There were many times when I listened and wondered and questioned people's thoughts; "There's no use crying over spilled milk" Well of course! Why would any level-headed person cry over a spilled me of milk?! If that was the last bit, buy more! If milk really was that important, people should fill their fridge with it instead of deciding to waste their money on material things with no meaning or worth, personal changes just because others aren't happy with you, or on expensive delicate things that will never be used. Milk is a healthier and less stressful lifestyle.

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away!" I never really understood this, I mean, does eating an apple ward off doctors like garlic wards off vampires?

Now, the number one thing that perplexes me is; "When you see a glass of water, is it half empty or half full?" Why is me being half full or half empty so important? I understand that it's a way to get a psychological understanding of one's perspective of life but why should it matter? Why use me? Looking at the evidence, it should be easy to answer. If someone fills then drinks me half way, I am obviously half empty. Yet I can't tell you that. If you see lip prints and a water ring, half empty. If you don't see that then it's safe to assume that I am half full.

What I'm wondering is why does it matter?! Why aren't people just happy with the fact that there is a me of water waiting to help quench your thirst?! Just be happy that I'm there! You don't see me replying with a "Is a person's life half empty for them to ask that question or half full?" And I'll have you know (on the behalf of the trees) a tree DOES in fact make a sound if it falls even if no one is around. You don't need to have ears to know something makes sound. Some species of snake are deaf and yet they can still tell if sound is being made. If you place a screaming child in a sound-proof room full of deaf people who have their eyes closed, is the child still screaming? Take it from a glass of water, your life is half empty when death is near. How you live is always half full until you believe, feel, know, and show that how you lived was full. So please don't ask these questions anymore. On the behalf of glasses of water (and trees!) everywhere.


A Glass Of Water