The Enigma

"Darkness, it's all I've known, don't know how long I've been here, don't know why, all I know is they come they take blood and they leave. I can't even remember what the outside looks like."

Just as these thoughts reigned through the young woman's head the door opened revealing the silhouette of a large man

"It's time for another withdrawal" the man grinned and stuck a needle into the restrained girl and drew blood.

"See you in a couple of hours," the man laughed evilly as he shut the door leaving the young woman in darkness once again.

"Somebody help me" was the final thought as the woman before she fell into an uncomfortable sleep

"Alright boys time to make another batch," said the well dressed man, throwing the large vile of blood to the young men in lab coats

"Yes , we'll have the next batch up and ready in four hours" said the middle aged bald man

"Make sure it is! We got orders to fill, understand?" snapped Mr Reloc

"Y-Yes sir we'll go as fast as we can," said a younger scientist as Mr Reloc left the Scientists quickly got to work on the mystery batch.

Meanwhile, in the secret part of the pentagon Crimson, Tech, Risen and Mannequin were awaiting a mission briefing from Captain Corell and Sergeant Wite

"What do you think this is about?" Risen asked

"Who Knows? Could just be training." Mannequin answered

"Whatever it is, we need to be prepared, so be on your guard!" Tech replied and at that moment Captain Corell and Sergeant Wite walked through the door and the team automatically stood at attention.

"Team today will be your first official field mission." Captain Corell Said.

"It's a rescue mission, I have detected a superhuman in Las Vegas, Nevada." Corell added

Upon hearing this Tech couldn't help but feel excited. He couldn't believe that he was going to be rescuing his first ever superhuman or 'supers' as they were known. He had dreamt of this moment for 7 long months.

"Using the Cromazone computer, I have managed to find out they are in somewhere in Wayne Newton Boulevard we have sent Shade there to pinpoint where" Sergeant Wite explained

"We want you to rendezvous with Shade and rescue the chromozonian by any means necessary, Tech will be the acting leader for this mission and Risen is the teams professional being the most experienced...Do you all understand?" the captain asked

"YES SIR!" the team.

"You are all dismissed" the captain said, waving them all away.

The team quickly suited up and headed for the airstrip where the government grade aircraft the "Techcraft" was waiting to take them to their destination

"It's a shame we can't go to some of the casinos, it would have been so much fun" Mannequin laughed

Everyone ignore her as she said this. Mannequin was always coming out with comments at inappropriate moments and at this specific time everyone was too excited to even bother with what she was saying.

"Ok everyone we need to do an equipment check before we get there. So meet at the hangar in ten minutes" Tech said after which the team all separated into their different areas

Crimson made sure his limiters were working, Tech tinkered with his cybernetics, Mannequin checked her golems and Risen meditated.

Within ten minutes the team met at the hangar and as they left the plane they met up with a man completely shrouded in black.

"You must be shade, I'm Tech, what do you know about the super" Tech asked

"She's being held in a warehouse and there appears to be other supers with her. The warehouse appears as a Night Club but the back door is out of order. If you go through the back door there is a set of stairs that lead to a titanium enforced door and inside there is a lab heavily guarded. We are led to believe that this is where they are taking blood from the super to make a drug that gives normal people powers for a short time" Shade explained. Upon hearing this Crimsons red eyes started to glow with rage

"Thank you for the information, please report to the captain for debriefing." Tech replied.

Shade got into the Techcraft to go back to the captain and the rest of the team got into their government sanctioned van the "Kronus" and sped off to Wayne Newton Boulevard.

"Right, we have a while if before we get there so we need to come up with a plan" Tech advised

"Ok I think we need to be prepared for the worst, who knows what's behind that door" Risen replied.

Throughout the journey Crimson was unusually quiet, the others knew his issues with the prejudice towards supers, but to steal their powers must really of been boiling his blood!

"Crimson I hope you can put your feelings aside for this mission" Tech said

"Yes sir, I'll do what I can to ensure the completion of this mission" Crimson said in a very official tone but the others knew that Crimson was known for having a hot temper when it came to prejudice.

As the team pulled up to the warehouse Shade described, they peered in the front window showing a bar/nightclub. The music was pounding and hundreds of people where dancing and drinking, After seeing what was inside the front of the building they decided to go round the back where they were greeted by a group of men they guessed were the guards.

"You guys must be lost cause this ways blocked" sneered one of the thugs

"Yeah so why don't yous guys beat it" said another, feeling there is no way out of a confrontation they allowed Mannequin to answer.

"Oh we are sorry, but we need to get past, so you have two choices" she smiled innocently

"Oh yeah and what might they be?" the first bandit asked

"It's simple" Mannequin replied. "Either you move or we move you" she said with a sudden venom in her voice

"Heh I think we'll take option two... what do you think boys?" the now apparent leader of the thugs said, getting agreements from the rest of his gang.

"Well we did offer them the peaceful option" Tech said removing his coat

"Yeah but what do you expect? They probably have the combined I.Q of an onion" Crimson laughed

"Matches the smell! Eeeeeeew!" Mannequin said pinching her nose. Upon hearing this, the thugs angrily charged the group who had decided not to use powers encase of surveillance.

