Fifteen minutes of Stardom

The third Somerset Adventure

By Sunflower-Sama

Sunflower took a deep breath as she slipped on her blue and white sailor style blouse. Once the blouse was in place she lifted up pleated navy blue skirt up and fasten it tight around her waist. Releasing the breath she then peered into her bedroom mirror as she reached down and picked up a old wooden hairbrush, without giving it a second thought she started to run the teeth of the brush through her shoulder length, unruly golden, blonde hair.

"Foolish girl." She said taking a deep breath as she broke through a few dozen knots that had formed in the course of the day, the humid spring weather had made her hair frizzle and made styling it into the perfect long flowing waterfall darn near impossible. "You had to let her see you blush, you had to let that slave driver see you blush in the presents of that boy." She said shaking her head as she placed down the brush and pulled open a wooden door and fished out a small ponytail holder.

Gathering up her stands of lose blonde hair she folded the ponytail holder around the collection of hair and with all she skill she could muster she styled her hair into a high ponytail. Even now her mind was starting to become clouded with thoughts of the events about to unfold. Soon her high cheek bones where glowing with a light pastel pink blush.

"I mean its not like I like him or anything." Said Sunflower, taking a deep breath as she smoothed out her blouse and her skirt as she walked over to a near by chair. Her bottom quickly found itself resting in the seat of the chair, once she was seated she reached over and picked up a pair of snow white stocking, quickly she unrolled the stocking and with gentle care she slipped her foot into them and started to roll them up.

"I mean, I do like him, he was nice to me at the Poppy Fete, he even held me a little after mum took me across her knee for that sound spanking." She mused a bit as she finished with one stocking and started with the other one. Soon that stocking was rolled into place. Her choice of shoes for the evening was a pair of simple, plain sneakers. Once she was finished dressing she stood up and once more soothed out her outfit.

Still musing she strolled across her room. Soon her favorite wallet, a cute pink hello kitty one, a gift from her grandmother and once of her most prized positions was pocketed. The wallet had been brought from one high end boutiques that lined the high street in the down town historical section of Somerset. Her phone soon joined the wallet in her pockets. And so with all needed items in hand she turned toward her bedroom door. She was just about to reach out and turn the old brass door knob when a sudden knock filled the air.

Sunflower blinked and blinked again as she raised a eyebrow and quickly stepped back, a few minutes passed before the wooden door slowly swung open and in the doorway there stood her mother, wearing a nice pleated flora print skirt and a white blouse. The older women was holding a bundle of Roses from the local green grocer. A deep blush colored her face as she raised her hand up to hide her japing mouth.

"I thought since my daughter has been working so hard memorizing her line and getting everything down packed and that its only right that I should reward the little starlet with a gift of roses." She said smiling as she held the bundle of roses out for her little girl. "And a promise to take my little princess out to eat soon." She said winking a little as she waltzed into her daughters bedroom.

Isabella had observing her daughter for some time now, and over the weeks she had noticed a small change taking place in her daughter. She was slowly starting to mature from the little girl she once knew to a fine young women. She was starting to take pride in the way she dressed and in the way she styled her hair. Her room too was starting to change, it was slowly becoming a room befitting a mature young women and just not a playroom for a little girl. Indeed the bout of puppy love she had displayed at the Poppy Fete had been more than enough for her to come to the understanding that her little girl was no longer a little girl.

Sunflower could not help but crack a small little smile as she moved toward her mother, quickly she took the roses from her hand and still wearing the same blush from before she lifted them to her nose and took a deep breath of there fragrant scent. A chill ran down her spine as she inhaled the sweet flowery smell.

Thank you mommy." She said smiling sweetly up at her mother. For a minute the thought of the play, the fact her young crush was playing one of the key parts and the quagmire of other things that often became entangled in her mind where finally put to rest. And the pure, sweet love shared between a mother and her daughter became the only thing the young girl could feel.

"And now, since your playing the little heroin of Gold in the Hills. I think its only right you have a little piece of Man Tom's fable hidden treasure." Her mother said smiling a little as she reached into her wool lined pockets of her dress. Within a blink of a eye a golden locket hanging from a golden chain had been fished out of the pocket. Still smiling she moved toward a little starlet, with nimble fingers she removed the clasp and placed the chain around her daughters neck.

