A few years back when I was 15, I loved to play video games. Any kind was fun to me. That's why I couldn't help but accept a friend request from a Steam user I'd never met. He claimed he would gift me Garry's Mod. I accepted and the game arrived to my library a minute later. I thanked him and launched the game. He replied saying "I hope you enjoy it while it lasts". I was confused by that. I was sure it wasn't being taken off of the Steam Marketplace. I brushed it off and the game loaded. I downloaded a few addons and loaded up gm_flatgrass. The world looked the same as it did in every video I had seen on YouTube. I spawned some props and began to weld them together in an attempt to make something. As I was building, my props all unfroze. I wasn't too worried by that, but it was the message that unnerved me. Rather than the standard "unfroze (amount) props", the popup message said "Oh I'm sorry, were you doing something?". It was the day before April 1st, so I assumed it was a joke by Garry. I didn't want that to happen again, so I spawned in a dupe. However, there was only one. It was titled "Gullible". I spawned it and it was an error. The error spawned more errors. The textures all went purple and black and I got a message saying " has crashed". I had read enough stories to see where that was going. I went to shut down my computer, but I got an error message. "You cannot leave until you finish what you have started." I was scared shitless. I decided to leave the house for a bit. I got up to open the door, but the doorknob was gone. I heard the voice of Half Life 2's G-Man speak to me. It called to me "Come, my friend. You may not leave until you finish what you have started!". I tried to ask for help online, but every .exe file opened Garry's Mod. I desperately tried to message my friends on Steam. My computer said they had all been offline for over a year. I decided to finish this, so I opened the game. Only multiplayer was selectable. All gamemodes said "1 player on 1 server". The server and player were all the same. It was the player that had sent me the game. I joined one under the Trouble in Terrorist Town mode. He sent me a single chat message. "It seemed too good to be true because it is." I knew it was a bad idea to accept a gift from someone I don't know. Suddenly, Garry's Mod crashed and the doorknob reappeared. The game was no longer in my library and the user's profile didn't exist. I haven't touched a computer since. In fact, I do everything from my tablet now. I haven't had anything else happen since.