The Music Trio- Part 1

By Shadowgate


Robert Simpson yelled for his two friends Elvin McGuire and Kevin Hunt.

"We've got to get going to the country club."

Elvin replied "I'm getting ready as fast as I can."

In the meantime Melissa Burns aged 28 was getting ready to go to her country club to see the performance. Her nine year old son Joseph Burns was not looking forward to going with her.

"Mom why can't you just leave me at home?"

Melissa answered "I told you that you can't stay home alone because you're only nine years old. Plus you'll enjoy this performance you're going to see."

Joseph replied "no way because country clubs are for adults."

Melissa told him to give it a chance.


Melissa and Joseph arrive at the country club and they take their seats.

Robert Simpson says "welcome all I am Robert Simpson and these are my friends Elvin McGuire and Kevin Hunt."

Robert and Elvin notice a lady with a name tag that says "new member" and below that her name Rebecca Jones.

Robert and Elvin glance knowing they will cause her a terrible shock.

Robert says "we will start off with the song lightning strikes."

Robert plays guitar, Elvin plays the keyboards, and Kevin plays the drums.

Robert sings "Listen to me baby you got to understand. You're old enough to know the makings of man. Listen to me baby it's hard to settle down. Am I asking too much for you to stick around?

Every boy wants a girl he can trust to the very end. Baby that's you won't you wait but until then.

When I see lips begging to be kissed (Kevin and Elvin say STOP) I can't stop

Lightning's Striking Again!

Lightning's Striking Again!


The audience cheered after a great performance of Lou Christie's Lightning Strikes.

Robert said "I've sure broken out a sweat singing that awesome song."

Robert goes on to say "well it's nice to see a familiar face here. Rebecca Jones it's you!"

Rebecca is shocked and replied "I don't believe we've met before."

Elvin said "oh we all used to live in the same apartment complex five years ago."

Robert said "oh she's pretending to be shy. She was a hit with all the guys back when we all lived in that old apartment complex."

Elvin said "oh but then she moved away two years ago."

Robert said "well I'm glad she moved away because she is a fucking slut."

Elvin said "yeah Rebecca you backstabbing bitch. My best friend killed himself after you dumped him."

Robert said "you are a filthy whore."

Rebecca threw her drink on Robert and walked out.

Joseph replied "oh mommy that was funny."

Melissa said "Joseph I don't think that was a planned part of the show."

Joseph said "yeah they recognized someone they hated and didn't hold back."

Melissa said "shah" and then Robert said "we're going to play a song that the kids will like. Yes I see there are a few children in here. This song is called the diarrhea song."

Robert holding the microphone starts off "when you're climbing up a tree and it trickles down your knee diarrhea, diarrhea."

Elvin takes the microphone and sings "when you're sitting in the gutter and you're eating bread and butter diarrhea, diarrhea."

Kevin takes the microphone and sings "when you're sliding into first and your pants are about to burst diarrhea, diarrhea."

Melissa stood up and yelled "ENOUGH!"

Numerous other adults were offended as well.

Melissa got up on the stage "look mister you said that this was going to be a kid's song."

Robert said "well kids love to sing the diarrhea song."

Melissa shot back "this is not appropriate and the things you all said to that women were uncalled for even if she did those horrible things when you lived in the same apartment complex now is not the time to bring it up."

Robert said "now look lady we don't like having our program interrupted."

Melissa said "I'm taking my son and leaving. I just might end up quitting this country club."


Jordan Burns arrived home and found his wife very upset. He asked her why and she told him that music trio at the club sang the diarrhea song and they were disrespectful. Joseph was laughing his ass off and Jordan didn't know what to think.