Crimson charged first using his speed, agility and extensive martial arts training, he easily managed to subdue the first four assailants. Mannequin was next and as the thugs attacked her she used her extensive judo training to counter there attacks. Risen was able to defeat five enemies before they could even move. After all the others took care of their opponents, it was just Tech and the thug leader but he decided to slug it out with him .Blow after blow the leader thought he had the upper hand until he noticed the sly grin on Techs face then a surge of fear overcame him as Tech started striking left and right then a swift knee to the stomach ,the thug hunched over then Tech knelt down in front of him and using as much force as he could, he brought his fist up fast and hard connecting with the opponents chin and sending him soaring into the wall 10 feet behind him.

After dusting themselves off they started walking towards the back door Risen tried opening the door first with no avail

"Its locked" She said, Tech then moved towards the door.

"I'll handle it" He said as he looked at his finger and it started to transform into a lock pick. After about five minutes fiddling with the lock, it suddenly clicked- unlocked. Tech then opened the door.

"Ladies first" he said allowing Risen and Mannequin in first. Crimson went in behind them and Tech followed closing the door. Upon descending the stairs, the team came across the titanium enforced door.

"So...How are we going to open it" Tech said

"We could always knock and hope for the best" Mannequin replied with a smile

"Outta the way" Crimson said, as he put both his hands on the door

"Tech you know what to do" He said, looking towards his cyber team mate

"No problem Crimson leave it to me" Tech replied, removing his coat

"OK stand back everyone" Crimson said as he started charging the door with a dark red energy. On the other side of the door, some guards had just noticed the door glowing

"What the hell" one said as he moved closer to investigate, just as he put his eye towards the peep hole the door exploded sending the guard flying into a pillar behind him. Seeing this, the other guards picked up both their handguns and started shooting. Tech jumped out of the smoke activating the shield on his arm and began deflecting the bullets. The rest of the team jumped out from behind and went on the offence Risen burned the guards, Mannequin used her golems to attack and knock out other guards and Crimson charged up his throwing disks and threw them next to the rest of the guards allowing the shockwave to knock them out. After the guards had been dealt with Tech picked one off the ground raising him above the floor

"Where's the super?" he asked

"I don't know what you're talking about" The guard sneered. Then with as much forced as he could without using his power, Crimson ran and kneed him in the gut, coughing up blood the guard winced in pain

"Now either you tell us what we want to know or I charge up the wall behind you and bury you alive" Crimson threatened with disgust in his voice, as he started charging the wall.

"OK OK I'll tell you, if you go to that door over there take the stairs down there's a lab where you'll find the Cromie" The guard said terrified

"Thanks" Tech said after knocking the guard out. Crimson absorbed the energy back.

Heading down the stairs. The team found the door the guard mentioned, peeking through the small window in the centre they could see a group of men in lab coats and a large men yelling at them.

"Ok we need to come up with a plan we definitely need to distract the big guy" Tech said

"Risen, if you can surround me and the big guy in a wall of earth I can distract him long enough for you all to get the supers" Crimson suggested

"Are you sure Crimson he looks pretty strong almost super level?" Risen replied

"Im positive just make sure you guys get the supers" Crimson said as his eyes glowed

"Ok charge the door" Tech said as Crimson started charging the door Risen started to focus

"Ok stand back" Crimson said. As the others stood back, Crimson blew the door and ran straight to Reloc

"What the hell who are you?" Reloc shouted

"Im here for the supers" Crimson replied as the scientists ran out the hole where the door previously was

"Is that right?" Reloc asked as he grabbed a syringe and stuck it into his side

"WELL IM NOT GONNA GIVE THEM UP" Reloc shouted as he charged towards Crimson but stopped as he saw the earth around them raise up trapping him with Crimson

"Get me outta here NOW!" Reloc ordered

"Afraid I can't do that" Crimson advised

"Fine then! if you won't let me out then I'll smash your face into the ground" Reloc smirked as he ran towards Crimson.

As the wall was put up around Crimson and Reloc, the rest of the team ran towards to door at the back of the room.

"Are you sure Crimson will be ok" Mannequin asked

"Don't worry about him .He needs to do this, I could see it in his eyes" Tech replied as he tried picking the lock to the door

"Grrrrr it's no use, I can't pick it!" He said as they heard a large crash coming from Crimsons location

"Screw it, Stand back" Tech said turning his hand into a blaster on shooting the door to pieces then they saw the Super she had pink hair and looked emaciated

"Risen, melt the restraints, Mannequin guard the wall, I'm gonna go find the others" Tech ordered

"Right" Risen said as she started burning the shackles that were holding the girl up, once the shackles were destroyed Risen slung the young girls arm over her shoulder and joined Mannequin

Back in the wall Crimson was throwing his charged disks at Reloc who put his arms up to block, but soon found out the power of his opponent as the disks exploded on contact knocking him into the wall when he pulled his arms down he saw Crimson charging at him. Swinging his arm trying to punch Crimson who span underneath his fist and brought his foot straight into Relocs face knocking him to the floor.