"Perfect." Her mother said smiling softy as she closed the clasp and stepped back, and for the first time she noticed something really special about her daughter, she noticed she was a blend of her and her husband. She could see it in her eyes, in her soft blond hair and her high cheekbones, she could see her fathers keens in her eyes and at times she displayed his temper, something only a long session with the brush and paddle could cure when it reared its festered head.

Sunflower felt a fresh blush coloring her cheeks as she ears soaked in her mothers praise, offering her a small smile she walked over to her dresser drawer and placed the roses down upon the freshly dusked surface, the dark oak wood seemed to glow in the fain twilight that broke through the currents. Once the roses where at rest she turned once more toward her mother.

"So I'll see you there?" She asked, she waited for question to be answered with baited breath.

"Front row, your father has to close tonight, but he does send his love." Isabella said smiling as she moved toward her daughter and then she blessed her with a kiss to the forehead. "And break a leg too dear heart."

"Thank you." She said blushing once again at the kiss, and so with her blessing done she slipped past her mother, guiding her way down the steps and slipped out of the front door. Down the brick paved walkway she skipped till she found herself standing under the wooden roof of the 'Grand Avenue Flag stop' before long other people joined her and soon the faint ringing of the trams bell could be heard echoing down the cobblestone paved street.

A minute slowly passed before the bright headlamp of the small box like steam powered locomotive. A faint hiss filled the air as it came to a rolling halt, the tram was pulling two small railroad carriages. Taking a deep breath, Sunflower reached into her pockets and pulled out her coin purse, with a small smile she handed him a half crown the required fare for those wishing to ride the rails.

Night had overtaken twilight when the last person had finally boarded the train, the streetlamps that lined the streets where starting to glow now, casting halo's of light upon the ground. Sunflower took a deep breath as she peered down at her watch, she still had a good hour or so before the deadline. Leasing her breath she settled into her seat, soon the old beast hunched, a second later the wheels started to turn and soon they where on there way.

The tram speed onward, passing the stately Victorian and Edwardian manner houses that lined Grand Avenue, a sharp turn marked the entrance onto Cannel street, pressing her nose to the window pane she could see the bottling plant was in full swing. A dozen or so minutes passed before another sharp turn was taken. Taking a deep breath. Sunflower rose up from her seat and gave the line running above her head a good hard dug.

Somewhere in the back a bell chimed and the driver slowly started to slow down a little, quickly crossing herself for luck, Sunflower picked up her purse and made her way toward the front door. Counting to free she jumped out of the trolley and smiled as she safety touched down cobblestones.

"Bloody Hell! I'm going to be late," She said looking up and quickly skipping across the street, soon she found herself standing in front of the imposing brick schoolhouse, the building use to house the old middle school back, back when it was called, 'Main Street Middle School' but now the building housed a community civic center that included a dance studio and a small theater on the bottom floor, the upper floor served as office space for the Great Western Railroad.

Quickly her feet the brown cobblestones and skipped onto the broad, square flagstones that paved the sidewalk, from the sidewalk she skipped toward the massive gray concrete steps that lead up to the double doors of the old school house. A dozen or so people where around milling about, some of them where white collar workers, just leaving there office, some where office ladies dressed in there form fitting white blouses and pencil black skirts. There hair no matter the color or length was uniformly tied back in the classic bun.

Taking a deep breath, she quickly slipped passed them, and before one could shake a cows tail she found herself standing in the hallway of the old school house. The long hallway was filled to the brim with the chatter of a dozen or so students drawn from all walks of life. Some had been drawn from the local private school, a few like herself had been drawn from the local public schools a few had even been taken in from the towns only church school, that was from her understanding nothing more than a collection of home schooled peeps.

"Hey Sunny!" Came a teasing voice behind her. The voice belonged to a young girl around her age, the young maiden had the appearance of a tomboy, her long chocolate brown hair was styled back in a nice neat ponytail. "Finally got around to reading your note. Seems the cute guy that danced with you at the Poppy Fete is going to be the privileged character who has the honor of spanking you during that scene." She quickly said, a sly grin now graced her face.

