It is a dark and silent night for the lone girl named, Raven. She had just left her late night shift at her local convenient store and was heading home. She lived by herself and also lived quiet a distance from where she working. She was about an hours' drive from her work and this was fine with her considering this was the only job that hired her in months. However she was currently looking for a new home, one closer to her work.

On her way home she came across some trouble. She ended up getting a flat tired. She was on a desolate road where hardly anyone came by at this time of night. She was not scared however. This had happened before and so she was fine. But this time will prove to be a lot more terrifying.

She was getting ready to change her tire when she realized that she did not have a lug wrench. Without this she was stuck. She ended up getting back in her car to call her friend over. She figured she could leave with him and then come back the next day to fix the tire. However after he answered and said he would come something changed in the atmosphere.

Raven began to get a chill down her spine. She felt fine a minute ago but now she was shivering and her heart was betting very fast and she couldn't explain it. She turned around and looked in various directions to try and settle her nerves but nothing worked. There was nothing there but still her anxiety continued.

"May we come in?" Said a quiet but creepy voice.

Raven jumped and looked outside the opposite window. There she saw two young children with their heads down. She rolled down the window slightly and answered, "Hello? Are you ok?"

It seems the children didn't hear her but they got closer. "Me we come in?" They asked again in unison.

"I am sorry but I can't. You see I have a flat…" She was interrupted but the children.

"May we come in?" They asked again in their slow and quiet voices. However now the voices seemed so distant. Raven couldn't explain it but the voices seemed almost hypnotic. It was slow, quiet, but demanding.

"I already told you I can't. Why are you kids out here anyway?" Raven said.

"May we come in? The kids said again getting closer to her car. Raven began to get scared. Their voices were getting louder and much more demanding. Actually now the kids seemed menacing for some reason.

She thought it was all in her head and so she yelled, "You can't! Now go home!"

The kids didn't listen and continued to get closer restating the same question over and over again. "May we come in?" They finally made it to the car but there heads stayed down and they did not make an attempt to open the door.

"Who are you?" Raven asked shivering with fear.

One of the kids showed his hand and said, "May we use your photo?" He asked.

This Raven could do but something just didn't feel right. She was so scared she just couldn't get close to these children. She actually prayed her friend would get there soon because she could not handle this anymore. "I am sorry but I can't do that either."

"May we use your photo?" The children asked again but this time they began to tap on the window. Raven was horrified.

"Please just go again." Be begged.

"May we use…" The time the children were interrupted by Raven yelling in frustration.

"I already said no! Now go back…" Before she could finish the children looked up and what she saw was so terrifying it made her heart drop.

The children's faces were very pale. They were as pale as snow. They had coal black hair and lips but the thing that scared her the most was there eyes. Their eyes were solid black. Their eyes did reflect some light but besides that they had absolutely no color. As she gazed into the black eyes she felt like she was staring into death itself. She felt so scared she honestly felt like she was going to die.

She crawled into a ball and prayed they would do away.

"May we come in?" They continued. "May we use you photo?" Each time they asked a question without answer they seemed to get more aggressive. They banged on the window harder and they never stopped with the same questions. Raven began to cry in fear. The children were not going away and she was scared they would come in and get her.

Then after what seemed like forever the banging and questions suddenly stopped. Raven was still too scared to look up so she continued to pray that they were gone. Then suddenly more bangs could be heard from behind her. She was so scared that they were now behind her that her heart skipped a beat and then just dropped.

But then a familiar voice was heard. This voice was not creepy or anything. If anything it was a delight to hear. "Raven I am here."

Raven turned around reluctantly and saw her guy friend that she called. She was so relieved he was there that she jumped out of her car hugged him tight then ran straight to his car. "Let's go!" She demanded still shaking in fear.

"Don't you want to fix…" The guy began.

"NO! LET'S GO!" Raven yelled at the top of her lungs.

The guy didn't know what happened but he knew it was serious, so he got in his car and started it up. They drove off and neither of them said anything. But the guy did notice that Raven refused to look out the windows. She kept her head low and inside of the car. He knew she was scared so he stayed quiet for the remainder of the trip.

That night she had her friend stay the night but even then she could not sleep. She feared that the children would return to her and take her away. Now she was more determined than ever to find a new home. One that was closer to her work and in a populated area.