Story: Arthur
Summary: Arthur feels he must always strong for his mother, whom he had made a promise to when he was younger. His name means that he has to be brave, and not cry.

"Mama, what is the Chinese invasion?" Young Arthur questioned out of curiosity.

His mother, who was also the queen of England, gazed over at him with a saddened expression, as she signaled for him to come over.

Once he did, she picked him up, putting him on her lap.

"Why are you sad?" he asked, putting his hand on her face. She gave a sad smile, holding his hand.

"Arthur, promise me that you'll always stay strong." she pleaded. He looked up at her smiling confidently.

"I will, mama. And I promise I'll be brave too!" he told her.

"Yes, I'm sure you will... Thank you, Arthur..." She smiled in slight relief, rubbing his head. "and as long as you stay that way, you won't have to know anything else. Just know that I'll always love you...and I will always be be with you, even if you can't see me..."

Arthur didn't know what he'd done wrong, but last thing he remembered from that day was her holding him close to her chest and crying.


"Mother?" Arthur swallowed, slightly trembling.

He didn't understand why, but Chinese Soilders were outside his home, asking for the queen.

"Mother?" he repeated. After some time, he'd taken to the habit of calling her 'mother' instead of 'mama'. It was mainly for respect's sake.

"What is it, Arthur?" she kindly questioned, stepping out of her dressing room.

"Some Chinese soilders are here." he explained. "They want to talk with you."

His mother looked away, a serious expression on her face.

"So it's time..." she muttered.

"Time for what?" Arthur wanted to know. "What's going on, Mother?"

Elizeva gazed down at him; her only child, before smiling sadly.

"I don't understand what's-" he started to say, when she pulled him into a tight embrace.

"Don't worry. I know it'll be hard, but always remember what I told you. Always be strong, my child." She told him, and wth that, she let go of him, leaving the room.

In some ways he wished he hadn't followed her, but for some reason he did.

"Queen Elizeva, the Emperor of China has had enough of your opposition, and has demanded for your execution along with the king. However, as the Queen of England, he has granted you one last wish. What will it be?"

'Execution?' Arthur thought, tears in his eyes. He wished this was a dream, but he knew it wasn't.

Elizava looked the the soilders in the eyes as she spoke. "Spare my child from slavery. Send him him to somewhere not under the rule of China so that he may have the freedom to live a normal life and attend school like other children his age."

"Your request shall be granted." The Soilders bowed.

And with that, they left, along with his mother.

-End of Chapter

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