"I know… And you don't have to bring that up again." Sunflower paused before she added, "And you don't have to be a brat about it." She said taking a deep breath and putting on a cute little pout as she folded her arms across her chest and cocked her eyes toward the girl standing before her.

Rachel smiled a little as she spotted the cute blush spreading from end to the other and sweet little pout Sunflower was sporting. Still smiling she walked over to Sunflower, and placed her arm around her shoulder and pulled her into a tight one arm hug. Releasing a wild giggle she lifted her hands up and gently poked her blushing cheek bones. Her friend was so cute when she was pouting, it was one of the main reasons she took any and all chances to tease her and to make her blush.

"Anyway," Said Sunflower smiling a little as she felt her friends arm resting upon her shoulder. "I think we need to have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate one day, and we still need to have that sleep over." She nipped playfully at the poking finger. Rachel was like her sister from another mother, even though Sunflower had a older sister in Collage and a older brother how was a commissioned officer in the Royal Navy. She did not enjoy a close relationship with the two. She was the youngest child, and the second girl. But due to the gab in there ages, it was like she was the only child.

"I know right, I was thinking about this weekend, we gotta hang out too, I mean schools about to let out for spring break and Saint Elizabeth's is about to start hosting Confirmation Class's for there youth. Between those two I guess we can find some time to hang." Said Rachel smiling as she guided Sunflower down the hallway. Rachel enjoyed a special bond with Sunflower. The two had been close since the earliest days of there formal education.

"Man I don't want to think about confirmation class', those are going to be a real pain in the bottom, and then we gotta go through that whole acolyte crash course over spring break too, man you know Holly's going to let us have it." Said Sunflower signing as she followed along with Rachel.

"Tell me about it." Said Rachel rolling her eyes as the pair stopped before what appeared to be a dressing room of some shorts, the words, 'Sunflowers Dressing Room.' had been marked upon a piece of paper, the paper had then been taped to the door. A crayon doodle of sunflower had been placed at the very end of her name.

"Here you go princess, your own dressing room, see you in a bit." Said Rachel smirking as she quickly brought her hand down and delivered a good sound smack upon her friends skirt seat.

Sunflower jumped with surprise as she felt the hand coming into contact with her bottom, sending a sharp sting of pain rolling into her round bottom cheeks, quickly she turned around and gave Rachel a pout to end all pouts as she started to rub her bottom in a tender manner. But it was no use, her friend had long since melted into the shadows. With the pout still upon her lips she reached down and unlocked the door that lead to her dressing room. And to her amusement her costume had already been laid out.

The costume though still made her blush, it was a simple thing, not one of the weighty ones worn by the adults during the Autumns Shakespearian Season. When plays like Romano and Juliet, Cesar and A midsummer's night Dream. Would be put into production and who could forget about Macbeth, Halloween would not be Halloween without the play of madness and murder of that classic piece of drama.

And before she could catch herself, Sunflower found herself falling into a word of daydreams, Smiling a little she started to spin around in the cramp confines of her dressing room as fleeting visions of her girlhood dream of becoming a famous actress seemed to be close at hand. Signing happily she folded her hands across her chest as she pictured all of Somerset buzzing about her heart thumping performance this evening.

Alas her daydreaming would only last a minute or three before a harsh knocking upon the wooden door would force her to come back down to earth.

"Fifteen minutes brats." Came the voice from behind the door. "And be sure to put your hair into pigtails. You're a big girl and big girls know how to style there hair." The voice added with a hint of smugness. The voice belonged to the director of the play. A middle age blonde women by the name of Jill. Jill had been born and reared in the Capital and though married to the local Anglican priest, and by that fact along she was suppose to display a certain amount of Christian charity, though the haughtiness of her more urban upbringing often crept into her voice and was often hinted in her actions.

Sunflower blinked and blinked again as she turned her eyes toward the wooden door. A deep blush started to color her cheeks as she shifted her blue eyes toward the dress hanging upon the hook of the door, funny she just now noticed how girlish the dress was.

