Mother & Daughter

The Fourth Somerset Adventure

By Sunflower-Sama

Sunflower wore a large smile upon her face as she strolled through the wooden doors of what was suppose to be the finest steakhouse in all of Somerset, the fable 'Porterhouse'. Standing beside her was her mother, the middle age women stood as proud and as tall as a oak tree as she walked step in step with her with daughter. The young girl could not help but feel like a princess as she stood shoulder to shoulder her mother. Both women wore a simple solid black dress that reached down to there knee-cabs.

"Sunflower," Her mother said smiling as she brought her daughter to her side. "Your quickly becoming a young women. And as a young women, one of the social skills you are expected to master is knowing how to properly conducted yourself in a public place." She added as she peered toward her daughter.

Sunflower blinked and blinked again as she felt her mothers hand being placed upon her shoulder. A strong and powerful feeling of being loved and cared for filled her shouldered before flooding through the rest of her. Since her little misadventure down 'Hemlock Lane', her mother had taken a more active roll in her life, as a result a bond was starting to form between the two women. The bond seemed to be growing stronger and stronger each day.

"Yes ma'am." Said Sunflower as she moved into her mothers hold.

Isabella smiled as she lifted her shoulders from her daughter and reached down and took hold of her hand. A little smile graced the bow of her lips as she peered toward the blonde hair girl standing in front of her. Though no poet, she could swear she could feel her heart starting to become inflamed as she watched her child develop before her very eyes. The rising of each sun, held the promise of another adventure to be had, and another day of discovery to be unfolded. And best of all as her mother she was invited to journey along with her.

"So, I've heard a certain little girl would like to host a sleep over with her best friend." She said offering her daughter a small smile as she took a seat at there choose table, word always traveled fast, and the proposed sleepover with Elizabeth's Graces daughter a young tomboy named Rachel had reached her ears. Settling into her chair, she could feel her smile grow as she memories of her own sleeping parties flowed through her head. She could only pray that Rachel had no taken after her mother. And if so, she was sure both girls would find themselves over her lap before the night was over.

It was Sunflowers turn to smile as she peered toward her mother. Despite the large amount of texting, the exchanges of emails and notes passed in and out of class and during the lectors of Fr. Brown during there confirmation Class, no real headway had been made as to setting a date and getting the permission of the parents.

But just the mere mention of the party by her mother caused her heart to flutter with the possibility that such a thing could be taking place in the foreseeable future.

"Yes ma'am, A certain little girl would very much like to have that happen. The little girl in question has been doing a lot of extra chores around the house, and if I might be so bold, I can honesty say she been a model student both in her schoolwork and in her confirmation classes." Sunflower knew she was taking a big risk her, but her mother had been the one to bring the question up. She was only doing her best to well, tip the scale in her favor if you will.

"Isabella blinked and offered her daughter a little smirk as she pulled off her faux leather jacket and draped it over the back of her offered chair. She knew what her daughter was trying to do, and if the truth be told, she had already talked to Rachel's mother, Elizabeth about the event and a date had already been set. A veteran of a dozen or so social seasons, she knew it paid to be at least a dozen or so steps ahead of the crowed when the 'Game of Houses' was afoot in the among the village women and gentry.

"Indeed, this little girl has been quite the shinning example, Turning in her homework on time, doing her chores without one bit of lip and minding her manners around her elders," Said Isabella smiling as she lavished the praise down upon her daughters head. She'll give her honey soaked words a minute or two to sink in before she'll press on with her attack.

Sunflower looked up just in time to catch sight of her mother, giving her a little smirk, a shadow seemed to pass over the whole fiber of her being as she took the seat and soothed out her dress. Rolling a pair of mental dice she looked up to greet her mother in the eye.

"I know right, said little girl should be given a reward for all of her hard work right? Maybe a few more shilling at the end of each week?" She offered as she settled into her chair and crossed her legs. Folding her hands in her lap she drew back to her full height.

Isabella could only smile as her daughter played right into her hands, part of her was jumping with glee, another part was disappointed, she had hoped her daughter had developed a better sense of how the game was played. Inwardly signing she chalked it up to her young age and vowed to spend more time with her. But then again another part of her was savoring the soon to be won victory. Taking her time she reached down and picked up the small glass of glass of water, that she waiter had brought to there table during the course of there playful banter.

"Oh, I have no doubt that the little one in question does indeed deserve a raise in pay. I think I should talk to her father about increasing her weekly pay a few bobs, though I think her twenty quid a week is already more than enough to meet the needs of a preteen girl." Her mother said winking a little. She took another sip of her water and cleared her throat.

"But alas, word has reached me of some naughty things the little miss has been up to. I've heard she been caught passing notes during Fr. Apples lectors, also it seems been having a hard time finding her way to class on time. Something about her taking too long to socializes with her girls during the changing of class's. And I don't mean to talk bad about this little one, but you think she could find time to do her history homework." She said giving her daughter a knowing wink as she sipped upon her water. The best way of learning tack was through observation. Not that she was a master of it by any means, she just knew how to employ it to a measure.

