John Madra

Physical Traits




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Eastern Africa, Native American


6' 2"




Small frame, healthy, with good muscle tone. Ectomorphic - People with an ectomorphic body type are naturally thin and lightly build with flat chest and poorly muscled limbs. They can usually eat as much as they want without gaining fat. Extreme ectomorphs are commonly described as "skinny" individuals.. Minimal body hair, with color similar to skin tone.


Heart - Face is wide at the temples and hairline, narrowing to a small delicate chin. Dark brown eyes with no slant. irises, average eye spacing, and average-sized eyes. eyebrows, -height eyebrows. forehead with .


Short, black hair. Short, spiked outward in the front. Somewhere between Buddy Holly and Punk Rock.


Dark brown, normal skin. Scars


A nose that is straight from the keystone area of the nose between the eyes instead of from the forehead. A medium bridge, rounded tip, and narrow base. Underside of nose is flat.


Irregular, lopsided or unbalanced lips.


Medium teeth. Dental probems: None


Medium hands with long-length, thin-width fingers that have tapered tips. Square palms with many well-defined lines. Short fingernails. Hand and fingernail condition:
Palmistry - Types of Hands - Palmistry Basics - Fingernails - Diagonistic Tool

Health Issues:


Natural and Pleasant


Low pitch. Resonant quality - Brightened or 'ringing' sound that carries well (Technical: Epilaryngeal resonance is enhanced, producing a strong spectral peak at 2500-3500 Hz; in effect, formants F3, F4 and F5 are clustered)

Distinctive Voice or Speech Traits:

A somewhat deep voice that carries. It was formerly much higher, but has been deepened by the years of stress.


Above average, well educated

Distinctive Features:

Scar on the chest right above the heart, several small facial scars around the eyes. While rarely seen he also has several scars on his legs, ranging in size from the length of his knee to his ankle, to quarter sized.


Slouched, often in a mocking manner, as if he was unconcerned with the situation at hand.


Strident, purposeful, somewhat unassuming

Common Gestures:

Shrugging, cracking knuckles, talking with his hands. Several of his gestures are reoccuring and will need to be discussed to make sense.

Facial Expressions:

The character's facial expressions are a huge part of his dialogue. Sarcasm, confusion, and general annoyance cross his face frequently.

Clothes and Shoes:

In his normal everyday where, John wears band t-shirts, jeans, and black chucks. His uniform consists of a long black leather trench coat with a hood. The hood hangs over his eyes, which along with a pair of aviator sunglasses, John uses to hide his face. Beneath the trench is a black long sleeve shirt, with a letter H taking up the center real estate, with black jeans and black leather boots making up the rest of the outfit. He frequently removes the hood due to his hatred for the costumed nature of it.


A handful of gel in his hair.




Current Home:


Sexual Orientation:

On the Kinsey Sexuality Rating Scale, 0 - Exclusively heterosexual with no homosexual

Number of Siblings:

3, 3 of whom are still living, and of which the character is oldest.

Relationships within Family:

John was abandoned by his birth parents shortly after birth. While he doesn't know it, he has three siblings.

Character's History:

John was abandoned shortly after birth, and raised by somewhat distant adoptive parents. He rarely sees them, and only mentions them in passing, usually in conversations with Chris or Greg. Leading a mostly uneventful life until age 13, John was attacked for trying to stand up to a group planning on jumping and raping a girl. In the attack, John was stabbed in the heart, and believed dead. John's attackers left him to bleed out. When confronted with death, John demanded the opportunity to save whomever was about to be attacked before he died. Fighting his way back across the river Styx, and escaping Hades (from which he would take his alias,) John returned to life, imbued with extreme strength, speed, reflexes, heightened senses, a strong connection and control over fire, animistic traits, including fangs, and a "foreclaw." These traits come from the guardian of the river sticks, Cerberus. As the specific circumstances of John's bargain played out, John was left alive, long after the attacked had been averted. So far as he, or anyone else, as been able to discover, John can only be killed by way of a silver implement. Unbeknownest, presently, to John, the person he made a deal to save, was in fact Rachel.

Family Religious Background:

Importance: Somewhat

Father's Occupation:

Unknown to John

Mother's Occupation:

Unknown to John

Family's Economic Class (while the character was growing up):


Notable Relatives:

John always claims to be the long lost child of H.R. from Bad Brains.

Family Traditions:

While his adopted family is decidedly southern in their traditions, John's traditions come from all over, though he considers himself a Catholic and a Hoodooist.

