Chapter 4

On the Core jet the team were celebrating their new team mate's arrival

"Welcome to the team Thunderstroke" The others said but the celebration was cut short by something shooting the wing of the jet, the jet started to decend at an alarming pace

"Everyone brace for impact" Crimson said as they all buckled into there seats, they all closed there eyes waiting for impact which came all too quickly.

Crimsons eyes slowly drifted open to see a pair of glowing yellow eyes hovering over Varanid, as fast as he could Crimson got to his feet only to be met with a metal hand grabbing his face and ramming it hard against the wall of the plane

"Well, well awake already" Came a mistereous voice, Crimson looked to see the silluette of a man

"We cant have that now can we" the voice said after which Crimson was knocked out a kick to the face.

Back at the CORE headquarters Crimsons team had just slipped out of the radar

"Sir, what happened" one of the staff asked

"Get me the Tracer,NOW" was all Captain Corell said

Crimson awoke to the smell of smoke, as his eyes opened he saw the burning wreckage of the tech jet and a robotic figure standing next to it,

"who are you" he asked getting to his feet, the robot didn't answer, it just walked towards him with its weapon in hand, Crimson looked behind him and saw Thunderstroke and Varanid on the floor and Enigma trying to wake them up

"Enigma, get them away from the wreckage i'll distract this thing" Crimson said, Enigma nodded and started to drag her team mates from the wreckage. Crimson charged some crimson disks and threw them at the sillhouette, the disks hit the target dead on and exploded on impact, when the dust settled the figure was still standing and was walking closer until it was finally visable, it wasnt a robot but a cyborg that was more robot than man, the only link to a human was one green eye

"Who did this to you" Crimson said, the cyborg never answered he just drew his hand back and struck crimson, the sound of the strike echoed in the sky, Enigma turned to see Crimson knocked to the floor

"CRIMSON" she shouted charging and shooting at the cyborg, the bullets didn't phase the assailant at all and it swung for Enigma who's powers kicked in and she was teleported backwards, when Enigma teleported Crimson charged a piece of debris from the plane and threw it as hard as he could, the debris hit the cyborg and the explosion knocked it back

"GUYS ARE YOU OK" Crimson shouted as the others stood up

"Yeah we're fine" Thunderstrike said as he charged his arms with electricity and charged towards his opponent but was cut short by a slime like substance catching all four

"Damn it, what's this stuff made of" Crimson said, just then a gas canister was dropped in front of them and they were knocked out.

Back at the core headquarters Captain Corell was in a meeting with Tracer

"Crimsons team, has gone of the radar, we're hopping you can help me find them" Corell said

"I shall do my best sir, but it can take a while" the woman warned

"Very well while you search, I will get a team assembled" Corell replied walking out the door, as he got back into his office Corell punched the wall in anger

"I can't lose them" he thought to himself, meanwhile outside his office a small group had gatherd

"The captains taking things pretty hard" one student said

"He hates losing comrades" a voice said from behind them, when the crowd turned they saw the sergeant standing there with worry in his eyes

"The captain lost his family because he had powers, he was in the deepest despair and it took a long time to snap out of and when he did he vowed he would protect the chromozonians with his dying breath so the thought of losing someone will be weighing heavily on him" the sergeant explained

"We had no idea" one of the students said as they all looked back at the captain who was pacing the floor.

When Enigma opened her eyes she was in a small cell, panic took over as she got flashbacks of when she met Crimson

"Where am I" she asked herself

"Enigma, is that you" a very familiar voice came from another cell, when Enigma looked she saw Crimson

"Crimson, what's going on, where are we" she said with fear in her voice

"Calm down ok, we'll figure this out" Crimson said soothingly

"How can you be so calm at a time like this" came the voice of there new team mate Thunderstrike

"What else is there to do, we've got to stay calm and figure this out" came the voice of Varanid

"At least we're all here" enigma said calming herself, just then they heard a heavy door open and entered a man dressed head to toe in white and gold dressed like a priest

"Welcome lady and gentlemen, I do hope your comfortable" the man grinned slyly

"Of course, I can't believe we got into such a posh place" Thunderstrike said sarcastically

"I am sorry about the method of your arrival, I told Anthony to be gentle" the man said

"That was you, who the hell are you" Crimson snarled

"I am Father Eden and you are the children of Lucifer" the man said angrily

"What are you talking about" Crimson said

"Chromozonians, you are a sign that the world shall end and I am here to stop you" Eden spat

"YOUR WRONG" Crimson said causing Eden to glare at him

"The Chromozonians are not evil we didn't ask for theses powers, but there are hundreds of us trying to protect the" Crimson didn't get to finish his sentence

"SILENCE" Eden shouted clicking a button giving Crimson a shock through the collar on his neck

"AAAAAARGH" Crimson winced in pain

"Power dampeners, neutralise your powers and also have an electrical charge incase of and disobedience and don't try to remove because they will explode if tampered with" Eden said laughing

"So sit back and relax because you all are going to be here a while" he continued as he walked out the door, the team sat on there beds and let out a sigh only time will tell what Eden has in store for them

Back at the Core headquarters there was a knock on captain Corell's door, Corell put his whiskey back in the drawer and walked to the door

"I'm coming" he said, when he opened the door a group of students stood there

"What can I do for you guys" Corell asked

"Sir we want to help rescue Crimson and the others" Blaze said while all the others nodded

"I understand you want to help, but we don't know where they are or what sort of danger they're in that's why when tracer finds them the only people going will be me and a small group of agents" the captain said, just then Tracer arrived

"Sir I've found them"