It's sad really, when we loose someone special. The world seems to stop. We no longer feel alive, tears threaten to fall. Everyone single second, one person out there dies. Someone that is loved, maybe not by millions, but by someone special to them. In every way you could imagine someone is dying, and a new one is being born. But we never recognize it until it happens. It doesn't matter if your important, poor, rich, famous, or average. The time comes, when we too loose our lives, old or young.

One of these examples includes a boy named Cody, oh he was sure a fighter. He was so young, fifteen indeed, it shouldn't have been his time. But I guess God decided to take him away from us early, too early for our liking. I didn't know Cody personally, neither did many, in fact most knew him through the internet. But we all knew what he had to go through.

Cody, or Little Blinky as many know him by, had a tough life. For once, his dad died on May 2013, he was diagnosed with Leukemia on August, and he went through depression. But he still held his courage. You think you have a tough life? Well you don't know what many people have to suffer through. There's many people out there with so many diseases, abuse, or depression. Think about it.

It's very tragic really. People shouldn't die so young. Everyone should have a chance to enjoy life. Cody wasn't an internet sensation like a youtuber or something similar. He was something most of you wouldn't know about. He was part of the small community of Toontown.

Toontown? Yes, Toontown. Sure you may think it's just a game. But for many of us, it's something much more special. So it was for Cody, he loved Toontown. He was a friend to most of us. A very kind person, he didn't deserve the life he had. But unfortunately he got it. We lost him too soon.

If you still aren't convinced about your life, I'll give you more examples.

Have you heard the news about that Ebola disease? Imagine how hard it is, for all those people in Africa to loose a family member with this disease. It really is tragic. The way were ignorant about things. We think our life is so tough, when it's not.

There's millions of people out there with deadly diseases. But we never pay attention until it happens. Either to one of your family members or to yourself. That's one of the tragic parts, I mean, we live in our own worlds. Sure we know diseases exist, but have you ever had sympathy for those people? I mean we may think, "Yeah, it seems harsh." But we don't actually imagine how hard it must be.

So what can we do? First of all, we have to eliminate the small world we live in. The one where we feel sorry about our life every day. Life isn't fair, we know that. But other people have to go through much more than you do. So you have to stop thinking your life is messed up. Unless you want to switch places with them.

That's all. It's very easy. But we don't acknowledge it. Humans are very negative people, we don't believe in ourselves very often. We think our life is horrible. And I won't be a hypocrite, I actually thought the same thing. I thought my life was horrible, turns out it isn't the worst, and never will be.

Cody made me realize that. I mean, when I red his journal entries, it made me realize how negative I was being. Even if he had cancer, he kept courage, he wasn't going to give up. It's too bad we don't have many people as him. I wish we did thought, it's a sad world out there.

Now I don't have much to say. I have nothing but this, really. I shouldn't even be writing this, I don't deserve to be writing this myself, but I am, because no one else is. We have to get over ourselves, and learn to observe the world around us. We can't feel sorry about ourselves anymore, we have to live life the positive way. Or else we won't get anywhere.

Life is tough, many have proven that. But we can overcome it. By overcoming negativity and society, we can break through the pathway of life.

Everyday a person dies. Everyday a new angel arrives to heaven. And every day a new person is born. It's life. It may be unfair, but we can't do anything about it. Hopefully you take my advice, and enjoy life the fullest.

This is dedicated to Little Blinky, one of the members in the Toontown Community. He passed away on August 2, 2014. He's remembered by the Toontown community as a strong and courageous person. He was a true fighter. You will be missed, not only by your family, but by us too. R.I.P Little Blinky, I hope you enjoy your time in the fields of Elysium, or as others may call it heaven.