The very word brings to mind an endless dance of guns and bombs. But what really lies behind this eight letter word? Men and women leave their comfortable homes and families behind to go bravely into battle with a beast known as war. And war is as unpredictable as a storm. They may survive, or never return. Scars are always left, emotionally and physically. Legs may never walk

on sand again. Hands may never touch skin again. Eyes may never see the world again. Soldiers are not just people who shoot guns. They risk their precious lives to save others; they sacrifice their limbs to make sure ours are intact; they battle to the death to ensure that freedom

rings, now and forever. The men and women of our nation who are fighting and have fought for our country's rights are true soldiers. And they should be honored for the immense service they have done this world and the courage they've exempted in the unforgiving flames of battle.

Thank you for your bravery and sacrifices.