Sunflower grew still as she noticed her mother peering toward her, a smirk proudly displaying upon her face. Her only course of recourse open to her was to offer her a little smile and fold her hands into her lap and just smile. Her mother had forced her into check.

"Good evening ladies." Said a young man who then placed two leather covered menus down in front of the pair. The young man then offered a brilliant smile toward the two and even went as far as to send a wink toward Sunflower. He was quite handsome, tall and narrow as a beanpole that staked the spring and autumn gardens in Somerset.

"Yes, I'll be ordering for myself and my daughter. Both of us would like your sixteen ounce boneless Delmonico Steak, I will like mine with a little thin strip of pink in it and daughter how would you like yours?" Her mother said with a small smile as she watched the young man write down the order in his little notepad.

"Oh, Well don please." She said blushing as she settled into her seat. Before she could catch herself, her eyes started to look at the handsome young man up and down. Her blood started to boil a little within her veins and a deep blush started to color her cheek bones. Quickly she forced herself to pull her eyes away from the young man. Turning toward her mother quickly she offered her a small apology smile.

"Very well." Said the waiter writing down this information on his notepad. "And before I leave, is there anything else I can get for you two lovely ladies, something to drink maybe, we have a fine selection of locally brewed beers and fermented wines." He said placing the tip of his pen upon the surface of the paper.

"Yes," Said Isabella smiling a little as she placed her menu down upon the table. "I would like a glass of your house wine and my daughter would like a glass of sparking water with lemon." She said peering toward Sunflower.

"Very good," Said the young man as he wrote down the additional items upon his notebook. "Just give me a few minute ladies and I'll bring out your drinks along with your salads." He said with a small smile as he offered a formal little bow and hopped away to the kitchen to place the orders.

"So, tell me more about this Richard." Her mother said with a little smile, Isabella was not as blind as some of the mothers in the village. She knew her daughter was just starting to develop feeling for a certain boy in the village. Not that she minded her daughter developing those feeling, in fact she would be worried if she did show a slight interest in the rougher sex.

Sunflower blinked and blinked again as she peered toward her mother, her cheeks flushing with color and she quickly turned from mature tween to a shy and confused little girl as she shifted her eyes away from her mothers gaze and zoomed in at the silverware set before upon the white tablecloth.

"Its nothing but a passing thing, I mean I like him, he danced with me at the Poppy Fete and we both took part in the production of 'Gold in the Hills'. And I mean he is kind of cute and all. And kind of strong too." Sunflower said still wearing a blush upon her face as she fumbled with her words.

"Well he is kind of cute, and kind of handsome too, like a mix of the two you know what I mean." She said musing a little as she gave her daughter a little smirk. Teasing came as natural as breathing to her, a skill she employed most effectively when she was in the company of those she enjoyed spending time with. It was a good ice breaker she found, though she was always careful not to over do it.

Sunflower blinked and blinked again as she peered toward her mother, a deep blush was now coloring her cheeks. Part of her wanted to counter with some short of playful banter of her own, but part of her knew that would only result in her getting pulled over her mothers lap. Her was good at dishing it out, but was not so good at taking it, that or she often crossed the fine line that divided teasing with cheek. And once that line was crossed there was no turning back.

"I don't really think Richard likes me too much." She said as she looked down at her placed and sighed. True enough she was starting to like Richard and in the last or so she had taken to writing him at least a dozen or so times, but most of her letters had been answered and it was only yesterday that a few scarce line had returned to her. Looking up from her plate she looked her mother dead in the eyes. It was the only jester that could really convene the feeling of despair she was feeling.

Isabella was taken back by the sudden change in her daughters tone of voice, frowning a little she reached over and placed her hands down upon her daughters shoulder. Giving her hand a little squeeze, she started for formatted her words, teenagers where tricky in the best of moods, and down right unreadable in periods of doubt and frustration.

"Maybe not, but I'm sure there is another boy out there who does," She said after a short pause, "Though I know how tempting boys can be, and I know its hard to avoid those feeling of temptation that come with being a young women. I mean boys are starting to change and so are you." She said pausing in midsentence to give her daughters shoulder another little squeeze.

A small smile played across Sunflowers face as she felt her mother squeeze her hand and felt her soothing words wash over her. Soon she felt herself smiling softy as she peered around her, quickly though her eyes fell on there waiter, who by chance was taking another order at this time. Blushing a little she shifted her eyes up and down his body, her pale blue eyes seemed to really zoom into his nice round bottom. Before she could catch herself, she wondered how it would feel to have the palm of her hand smack his bottom.

Isabella gave her daughter amused look as she noticed her eyes traveling toward one of the waiters. Taking another small sip of her water, she cleared her throat and spoke up. "Honey, that's another thing we gotta talk about, you can't just ogle boys, I know there cute and I know looking at them can be fun and all. But you gotta remember, there kind of a double standard here." She said signing as she took another sip from her water.