"Stay down I don't want to hurt you" Crimson said not realising, he was too close to Reloc who had grabbed his leg

"My turn" Reloc grinned. He threw Crimson into the roof and as he fell, Crimson felt multiple punches as Reloc kept punching him in mid air then grabbed Crimsons face and threw him into the floor as hard as possible

"You see what the syringe did? It gave me enough power to kick you to the curb and once i finish with you I'm gonna snap your friends like twigs hahahaha" Reloc laughed then he saw Crimson stand up

"You want some more" Reloc sneered then he noticed Crimson unclipping his limiters. As the limiters fell to the floor there was an explosion around Crimson

"What the hell are you" Reloc asked with fear in his voice.

As the fight continued, Tech had found and released the prisoners underneath the lab and was leading them upstairs

"Keep up everyone we're getting you all out of here" Tech said with a gentle tone and a smile on his face

"Thank you sir, Thank you so much" Said one of the prisoners, just then Tech saw one of the younger super's fall.

"Are you ok" Tech said running to the young girl

"Im so tired i don't think I can move" the little girl cried

"Come here" Tech said as he picked the young girl up

"What's your name?" Tech asked

"Lizzy" She replied

"Ok Lizzy, me and my friends are here to get you all out of here" Tech said softly

"I want to find my mommy" Lizzy started to cry

"Dont worry I have strong friends who'll help find your mommy, ok?" Tech replied

"You promise" Lizzy said with tears still in her eyes

"I promise" Tech said as Lizzy leaned up and hugged him

"Ok let's get you out of here" Tech said as he opened the door. Just as the door opened he saw a blast of dark red energy coming from the wall Crimson was fighting Reloc. As the blast continued the team and the other prisoners covered their eyes then they heard the sound of clicking fingers and the blast turned into an explosion.

Once the explosion died down, Risen and Mannequin peered into to hole in the wall they saw Crimson with his limiters clipped back on they saw red smoke coming from his eyes

"Lets get outta here" Crimson said as his eyes turned back to normal

"Are you OK" Tech asked

"Yeah I'm fine are all the prisoners here?" Crimson replied

"Yeah we need to get them all back to base" Tech said

"Yes Sir" Crimson replied, then they heard a mumble and looked over seeing the young pink haired girl waking up

"Hey how are you feeling?" Mannequin asked the young girl

"W-who are you?" the young girl asked

"Were here to help" Crimson replied taking a step in front of her

"What about the man" The girl said looking around frightened

"He's been dealt with don't worry, What's your name" Crimson replied

"Kaydee I think" she said

"What about your second name" Crimson said softly

"I I don't remember" Kaydee said crying

"Hey don't worry Kaydee we'll figure everything out my names..." Crimson started

"CRIMSON NO! It's called a secret identity for a reason" Tech shouted

"We need her to trust us... Tech trust me" Crimson replied. Tech thought for a second then silently nodded

"Thank you. My names Alex we're here to take you to a safe place" Crimson said softly Kaydee didn't say anything she just stepped forward and hugged Crimson who was in shock but after a minute hugged her back

"Its going to be ok" Crimson whispered.

The team and the prisoners had gotten into the Techcraft and it started to take off. Mannequin and Risen where looking after the females making sure they had a wash and something to eat, Tech and Crimson were doing the same with the males

"Excuse me" Kaydee said to Mannequin

"Yeah, you ok" Mannequin replied

"I just want to know who you guys really are" Kaydee said

"Ah ok... we're members of a government funded team called the CORE we're trying to make the world a safer place for Chromazonians"

"Is anyone able to join" Kaydee asked

"Do you want to" Mannequin asked

"I cant remember anything of my life before this I'd like to do something to repay you all" Kaydee stated

"You don't need to repay us at all" Mannequin stated

"Please this is something I need to do" Kaydee said with tears in her eyes

"If you're sure you want to I'll talk to our captain"

"Thank you" Kaydee said smiling.

Upon arriving back at headquarters everyone was met by the Captain

"Good evening everyone welcome to the CORE if you would please follow Sergeant Wite he will find you all your families" Captain Corell said, all the prisoners followed the Sergeant but not before thanking the team, But Kaydee didn't budge

"Ma'am is there something wrong" Corell asked

"Sir this is Kaydee she wishes to join the team" Mannequin said

"Young lady are you sure, this job is very dangerous?" Corell asked concerned

"Yes sir I feel I could become a good addition to the team" Kaydee replied

"Ok but first we need to know you're power" Corell said

"I'll just show you" Kaydee said as she stuck her head into a fish tank and grew gills

"So you grow gills" Corell asked

"Not really my body changes depending on the situation" Kaydee said

"I see well that could prove to be invaluable for rescues...OK you're in" Corell decided

"Thank you sir" Kaydee said

"CRIMSON" Corell shouted

"Yes Sir" Crimson stood at attention

"Due to your recklessness you are being held back until Kaydee is fully trained" Corell ordered

"Sir" Crimson nodded

"By the way sir please call me Enigma" Kaydee said with a glint in her eyes

The end