The dress reminded her of the old communion gowns she had seen in the ol' black and white framed photos that lined the narrow hallway of her grandmothers house in Brookshire. A small hamlet of brick and slate houses and cobblestone streets that was located deep within the Mutton Mountain rang, the tiny collection of building and shops was located in a small valley. Brookshire set on the halfway point that connected Somerset with the Parish capital of Londinium.

Another wave of blushing colored her cheeks as she reached up and started to rub the rough cotton fabric between her thump and forefinger. Fighting through her blushing she reached up and removed the gown from the wooden hang it was resting upon. Steeling her fluttering heart she reached up and removed her blouse and then her pleated skirt and with one quick move of the hand she fitted the dress over her head and with a little bit of force she tugged it down around her waist.

"Good god." She said taking a deep breath as she felt the rough fabric conform to her frame. "This thing is tighter than." A deep ugly blush colored her cheeks, she dare not completed the phase unless somebody happen to be eavesdropping behind her dressing room door. But to speak the truth the dress indeed quite tight around the chest area.

"Six minutes." The voice came again, this time the voice was softer and might belong to one of the stage hands.

"I'm coming." Bellowed Sunflower taking a deep breath as she walked over to one of the floor length mirrors. Quickly she removed her ponytail holder and started to brush out her long blond locks of hair. Once she was finished a mess of lose hairs now filled the teeth of the brush, but the brush that had been her hair had been tamed and combed back into something nice and neat, and now to bunch it by trying to tie in the two required pigtails. Running her thump through the bristles of the brush she removed a good many of the lose hairs, then taking a deep breath she picked up two more ponytail holders and once more prepared to go into battle.

The battle this time was not the uphill struggle it had been before she left home, the ponytail holders went in effortlessly and soon she was sporting two blonde pigtails. Taking a quick peek into the mirror she smiled as she did a little twirl. Everything seemed to be in character, everything seemed to be right and so the only thing left was for her to join her fellow actors and actress upon the stage.

"Looks like the little starlet finally decided to grace us with her presents." Said Jill with a little smirk as Sunflower joined the group behind the heavy black curtain that divided the back area from the main stage. Behind Jill, Sunflower could see a dozen or so of her peers moving around. Each one trying to remain in character as best as they could.

The unfolding scene was set in the cobblestone paved town square of Thornton Landing, a small collection of brick and molder shops and cottages that overlooked the mighty and swiftly flowing river Mystic from the tall bluffs that the first settlers to the area had chosen to erected the first handful of homesteads when the land was given up to settlement by the Royal Commissioner.

The whole of the towns population seemed to gather around a small fountain, all where dressed in there Sunday best, the small towns Methodist chapel could be seen in the background. The group was divided into three groups, one was a group of ladies who had gathered toward the far side of the stage, the group was exchanging village news and pocking apart the latest news from abroad. The third group of children who where playing by the fountain. The last group was a collection of village men who where passing the time with talk about the weather, the crops in the field and the latest news from France. The Franco-Prussian War was in full swing and Paris itself was under siege.

"Okay." Said Jill taking a deep breath as she pushed Sunflower toward acting area. "Remember your lines, try to act like a spoiled little princess, and stomp your feet." She said wrapping her arm around Sunflower. And with her little prep talk complete she gave her a little smirk before she pushed her onto the limelight.

Sunflower soon found herself standing upon the stage, the spotlight soon fell upon her, casting a large halo of yellow light upon her as she strolled toward the gathered group. Taking a deep breath she swallowed and peered out at the gathered lot of faces.

Sunflower soon found herself standing upon the wooden stage, the spotlight soon fell upon her casting halo of light upon her as she strolled toward the gathered group. Taking a deep breath she swallowed and peered out with her eyes at the gathered faces, talk about a full house, hell it seemed the house was filled to the rafters with people.

