story: Arthur, Chapter 3

"Hey, I'm so sorry! I guess I wasn't looking where I was going. Are you okay?"

Arthur had never seen someone with such white hair before. He'd heard of Albinos before, but had never met one in person until now.

"Hello? Arthur? Dude, you're kind of starting to creep me out a little..."

Realization suddenly set in at what he was doing.

"Oh, right, sorry. Wait, how the bloody hell do you know my name?!" he suddenly demanded. The boy held up his hands a little definsively.

"Well, we are in the same class, I suppose, but I don't come very often. " He explained, as he got up, extending a hand to help him up. He smiled. "My name's Ardell, by the way; Ardell Yager."

"I'm still pretty sure I would've remembered someone like you, but, oh well..." Arthur muttered, before looking back up, taking his hand, a little reluctantly. Normally, he wouldn't have acctepted his help, but considering that he was partially to blame for their collision, it would've been rude not to. "Well, I suppose you already know my name, but I'll be proper anyway. I'm Arthur Bonham."

With that, they shook hands, before Arthur turned away, swallowing painfully. Ardell's smile faded, as he saw this, his hand dropping to his side.

"I know this is kind of abrupt, but, look, if you're trying to become my friend or something... we just can't... I'm sorry."

"No, it's, um..." Ardell started to say, but before he could continue, he turned to see that Arthur had already left.

"That was weird... Maybe it's me...?" he thought aloud.

Meanwhile, Arthur ran to the bus in a hurry. For once, he was actually gracious to go 'home'. He still didn't see that place as home, and he probably never would. All those people cared about was the money, he was almost certain. Despite that, at least he had some space to himself, rather than teachers and students constantly breathing down his neck all the time, like they did at school.

Seriously, just because he was a prodigy didn't mean he knew everything. He wasn't as much of a genius as they thought, anyway. He just studied.

Well, if you could call it that. He was constantly pushing himself harder and harder. No matter what, he wouldn't stop. He thought maybe it would've made his mother and father happy if he did his very best, but even his 'best' work never seemed to satisfy him. He didn't know why, but he always felt as though he could do better.

He never wanted to take any breaks for it made him feel as though he felt he was giving in.

"Hey, boy," the brunette looked up, as his name was called. The bus driver looked back at him through the mirror.

"Are you getting off or what?" she more-stated-than-questioned.

"Oh, sorry..." he muttered.

As he got up, he heard some kids giggling and laughing amongst themselves.

"Hmph, he doesn't seem that smart to me..." a girl muttered, followed by more giggles.

He sighed, getting off the bus. While he was walking toward the house, he was suddenly tackled by his blonde haired 'younger sister'.

Naturally, she wasn't actually his biological sister, but like him, she was also a foster child. Out of all the children in the home, she'd grown the closest.

"Artie!" she chimed cheerfully.

"Kaitlin, I told you to quit calling me that." Arthur growled irritably.

"But why? It's so cute, Artie!" Kaitlin smiled, coddling him like a stuffed animal, which only increased his irritation.

"Get the bloody hell off of me!" he shouted, getting up.

"Hey, where are you going?" Kaitlin wanted to know, following behind.

"My room." he answered simply. "Where else would I go?"

"Oh, okay..." she gazed away sadly, stopping in the middle of the room.

He made his way to his room, taking off his bag. Closing the door behind him, he immediately sat down at his desk, pulling out his textbook and some notebook paper.

After he'd completed his homework, he slipped his stuff back into his bag, before he was called downstairs for dinner.

The meal was fairly pleasant that evening, however, a little too quiet for his liking. He could tell there was some tension between his other adopted twin siblings, Kyle and Ryley

Usually, they were the first to speak, but they hadn't uttered a single word since coming to the table. It kind of seemed to surprise him, but he dismissed the thought until Kaitln brought it up again.

"What's wrong with them?" Kaitlin whispered to him. "Kyle looks sad."

"I'm not sure." Arthur answered honestly.

Before he could say anything else, Kyle stood up, pushing in his chair.

Everyone looked up at him, questionably.

"I'm going to bed..." he muttered, putting his dishes in the sink, as he glared at Ryley, who immediately looked away. Soon after, everyone else started leaving as well.

As Arthur lied in bed that night, he stared into the darkness thinking back over the day's happenings.

Remembering the albino from earlier, he couldn't help but feel a little bad.

With his white hair, Ardell probably got enough attention, and was most likely pushed around a lot.

While he didn't want be anyone's friend, he still couldn't help but sympathize with him. It's the least he could do.

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