Clueless, I am as blue as the sky.

Let freedom reign in the kingdom of tears,

bleeding hearts. May the lonely white dove sing a lullaby.

I hear you weep, my beloved black sheep. Spirit of the afterlife, what do you go

home to? Where did you sleep last night while I traveled alone and lost sight of daylight?

Every dilemma is another movie script, another chance to make history.

Bittersweet, misery loves company. Irony can be found within her symphony.

I don't know the difference between right and wrong anymore. We will never

be whatever we were before the fallout. I am better off kicking your butt to the curve.

There is nothing left to say, but goodbye. The first cut is the deepest, but keep on breathing

anyway. You approach me with arms outstretched in the sign of a cross. In terms of endearment,

are you sure that you can stay true to me once again? My love gives you wings and your heart sings of new

beginnings. All that you are is all you have become because of personal perseverance. I am withheld

from glory, a much needed breakthrough. Your absence speaks volumes to me more than your presence.

Eventually, you cross over the great divide. Our reunion, is it divine intervention or just a coincidence?