the end of the party, something, deep within his heart was telling him, no commanding him to make a effort to get to know the girl a little more before he made his move, deflowering her was his goal. But the act itself was still a strange one to the lad. Taking a deep breath he yield to his heart and made a promise only to carry out the deed when the time was right and if the chance presented itself.

Sunflower smiled a little as she allowed herself to be lifted from the ground. Soon the young lady would find herself being guided across the perfectly manicured green, toward a little side table, the boy being a true gentleman, pulled one of the white washed lawn chairs from under the table and offered it to her.

"Come now milady, please sit." he said smiling as he stood behind the chair.

A small smile graced the bow of Sunflowers lips as she peered toward the offered chair, there was something special about being offered a chair, it spoke volumes to her, so far the boy had displayed every ounce of charm and social grace befitting a lad of his statues. And being offered a chair was like something from a fairytale, it cemented the feeling of being a princess that was taking root deep within her heart.

Once Sunflower was seated, Richard took his own seat. The sky was now dotted with stars that where surrounded by a full moon. Older gentlemen dressed in coats and tails where making there rounds now, with the skill of a seasoned server the men carefully lit each candle that sat at the center of the table. Soon three dozen flickering yellow and orange fames could be seen dancing in the cool evening air.

Once the candles where flickering away, the beef was presented and the wine was poured. The mayor of the town gave a short speech a toast was given. Once the toast had been finished and the glass's where drained. They where quickly refilled by waiters standing by with the wine bottles at the ready.

None of this mattered though, though as Sunflower and Richard exchanged soft smiles as she faint scrapping of metal upon the blue willow pattern plates filled the warm spring air. Each tender piece of meat was slowly savored and enjoyed to its fullest, and through the course of the meal the two young ones exchanged glances and smiles. Sometimes Sunflower would find herself giggling for a reason that escaped her, and at other times Richard would find himself smiling softy toward the girl, sitting across from him. It was a wonderful feeling.

Finally the last piece of meat was consumed and the last drop of wine had been drained from the fine crystal drinking glass's and a feeling of warmth and contend was quickly spreading over the two. It seemed the time for the two to part ways was quickly approaching, but then a brass band came onto the stage, once the members where settled a slow waltz filled the air.

Richard sensing the time was right, walk up to sunflower and offered her his hand, and with a gentle smile upon the bow of his lip he said. "May I have this dance?" He said trying to project the air of a refined gentleman, he failed though as his tongue caused his words to trio. Never before had he found himself waiting with baited breath as he held out his hand, praying to the most blessed mother that the lass he had just spent the last few hours talking to would find it fitting to take him up on his offer.

Taking a deep breath, Sunflower placed her hand into his hand, then slowly rising from her chair and with as much social grace a girl who's taken more than her fair shares of wine could muster she joined her new found friend on the dance floor. The lights then dimmed around them and a soft melody filled the air as the other couples around them started to move softy, swing there hips and saying gently with the softy melody.

Midway through there dance, Richard took a deep breath and reached around Sunflowers waist, the young girl, still enchanted by the sound of music, the feeling of held tight now feeling the effect of wine and the beef, did not seem to notice the boys hand reaching around her bottom till through the thin satin fabric she felt a sudden squeeze and then with the furry of hell breaking lose its chain, her eyes shot open.

For a long minute she peered toward the boy, her eyes had narrowed and in the faint light one could clearly see a faint blush glowing from one cheek, across the bridge of her noise till it finally reached the other one. Richard sensing he might have acted a little too quick, only stood there, smiling like a naughty child who had been caught with his hand down in the cookie jar.

"A nice hand full." He said smiling softy, trying to break the sudden tension that had flooded over them. The look that now graced Sunflower's face worried him a little, the girls he knew would groan and then press there chest to his once he reached over and squeezed there nice, plump bottoms. From there they would kiss and one thing would snow ball into another.

Sunflower blinked and blinked again, then without warning she lifted her hand and quickly brought it across the young mans face, aloud slapping sound filled the grounds. She felt offended, enraged and oddly enough pleased that he had done the deed.

Richard hissed as he felt the glove hand striking his high cheek bones, quickly he stepped back and raised his hand to the offended cheek. He was stunned and a little shocked, for a minute he just stood there, the hair upon his the back of his neck stood straight up as he felt there eyes being cast upon him. Quickly the boy took a deep breath and gathering the last ounces of his courage, his calm and social grace he fled into the shadows of the night. Shame and shock had put the young man to flight.

