Bars and melody/leondre and Charlie/BAM fanfic
Leondre (Bars)
I woke up to my closest ever friend the best you could ever have, to his voice, playing "wake up beautiful, wake up my..." i cut him off by going to slap him in the face with my back hand, he started messing with my ear making stupid noises "Charlie! Its 5:30 in the flippin morning! It isn't like were going back to BGT!" i was at charlies house this weekend and i will be going back home on Monday, he went to the other side of the bed and tipped the mattress so i fell on the floor "Charlie!"
"its time for twit cam!" he told me, why now! Thought to myself "i have some..." i finish his sentance "sweets" he smiled, we don't purposely finish each others its like we have the same mind "lets go then" we put on the twit cam and started answering peoples questions and dares and what ever else there is we got a question cajrloe read it out "would you rather be bold and have legs or have no legs and keep your hair?" we both say "have no legs and keep my hair" asnd Charlie starts detail "i would...i just couldn't li e with out my hair, styling every day" we both say "plus wed look weird" i am one year younger then Charlie and when he moved to my school, je noticed me from the Facebook vidios of me rapping, and i recognised him from him singing, i was being bullied by 3 boys its mostly 5 or 6 and he came up to me and they went away, they always came back when he wasn't to be seen
"aww you gonna call your mommy? You gonna rap about being a sad loser with no mates, you shit at rapping, get over it" i looked down and the leader pushed me, i banged my head, a boy comes up to me and they run off "are you ok" i was even scared of him at the time, not knowing what hed do, if hed join them, that hed think i was an ugly miget that cant rap, i guess i just put it up to say back off i cant take any more, but all it did was encouege them and destroy me "sok'ay they do it all the time" he reaces a hand to me i flinch "im not gonna hurt you, your leondre, right? Your an awsome rapper, you should tell some there bulling you, you seem distressed" he helps me up "your Charlie, you have a voi e of an angel" he smiles " you sound amazing, not many 14 yr olds can rap, you do it perfectly" i finaly feel some ones accepting me, just how do i survive without him in lessons
"Leo!" i was just zoning back to reality " w-what?" he looked annoyed "your mums calling you" i pick it up "mom?" i say in wales accent " leondre, are you in bed?" Charlie kisses at me i roll my eyes " no im on twitcam" god, Charlie better cut this out" be in bed by 11 please and say hi to Charlie for me bye i love you" i cant believe in doin this "yy-ea" i cut the phone off "love you too" he says to me in a joking like tone "we have one last question from Louise 'whays your favorite thing we both" we both say "nutella"
"see we have this connection we had like straight away so, yea buddy" we said at the same time, i rolled one way he went the other, laughing its pure coincidence, we shut the twit cam down kept in its place for part 2 and we go to bed.

Charlie (melody)

it was sunday morning and I was on leos facebook looking if he has any fan messages, there was an apology to him it was the leader og the samall gand who used to bully my brother (well not really my brother but you no) I leave it like that for him to read "leondre, you awake"
"LEO! LOOK OUT" I shout to him "WHY WHAT HAPPEND" I was laughing my head off inside "oh im sorry I thought it was an earthquake" I watch him sigh in relief, I smile "Nicole has sent you a message"
"being a buly I bet, I thought iwas past that" I was so glad it wasn't "nope hes apologizing" I watch his eyes grow wide "really"
"yep" he dosent mind when I go on his facebook "can I go on your computer to look Charlie?" he knows he can, hes just to polite "ofcoures you can" he starts to read out loud "I am so sorry for all I put you through, I know I don't deserve to be forgiven, you probably still have bruises (he looks at hi arm there were two) I just hope you and Charlie can forgive me you are not ugly, you good looking, so please take no notice of my nasty comments"
"shall I forgive him Charlie, would you?"
"do what you feel you should do" he starts to type "apology accepted, WE forgive you as in me and Charlie" he sent it hes gona be a lot happier in the future I can tel, especialy with the maximum friends on facebook, we both cant accept no more.

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