"Alice!" Bellowed a young man who was dressed in a scarlet overcoat worn over a white frock. Snow white epaulettes ran down the shoulder blades of the coat and a golden gorget hung from a leather cord that was notched behind his neck. A scarlet sash was tied around his waist and a mock sword had been tucked into the folds of the sash/ All in all it was the classic look a redcoat officer.

"Yes papa?" Said Sunflower smiling toward the boy as she reached down and started to play with the helm of her dress. The hairs on the back of her neck where starting to stand up and a deep ruby red blush colored her high cheek bones.

"Where in the world have you been Alice Elizabeth Allen!? I've had my men searching the whole of the countryside looking for you and here I find you in the Sunday Market, hopping around like nothing has ever happen, your mother and I have been worried sick, and your aunt is beside herself with grief my daughter!" Scolded the young man as he strolled toward Sunflower.

The gathered towns people started to form a semicircle around a group or a half formed semicircle, the women in the crowed started to whisper behind there raised hands and the men folk only stood there, there hands fold across there chest, the full of there weight being shifted from one foot to the other there woolen dress trousers.

"I've been camping father," Said Sunflower forcing her lips to bend down in a frown. "And look what I've discovered too in the Mutton Mountains." She said dipping into the collar of her dress and quickly pulling out the golden locked her mother had given her earlier that evening. "There more too, there piles of silver coins, gold coins, long chains of silver and gold. And jewels too, its like a scene straight out of 'treasure island'." she said.

The crowed around her blinked and blinked again, and on cue a dozen or so whispers started to fill the air as the old ladies started to whisper to themselves and the older gentleman peered toward the golden round trinket with green greed in there eyes. The gold bug had bitten them and the fable gold fever was soon to follow.

"But Father!" Bellowed Sunflower turning toward the gathered crowed. "I'm a junior in the girl guides and a women of fourteen, I can rightly do as I please." She said folding her hands across her chest and turning her nose up into the air. The scrip called for the one playing Alice to put on a haughtily air.

Richard blinked and blinked again as he peered toward Sunflower, a little blush colored his cheeks as he strolled toward her, both of them knew what was coming, well he knew and so did Sunflower. Taking a deep breath he reached over, but then he broke character and paused. Part of him was looking forward to spanking her, there was no way to get around it, and part of him was honesty looking pulling the girl across his lap, then lifting up her skirt and bringing his hand down upon her panty clad bottom. Something was telling him that it would be fun, heck even thrilling. And oddly enough something was also telling him, that Sunflower would enjoy it too. And that feeling they will share in the mutual enjoyment of the act, made it seem very special.

Sunflower blinked and blinked again as she noticed the subtle break in character, taking a deep breath she moved forward a little, slowly a little smirk crossed her face, if he was going to break character, then maybe she could break character too and add a little of own brand of charm to the scene. After all a great actress was never bound to the script, nor was she chained to it like a man doing time on a chain gang.

"Don't you dare think about grapping me father!" She bellowed as she stomped her foot down upon the wooden stage, the sudden outburst turned a few heads and back stage Miss. Jill was left scratching her head. Then like most great directors she took the script into her hand and tossed it over her shoulder before giving her shoulders a little shrug.

Richard blinked and blinked again, then after a brief pause he returned the smirk with one of his own, before long he soon fell back into his role of stern, loving gather. The role that gave him a certain amount of pleasure both in his mind and in his nether region.

"Don't you dare raise your voice to young lady!" Richard said taking a deep breath as he reached over and took hold of Sunflowers arms. Trying to be stern he peered into her eyes, like a father would. But he only found his heart being melted as her round blue orbs seemed to shimmer in the light cast by the over hanging lamps. Her pretty blush made him feel a little tense and caused his hold on her shoulder to wave. Right now she was the prettiest girl in the whole wide world.

Sunflower blushed and put on a little pout as he felt him raising his voice just a hair taking hold of her. Quickly she pulled her body into his, allowing her budding breast to brush up against his scarlet coat. Taking a deep breath she whispered softy to him once they where standing close, so close she could even smell his mint fresh breath.

"Lets give them a good show handsome." She said smiling, damn she could kiss him now, they where so close and to her it just felt right, she almost could feel there lips touching, she could almost smell his breath upon her neck, she could feel something akin to a charge running through her body as those thoughts filled her minds space.

