The touch of the wind did thrill me.

A whispering cry to chill me,

That this was a place to still me.

And yet, the air was clear.

A silence of sounds that did not appear,

Until one could be rid of their fear,

And open themselves to the silver haired Seer,

A magical beauty of this forest domain.

The creak of the forest, as a tree did fall,

Opening ear to creatures and calls.

But my gaze capture upon beauty and all.

Lost in her eyes of this hidden embrace.

A step closer to be she would take.

A smile played upon obvious bate.

A truth unravelled, as beauty was fake.

And the truth as then revealed.

The notion to run did dawn,

And bid feet to carry me from

The beauty that was a con

And had revealed itself to me.

Enthrilled with the vision I was,

Forever remember eyes saw.

Beauty skin deep it was.

And a lesson I would surly learn.