"We focus so much on our differences, and that is creating, I think, a lot of chaos and negativity and bullying in the world. And I think if everybody focused on what we all have in common - which is - we all want to be happy." - Ellen DeGeneres

When Alice walked into her 7th grade classroom, she was determined to make it a different year than the rest. She had always been bullied in her old school, but this year was going to be different.

She held her head high and walked towards one of the front seats. As she sat down she noticed three pretty girls entering. As you might think, these may be the 'popular girls'. Well your correct. The middle one, Stephanie, or their 'leader' smirked and walked up to Alice.

Stephanie fingered her brown ponytail looking as pretty as usual. Boys all around the classroom glanced at her. The two girls that were next to her smirked and walked towards the seats next to Alice.

"Hi you must be new," Stephanie smiled.

Alice smiled back, "Yes, I came from Lincon Middle school. My name's Alice."

"Oh, pretty name, for a fairy tale. I thought Alice's were supposed to be as pretty as the original one, I guess I was wrong..." Stephanie chuckled a little too loudly. Alice tried her best to keep her smile, but it was hard when everyone in the classroom started laughing loudly. Before Alice could reply, Stephanie beat her to it, "Now could you please move, that's my seat. Or well never mind, it must be infected with germs." Everyone in the classroom started laughing harder.

By then Alice couldn't take it, she wanted to say something, she really did. But she couldn't afford more embarrassment. She tried hard not to cry, but her eyes were already growing watery.

"Aw, is the little baby going to cry to her mommy?" Stephanie made a fake frown. The laughter continued around the classroom.

Alice just wiped her eyes and walked towards a seat in the back. She watched the student's expressions as she walked by them. They were all laughing. Laughing at her. She quickly reached the desk, sat down, and put her head down just as the teacher arrived. Looks like her year wasn't going to be as bright as she thought.

As the days passed, Alice felt more worthless each time. The constant tripping, talking behind her back, and rumors. She couldn't take it, but she remained strong. Nobody wanted to be her friend, they didn't even make an effort to get to know Alice. Neither her parents or teachers noticed it, probably busy with work. But Alice kept calm, she wasn't about to become a tattle tale and start even more rumors.

It had been months already. Months of daily bullying. But Alice remained strong. She didn't give up. As she walked through the cafeteria doors with her lunch she sat down at the usual empty table.

"Just go with the flow, go with the flow, the flow, flow," she muttered too herself and started to eat her lunch.

Just in time, Stephanie walked in with her 'friends' and sat at the popular table, which was two tables away from Alice's.

She could see them laughing and pointing at her, but she tried her best to ignore it during whole lunch period. Once Alice was done, she walked towards the trashcan, which was at the edge of the cafeteria. As she passed by the popular table, she didn't notice Stephanie extend her foot causing Alice to loose her balance and fall over her dirty plate.

Everyone turned their attention towards her. For a moment it was silent until everyone started to laugh. She couldn't contain the tears, so she ran out of the cafeteria and towards the girls restrooms. As she entered, some 6th graders gave her disgusted looks and walked out.

Alice couldn't bare it anymore. She looked at herself in the mirror for five minutes. The bell rang but she didn't care. She couldn't believe how life was so harsh towards her. She glanced at her messenger bag hopeful. It could all end right now.

"I can't take it anymore..." she muttered through the tears, her voice cracking. She quickly grabbed the bottle of pills from inside her bag and opened it. She glanced at herself one more time in the mirror. "It will all be over now."

And with that she swallowed all of the pills. A few hours later, she was found in the restrooms by a student.

A new angel has joined heaven.

Bullying occurs every day, everywhere. Either at home, at school or even at work! It's something to be taken seriously. Bullying affects many of us, either physical, or mental. Both ways are harmful. Sometimes, it even causes the victim to have suicidal thoughts. Next time you see someone being bullied, help them. Either by telling an adult or standing up for the person. Please, stop the bullying! Join the revolution!