"Gotta covered." Richard said winking a eye toward Sunflower. The without a warning he reached up and twirled her around, following the script the helm of her dress was lifted up along with her petticoat. Smiling like a fox in the hen house he quickly bended Sunflower over the propped knee.

Sunflower blinked and blinked again as she felt her bottom being exposed to the warm air of the theater, her heart started to flutter a little as she felt the air tease her thighs and her legs. Her heart started to fluttered a little as she felt the air tease her thighs and her legs. Her mind was now a boiling kettle of emotions soon overflowed and a soft lewd groan escaped her lips, catching herself she looked up in mock horror as she looked around her, it seemed only two people had noticed her little display, one was Jill, who was only standing there her arms folded under her breast, and Rachel who was standing by her side he was trying to make a teasing face.

Sunflower blinked as she felt the bolt of lighting run through her bottom, sending a sudden chill down her spine, causing her round obs to wiggle around her. Her already rosy cheeks where flushed again with color as she felt her bottom being smacked. "Harder" Said Sunflower in a low whispery tone of voice as she looked up and offered Richard a little wink.

The wink caused Richard to smile a little. As he once again raised his hammer high into the air and brought it down once more with a loud crash! His hand started to fall like the hammer employed by the village smith, over and over the hand feel like weighted end, flatting the round cheeks and sending a wave after wave of sting, burn and sheer mind melting pleasure all through Sunflowers body.

The pleasure was mind melting, her body wavered and her breathing became more tense, soft squeaks and low groans now filled the air around her, she had been spanked before yes, twice in recent memory, but this spanking felt different, it felt special, and it mad her feel special, it caused her heart to become inflamed and her blood to boil.

Richard too felt his body become tense, the palm of his hand became hot, and started to feel a little wet. His face too was now starting to become colored from the blush that was forming in high cheekbones. The boy found himself lost amid a gale of feeling, there was something about the girl seated upon his lap, something very special indeed. His logic failed him as he searched for what it could be, was it the way his hand felt when it came sailing in and connected with his bottom, was it the way she felt across his knee. Or was it the first shoots of puppy love popping out from the dark, rich soil of his soul.

Releasing his held in breath, he brought his hand down again and then again, peppering her bottom and sending another wave of sting and burn rolling into her round bottom cheeks. His speed picked up a little and soon the sound of hand coming into contact with flesh filled the air, as his hand hammered upon her bottom, forcing the round cheeks to be pressed in as the pressure was applied to them. The bottom was starting to turn now and the soft pastel cream colored skin was started to turn from a cool whip white to a light pink.

Sunflower felt herself being pushed overboard as she felt he sudden change in the spanking, her groans become louder and louder along with something that sounded like a faint purring sound. Everything was quickly becoming a whirlpool of colors that filled her with happiness.

"And I better not catch wind of you ever sneaking around Mutton Mountain again, again little girl, girl scout or not!" He said sharply as his hand laid down the last dozen or so blows. And with that Richard Sunflower from his lap and placed her down upon the floorboards of the stage.

"Now be off with you, you troubling little lass." He quickly added returning to character as he swatted Sunflowers bottom again.

"Yes Pappa!" Called out Sunflower as she moved toward the right of the stage. Once she had exited the stage she turned around and blew a flirting little kiss toward Richards. Spankings where suppose to humble a girl, not put them in a flirty mood. Taking a deep breath she tried to smooth out her dress.

"Girl you nailed it!" Called Rachel as she came rushing up to her friend. "And from the way you where all groaning onstage, I think somebody might have enjoyed it a little too much." She said wrapping her arms around Sunflower shoulder and with a little wind she guided her toward the cooling down area.

Sunflower took a deep breath as she peered toward her friend, then offering her a little smile that came across her face she leaned into the hug. Releasing her breath she shifted her eyes toward her friend, then finding strength she pressed one with the words forming in her mind.

"Thanks, I kind of did like it, then again who else can boost they've been spanked by the Jock of the County Down." Said Sunflower in a coy tone of voice.

The End.