It all started with that girl. The archer girl. She had a brown braid, green eyes, a magenta shirt, jeans, a jean jacket, and a glove on her hand that kind of looked like a cast for a broken wrist. I was in my backyard when I noticed a girl with a bow and arrow aimed at something. But what? I couldn't see it. Unfortunately, my curiosity got the best of me. I climbed up on my fence to get a closer look. But, clumsy me, I fell over the fence with a loud thud, scaring the girl and her target. I would like to think it was some deer or bear. But no. The target looked more... human. The girl had accidentally fired her arrow into a tree. It was lodged in the tree deeply. The girl yanked it out, stumbling back a few steps when the arrow finally slid out of the bark.

I stood up and dusted my pants off. The archer girl eyed my wearily.

"Who are you?" she asked.


The girl narrowed her green eyes. "You look familiar..."

"I...I do? What?"

"Oh my gosh! Are you related Elizabeth Wilde?!"

"Yeah why?"


I raised an eyebrow. "But...Huh? How do you even know my mom?"

The girl seemed shocked. She sighed. "Let me guess. Your mom never told you about the Eternal Night or the Star."

I shook my head.

"Well...That's unfortunate." The girl put some of her brown hair behind her ear. "My named Katerina. Not Katrina like the hurricane in New Orléans (that's where I'm from, by the way). KATErina." She held out her hand, and I reluctantly shook it.

"What were you aiming at?" I asked.

"Oh, just..." Katerina paused for dramatic effect. "MONSTERS." Seeing my blank expression, Katerina continued: "They're really real. You can tell 'cause they have red eyes. Also they're magic, sort of. Like each of them have a certain power based on their personality or something like that, and some of them can do spells, too. All the monsters are in this evil group called the Eternal Night. Actually, that's what they're gonna do...You know, make it night forever. Somehow that will make them rule the world. I'm not really sure how. Maybe they rob places in the night? Kill the president? I'm not sure. But I'm supposed to find the monsters and tell the Queens-er, my bosses-when the night starts."

"I think it already began," said a voice that scared the crap out of me.

Katerina whipped out her bow, pulled an arrow to the string, and looked around for the voice. "Who said that?!"

Someone came out behind a tree. She had ghostly pale skin, coal-black hair, and red eyes. The girl wore a grey shirt, camouflage pants, and black Converse shoes.

Katerina fired the arrow, but it went through the girl without harming her at all.

"Dude, is she a ghost?" I whispered.

Katerina shook her head. "Annabelle knows a lot of spells. Maybe that's what happened..."

"I see you've gotten better at figuring things out," Annabelle retorted. "Yes, it is a spell. Good work, Sherlock. Only certain members of the Star can harm me. And I don't think it's any of YOU."

Suddenly, a wolf pounced-but went straight through her. It landed hard on the ground and turned into a human.

"Xerxes?!" Katerina exclaimed. "What are you doing here?!"

"Well I was TRYING to help with Annabelle." Xerxes sat up. He had long black hair. Now his eyes...They were weird. They had a black rim around the iris, and then it was extremely bright blue with a little dot for the pupil. Xerxes glared at Annabelle.

Annabelle smiled sweetly. "It's always amusing to see people try to hurt me."

Xerxes clenched his fists. He muttered a curse word.

Annabelle looked at me. She cocked her head. "Another Wilde? I didn't know Elizabeth had a daughter."

"Uh..." Creep.

Xerxes raised an eyebrow. "Really? You already recruited someone?"

Katerina shook her head. "No...But you should join the Star, Bethany."

I just shrugged.

Xerxes looked around. "Hey, where did-?" Lightning nearly shot him, but Xerxes dodged just in time.

"You have good reflexes, shapeshifter boy." Annabelle suddenly appeared again.


Another girl came. "Annabelle, I heard yo-Ohhh crap." She had orange hair tied into a ponytail, red eyes, a black shirt, jeans, and lots of freckles on her face.

"Clarabelle, you have nothing to be worried about. It's just some puny Star members."

Xerxes growled like an animal. Katerina whispered something into his ear. Xerxes nodded. Katerina fired an arrow at Clarabelle. It hit her arm.

"RUN!" Katerina screamed.

We ran through a patch in the woods while Annabelle and Clarabelle were temporarily distracted. A vine shot up and wrapped around Katerina. She was stuck to a tree. Another vine grabbed my ankle and yanked me to the ground.

"Wha-?" I spluttered.

Clarabelle held up her hands. A leaf, now stained with blood, was wrapped around her arm. Clarabelle directed another vine to tie around Xerxes.

"Good work, Clarabelle," Annabelle praised. "Who knew those hippie powers could be so useful?"

Clarabelle grinned.

Xerxes turned into a falcon. He flew out of the vines. Annabelle tried to shoot some lightning at Xerxes, but he dodged them. Xerxes freed Katerina and flew towards me. Some lighting hit him, and he fell down, turning into a human again.

Oh crap.

We were dead. I struggled to get out of the vines.

Annabelle snorted. "It will be impossible to get out of those with your own strength."

I grit my teeth and threw a punch at her, temporarily forgetting that weird spell she did.

But I really did hit her.

"Dude..." I breathed.

Annabelle and I stared at each other for a few seconds, both of our eyes wide. Then Annabelle remembered we were enemies, and I was stuck to a vine. Xerxes, now a wolf, shoved Annabelle into the brush. With a quick swat of his large paw, the vine cut.

Clarabelle sent up another vine. Xerxes pounced on her and growled, mouth foaming.

"Xerxes we don't have the time!" Katerina exclaimed. "RUN!"

Xerxes, Katerina, and I ran away from them. Occasionally a few lightning bolts or vines nearly hit us.

A castle came into view. It was an...interesting castle. Half of it was all dark. The other half was light.

Xerxes turned back into a human. "You're taking Bethany to The Castle?"

Katerina nodded. "Why?"

"Well...Annabelle and Clarabelle know where we are now."

"I suppose. But still! It's not like they could get past the guards."

Xerxes shrugged. We continued running.

"Running to your castle, I see," Annabelle yelled from behind us. "Cowards!"

I held my tongue. A vine nearly tripped me.

"You okay?" Katerina asked breathlessly.

I nodded.

Something shocked me. Probably one of Annabelle's lightning bolts. And then everything went black.

The eye color Xerxes has is a real eye color. I just looked up "rare eye colors".