There was a container behind a supermarket filled with rotten food. In it there were some flies -correction tons of flies. Every time someone open the container, the flies would literally attack like a collected force. Together they would do teamwork and assembled scapes. They liked doing a giant hand and bitchslap the shit out of their victims (the supermarket-people). Occasionally the flies would make other scapes like a foot, a hammer and even a gun! Each time they had fun. For them attacking people was as fun as Christmas. A jolly good time of funny and mindless violence. But then one day the funny days were over. A metal-cylinder got dumped in the container. This confused the flies. At the end of the cylinder there was a green light that kept blinking very fast. The light had a hypnotic effect on the files. They keep stirring at it right to the moment the metal-cylinder stopped blinking. Then this happen: A green gas was unleashed from the metal-cylinder. The flies panicked when the gas shallowed them. Thier bodies got coloured green and shortly after that they got turned into green dust. It all happened so fast. The big flock of flies was no more. They were all green dust that covered the rotten food as if it was snow with food-color in it. A gloved hand reached down for the metal-cylinder and took it. It was a exterminator and the metal-cylinder was his latest weapon against all bugs of any type and size. He had a grim smile on his face. He was happy and said:

"It worked."