I'm Homeschooled.

For those of you who know me and for those of you who don't,

I'm homeschooled.

I have been for eight years and that ends on August eighteenth.

I'm going to public school.


I'm more nervous than I let on.

To catch my bus, I'll have to get up before dawn.

I have to get up at five in the morning, eat my breakfast, and get dressed.

I have to make sure I get my rest.

I'm scared that I'm going to fail.

I'm worried I'm not going to be liked.

And I'm terrified I'm not going to make my Mama proud.

I can be really loud.

I can make a fool of myself.

And sometimes, I worry about my mental health.


I know I'm going to do well.

I know I won't fail.

I'll meet others that are like me.

That will like me, for me.

I can do anything if I set my mind to it.

And I know I can do it.

But, I hope.

That if I'm having trouble,

Someone will help me.

If I fall down and drop my books,

Someone will help me, not just because of my looks.

If I have problems with math,

Someone will help me take notes, so the sheet of paper does not face my wrath.

And if I look like I'm about to cry,

And don't know where to go,

Maybe, they'll help me.

So I know,

I'm not alone.


For eight years, I've been homeschooled.

If I said I wasn't scared about going to public school, I would be lying.

A few times, I've almost broke down crying.

But, when I step through those doors, in ten days,

I will start my freshman year.

And I will know.

I have nothing to fear.