Character's Education:

High school

Character's Occupation:

High School student

Character's Economic Class:


Character's Religion:

Importance: Very

Number of Children:


Personal Life:

Relationship: Never married

None to speak of. John feels that he's awkward and too aggressively strange to date. He can't decide whether or not he has feelings for Rachel, Sam, or neither of them.

John was the younger brother of the group under Jack's reign as leader. His anti authoritarian nature often comes at odds with his role as a leader.

Special Talent:

John's enhanced senses make him a fantastic human lie detector.


John enjoys listening to music, studying history, reading comic books, and cinema. He also tries to stay well informed in regards to the law due to his occupation as a vigilante.


Brian, Greg, Rachel, Shauna, and Jack especial, but the whole of the Vandals.


John is seen as, and considers himself, a person who's driven by justice, almost exclusively. John considers himself an individual who lies in a total gray area, and is willing to steal, become violent, and while, not willing to commit murder, will do whatever he can to get to the truth and justice. John considers himself a servant of the chaos of the world, but also the justice in it.


John, while hating the comical connotations of his outfit, loves his trademark duster coat. He refers to it as his utility jacket, and carries in it all things that he feels he might need, including tools, McGyvered gadgets, and, in a fire proof box a copy of his last will and testament, should he die.


Food: Indian Tacos

Color: Hot Rod Electric Blue

Outfit: T-shirt and jeans

Passtime: Poker and video games with the boys

Literary Genre: Comic books

Items: His duster and his boots

Animal: Jackalope

Music: Rock N' Roll

Plant: Tomato plant


Liars, electronic music, stereotypical teenagers, racism, and the police.

Group Affiliation:

The Vandals



John has some catch phrases, mostly involving swears, but no real motto.

Myers Briggs Personality Type:

TypeLogic ESTP Profile ( )
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MBTI Types (Terse)


Leader - Always takes the leadership role, whether through force of personality or desperate desire to be in control.

Group Role:


Conductors introduce organisation and a logical structure into the way things are done. They organise and systematise the world around them, establishing appropriate plans, identifying and implementing the correct procedures, and then endeavouring to make sure they are followed. They try to ensure that roles and responsibilities are properly defined and that appropriate resources or skills are available to undertake the work assigned.

This role most closely corresponds with ESTJ, ENTJ Myers Briggs personality types.

For more information, see:
The Role of Team Members
Margerison-McCann Team Performance Wheel
Team Management Profile

Cooperation in a group setting:

Enthusiastic and Helpful

Style of Thinking:


The P-R is highly task oriented but approaches things in a less structured manner than the A-R. They tend to have considerable energy and drive and achieve things solely for the sake of achievement. They still want to achieve concrete results but want to have fun along the way and appreciate doing things in an experimental way. They do tend to make quick decisions with a minimal amount of data and as a result can quickly become overextended and may seem impulsive.

For more information, see The Art of Thinking.

Personality Flaws:

Severity: Minor, not disruptive

Mental Health Complaints:

Severity: Minor, not disruptive


John's biggest fear is failing to do what is right or to facilitate a miscarriage of justice.

Weaknesses and Shortcomings:

Physically weak against silver, mentally weak in regards to the forgoing logic when he emotionally peaks. He has some sever anger issues.

Hopes and Dreams:

John doesn't typically think beyond the next day. He doesn't expect to live long enough to have hopes or dreams beyond then, and he honestly likes it that way.


John is desperate to ensure that what is just is never hindered by ideas like good, bad, right or wrong. The book "In Cold Blood" is a perfect example of the types of situations where John will be willing to act in a great method of desperation.

At Stake:

Life and Death. If John fucks up, he could die, his friends could die, or the whole goddamn world could be dead.

Most and Least Self-Serving Actions:

In the first chapter of the Vandals, which is what this sheet pertains to, John's most self serving feature is that on some level, he simply wants to save Gloria to not die. On the other hand, he doesn't want her to suffer, so he's willing to die if he has to.


Not die. And not die again.


John automatically distrust authority, especially police.


Culturally liberal, Fiscally liberal, Anti-expansionist, Central power, Political


Too numerous to list here. John believes what he sees, and having seen so much, he believes a lot.

Moral Code:

Justice above all else. Even if it means breaking the law.


Intelligent, strong willed, tactically gifted, and proficient liar.


He fears clowns and fears that he will die young.

Secrecy about Personal Information:

Mixes truth and falsehood

Emotional Attack:

To hurt this character, one would:
Paint him as a failure in his own eyes. Make him believe that he is unjust in his actions.

Reliability of Memory:


Sense of Humor:





Openly displayed


Active (makes jokes)

Deviation from Type:

John's ambiguous nature sets him apart from typical comic book hero types. He doesn't kill, but he will break the law in virtually any other way.