Hello! Thank you to everyone who has loved my story over the years. I started writing this story almost 10 years ago as a sophomore in college. The world was very different just that amount of time ago! I've since decided to publish my story professionally. There have been MANY major plot/character changes (hopefully for the better) and if you liked the original, hopefully you'll like the updated version.

Most changes were made to fit the world today (removing dated terms/events). There are also some characters that were removed/combined with other characters. There's more backstory for the remaining characters. A LOT of unnecessary "filler" scenes were removed to make the plot stronger and increase readability. I personally LOVE it lol.

Fictionpress has become less stable over the years, so I don't know how often I'll be able to update this blurb. However, keep a look out! It may ultimately be named something else. But, I think a search for the characters names helps.