Sunflower could only smirk as she watched the young boy take flight, the sting in her bottom had now mellowed out a bit and the young women could not but poke out her chest, straighten her back and put on a proud display. Quickly she turned around and much to her horror she found her mother, standing before her, holding what appeared to be a large wooden hairbrush. The kind she had used upon her behind only a fortnight ago.

"Meow." Sunflower said softy as she peered toward her mother, her blood ran cold and her knees started to knock gently together as she peered upward at the imposing women. Acting on her second nature her hands reached behind her back and cupped her bottom and slowly she started back away, the tiny hairs on the back of her neck seem to stand up as she felt the eyes of a dozen or so villagers peering in her general direction. Her ears flushed red with color as she picked up faint tail ends of conversations.

"Meow indeed my daughter." She said taking a deep breath as she reached over and took Sunflower by the wrist. Without a word being spoken she reached into her purse, pulling out a safety pen and lifting the helm of her daughters dress, soon the helm was pinned to the small of her back, exposing her pair of white lacy white panties that she had chosen to wear today. The pair of adult panties made her feel grown up.

Once the dress had been lifted up, Sunflowers mother guided her daughter toward a unfolded garden chair, her mother quickly seats herself down upon the chair and her daughter soon finds herself being hauled over mothers lap.

"Well young lady," Her mother said taking a deep breath as she bent down and fished out a large wooden hairbrush from her purse. "I hope your happy, you wanted to the center of attention it seemed, and now it seems your wish is going to be granted." She mused as she hoisted the wooden brush high into the nights air.

"Honesty, slapping a young man, who was kind enough to dance with you, how do you expect to become a proper lady if you go around slapping all the boys of village." Scolded her mother as she brought the wooden brush down upon her bare bottom. Sending a sudden wave of sting rolling into her bottom.

"The boy touched my bottom!" Bellowed Sunflower as she peered toward her mother, who was now sitting like a queen upon her throne, her back leaning totally back upon the high back of the chair.

"A lady should know, how to deal with that, without having to result to slapping somebody across the face with her open palm." She said smacking her bottom again, sending another wave of sting rolling into her bottom and adding a splash of color to her pale backside. Another stroke of the wooden brush came sailing down, smacking her bottom again, and again and again, each well timed, well placed stroke caused tiny hairs on the back of Sunflowers neck to stand on there ends.

Each second after that little statement brought down a rain of hot, peppering, stinging brush smacks upon her bottom, with each pass of the wooden backside, the round bottom cheeks, wiggled and turned a deeper shade of red, soon they changed from a light pink color to a crisp, almost pastel pink color. The amount of crying, sniffing and begging coming from the one seated upon the lap, spoke that the spanking was indeed doing its job.

"Mommy!" Screamed Sunflower as she tried to reach over and shield her bottom from the falling wooden brush that was now blistering her bottom, her thighs where now coming under the rule of the wooden brush, the flat wooden surface smacked and smacked them over and over again, causing a deep red blush to spread from her thighs to finally connected with the blush that had settled into her upper bottom.

"I'm sorry Sunflower, but you have to learn, you have to learn how to be a proper lady." Scolded her mother as she kept the wooden brush falling in motion, striking her bottom again and again and then again. The crowds around her where now blushing, some of the ladies had even raised there hands up to there mouths in a vain hope of hiding there escaping giggles.

"Sorry is not good enough this time my daughter." Commented her mother adding a few more strokes of the bush already raging inferno of her bottom. The once soft cream colored bottom was now glowing bright with a few splash's of dark red starting to form around the tops. The will of her mother was starting to waver now, deep within her heart she knew part of the spanking was unjust and her daughter had acted within her rights, but still such a display could not go unpunished.

Sunflower face was now dripping wet with tears, her once neat ponytail was quickly ragged and the heat in her bottom was causing her to wiggle like a worm hooked to the fisherman's hook. Her mother words cut her like a knife too and caused her to feel so little she wished the earth would open up under her so she might hide deep within it.

Her mother for her credit thought, thought it would be best to bring the spanking to a end now, and so the last final dozens of smacks where delivered in quick succession. Bringing the spanking to a stinging end. Her mother took a deep breath and without saying another scolding word she started to rub her bottom, softy at first, a minute passed in this manner before she picked up her daughter and snuggled her.

"Now," Her mother said shaking her head as she placed her daughter on the ground, "I want you go and sit down and think about what you have done." She said signing as she stood up and patted her daughter once more on the head. "Seems you have suffered a fete worst than death. And you need time to recover." She said smiling at her own little pun.

The End~