The Path to Hell

*Disclaimer : this is an original, so even if it sux, it's MINE. Steal, and die. I have very good lawyers. If you want to use it for ne thing, please email me and ask permission*

The night darkens as I walk
Through the alley all alone.
Like a shadow cast from chaos,
My steps echo grimly on the pavement.
My heart aches for understanding,
For a something I can't grasp
I want to cry out loud,
To share my pain with the world,
Yet no sounds come out, for I know not how.
I cannot sound, for I walk in a world of strangers,
Of faces and souls as grim as mine
We walk the path which life has set, alone.
We just walk on the path to hell.
It is the silence that will kill us
For we consume ourselves, not letting others see
Who we are deep inside.
We're cold, mute statues, walking the path to hell.

The pain stirs inside me,
And tears me bit by bit,
Cuz no matter what we do,
We're still grim statues, silently walking the path to hell.
No matter where we are in time,
In essence we are all alone.
Alone with our burdens, alone with our sagging hearts.
We're even alone from ourselves.

My step is trembling now.
The void has cast inside me,
And the pain cannot be perceived by human thought.
Yet I take another step, advancing still on the pathway to hell.
In essence, I was born alone
And die alone I will,
For I cannot take another step
I am crumbled, I am ashes.
Grim ashes of eternal pain.
All because I did not speak,
And did not ease my pain.
Each day, taking me deeper down my path to hell.

*Author's Note*

Hello there, this is the second poem I post. I hope you'll like it, it's just a grim thing that got created on a very gloomy day. I like depressing poetry, although I'm not some psychopath because I think it captures the human essence, and human pain better. Please tell me if this stinks. I would greatly appreciate the comments.