"One one side, the boys can look and drink in there fill of eye-candy, because its expected of them. There boys after all, and some like to think with there nether regions more than there brains." Her mother said with a clear frown. Looking up from her water glass she locked eyes with her daughter, she wanted to use this rare one on one time to its fullest.

"Your father is not like that though, he uses his head a lot and at times can be quite stern. Look for a boy like that my daughter. One who can rule his emotions with a iron fist. True they like to think themselves kings of the house, but behind every great king, there has always stood a strong and loving queen." A little smirk crossed her face as she finished off her water and gently placed the glass down upon the table.

Sunflower blinked and blinked again as she felt a sudden burst of color, color her cheeks as she peered toward her mother. Titling her head a little to the side she offered her mother another blink as her blush turned another shade of crimson, as the full weight of her words started to sink in. Was her mother offering her dating advice? Or was she offering her some words of wisdom? The young teen could not tell, though being offered dating advice did seem a little odd. She would more prefer the 'Official' and trusted sources for advice on dating. Those being 'Sweet n' Bold', 'Sweet Sixteen', and jewel in the crown 'Venus'.

"Thank you mother." She said, flashing her mother a small smile, as she tried to avoid the guilt at the fact that her advice had entered one ear and left the other. Though she did make a mental note to check the paper stand to see if the newest Issue of 'Sweet n' Bold' was in stock. Along with the newest 'Campfire Girl'.

Isabella gazed toward her daughter for a good long minute or two, something told her that her daughter was paying little to no mind to what she was saying. Cracking a little smile she could only shake her head, she would learn in due time, she just wondered how many of those whom wrote articles for those magazine, her daughter seemed to enjoy reading in free time had been though the whole courtship tradition, married gone through the joy and often nail biting nine month trial of growing a child in your bell, then giving birth in one of most pain and joy filled nine hour periods of her whole life. And then endure the following fourteen years of bringing that little child up, molding and shaping her into a young women. One who you hoped would go on, get a solid education, then become something of herself who might go through the whole cycle again, just as you did.

Sunflower had little time to ponder what her mother was thinking about as there meal was soon brought out to them, allowing Sunflower to once more get a good eye full of the handsome waiter who was there server. Biting down upon her lip she gazed toward his bottom. Part of her wanted to reached out and give his bottom a little pinch or a quick smack.

The waiter blushed a little as he noticed Sunflower gazing toward him, offering her a little smile he placed there plates down upon the table. A well seasoned steak was placed in front of Sunflower, followed by one being placed in front of her mother. Once the plates had been placed safety down upon the table he stood up and smiled softy toward the two.

"Now," The young man said placing the check down upon the table. "If you two lovely ladies need anything else, just give me a holler." He then reached down his apron pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. With careful tack he placed the paper down upon the table.

Isabella blinked and blinked again as she gave the waiter a odd ball stare. His choice of wording was a little informal for her taste, such a refined and esteemed place. Signing she just rolled her shoulders a little as she started to cute into her steak, maybe she was just nitpicking a little to much.

"Mom." Said Sunflower said cutting into her steak and popping the tiny piece side of beef into her mouth, a little smile formed upon the bow of her lip. As she savored to the tender piece of beef.

"Yes daughter?" Isabella said looking up from her mea and offering her daughter a little smile, carefully she reached down in her lap and picked up her napkin. Carefully she cleaned her lip and her corners of her mouth. Old habits died hard.

"Thank you for taking me out." She said in a soft tone of voice as she looked down at her plate. Lifting her face up, she peers into her mothers loving eyes. "Its been nice talking to you, and getting to talk with you about some things. And knowing Rachel and I can move ahead with are little Fete

"Hey, no problem sweetheart." Isabella said with a little smile as she peered toward her daughter. "Just remember its okay to look, but kissing and touching his sweet little bottom must wait till you know the guy a little better." She said giving her daughter a little wink before finishing off her glass of wine.

A deadpan look dawned upon Sunflowers face as she peered toward her mother, a tiny invisible oak leaf passed in front of her. Okay the conversation was quickly becoming a little too personal for her taste, Rachel or Alice, the quickly and more often than not perverse Physical Education teacher, would be a better partner for this type of conversation than her own mother.

"Hey.." Isabella said reaching over and placing her open palm over her daughters. "You don't need to be shy around me, I was one a teenager too, I once had to go through high school too you know. Don't be afraid to come to me when your having a problem. Trust me I'm here to help you, not scold you and belittle you." She said squeezing her daughters hand as she flashed her a small smile.

Sunflower took a deep breath as she looked down at the hand that had been placed over hers. Soon a ghost of a smile could be seen forming upon the bow of her lips and then with a gleam in her eyes she looked up and gave her mother a large smile. Those tender words had relived her so much pressure and fear, she could only compare it to the manna that had fallen from heaven in old testament.

"Love you." Sunflower said after a prolong pause.

"I love you too." Her mother responded.

The End.