I don't know where I'm going, but I'm going. It's all happening…

-Kid Cudi


Part 1: The Connection

"Polaris, I think it's time."

Polaris jumped as he was awoken from his daydream back to reality. He jumped into his Metatron's Suit and smiled at Sam who was watching over him closely from an observatory room. "It's been time forever Sam." Making quotations with his hands, attempting to joke at Sam to lighten the mood, this would be the last time the two friends would see each other for 136.10 years.

"Yeah, you can never be more prepared for a moment like this...I'll miss you Polaris." Sam said, tears forming behind the words.

"Stay strong Sam." Polaris put the mask over his eyes and curled his legs into a sitting position to channel his chakra in the middle of the open room focusing deeply on the flow of his breath. An energy started to flow around Sam, one as if felt by another soul would vision the memories of a thousand life times manifesting into one.

Before Polaris began his journey he said one last thing. "Namaste Sam."

Sam looked up from the panel. "Namaste", Sam said as the screen above his head lit up and the word R.E.M flashed in his face. He pulled the lever that sat at to his right and smiled.

"Good luck, Polaris."

A million colors flashed in Polaris' field of view, a sorting of strings of reds, greens and blues. A falling feeling filled his toes and spread up to his leg and a chill ran up his spine as his toes started to feel cold. The sensation soon filled his entire body as he opened his eyes staring at a red haired woman with a mask on. Covered in blood he was spun around and handed to his mother; for his eyes had not had time to adjust to the light he shut them quickly and opened them back up. Smiling back at the ecstatic face in front of him. A screaming cry roared from inside and stumbled out but was soon suppressed inside his throat.

"Well not many babies cry for that short of an amount of time. You have a very special child in your hands Ms. Evergreen."

"and a very dirty one at that…" said as she smiled and held the baby higher.

"Let me clean him up for you." The nurse smiled as she took Polaris from the woman.

The nurse laid Polaris down on a small table with a blanket across the top of it and took out a small screen concealed in the palm of her hand. Cleaning the baby with one hand she held the other with screen in it close to the babies eyes. Various pictures illuminated from the screen taking up a large space of Polaris' first memories. Pictures of School buildings and suits and ties surrounded by a border of spinning dollar bills. She leaned down and whispered into the baby's ear…"Welcome to Earth".

Part 2: Time

Polaris wasn't an average kid in school. He kept his grades high but most of the time he himself was higher. Spending a large part of his off time smoking weed with his friends Michael and his girlfriend Jude.

"You know Michael, I was thinking about what you were saying earlier...with the shapes and the aliens man and I really believe some of that stuff could be real."

"Aris, how many times do I have to tell you-" Cut off by the explaining of Polaris.

"No no, I know man...it's just the weed talking but honestly man...I think I should do some research on it. There's something telling me it's something important about to happen."

"Yeup, that something is a someone and his name is marijuana." chuckling as his packed another bud into the bong that they were passing around.

Jude leaned close to Polaris as he slumped back into the sofa. "I believe you babe." Kissing him on the cheek.

"I know JuJu… I know." He looked up as Michael pressed the bong against his chest.

"Come on, one more hit for your 17th birthday!"

"I think I'm gonna let this one sink in man. I'm done."

"Always, quitting early on us man!" Sighing waving the bong in front of Jude, taking another hit as she signaled it away. "Suit yourselves."

"I think I'm gonna go ahead and head home guys, I've got some family stuff waiting for me when I get back and I don't want to keep them held up." Rising up leaving an imprint in the dusty sofa.

"Woah, we just got settled in man." Jude looked up at Polaris as he stood up.

"Yeah well I've got some stuff I've got to do man." Gathering his things off the table.

Moving toward the door he moved past Jude and hugged her. "Something wrong babe?" She examined the look on his face as he started to let go.

"Just, got a lot on my mind thats all." He opened the door and stepped out into the cold Colorado air, his head band flying behind him in the air...

"Come on everyone on three...one...two...three!"

The crowd of family members burst into song as Polaris stared at the cake in front of him. Startled by the cold touch of his mothers hand on his shoulder he jumped. His whole family looking at him. "Something wrong Polaris?"

Not wanting to ruin the fun of everyone else he manifested a smart...witty comment into play. "No, just thinking about how much havoc I'm going to make on the road this year." The family laughed as Polaris had turned 17, the same year the voting age had been moved down one year.

"Well, I'm sure they'll be a cop waiting to see as well." The family jumping into festivities and laughter around the dining room. Polaris stood up and walked down the hall to his room. Not that he wasn't having fun at his own birthday party but there was something constantly badgering at the back of his mind. He sat down in his room and closed the door as he began his meditation. "Alright Polaris, lets find out what's been bothering you so much." He said to himself as he fell into a deep meditative state. A ohm filled his mind and a light seemed to flash across his eyes. He opened them and jumped back, hitting a wall. Looking around in the room he stared as the amazement of the area. Flowers and colors spread across the walls and a door opened to the left.

"Well, nice to see you got the signals Polaris." Sam said as he walked up to hug the boy.

"Who are you?" He stated as he hugged the man back…"Where am I?"

"Welcome to the higher plane Polaris...or should I say welcome back." Sam chuckled as he pressed the button on the wall bringing out two mats for them to sit on. "Come on boy, sit."

"What do you mean welcome back? I don't remember this place at all." A face of confusion filled his face as he laid back on the mat.

"Well, where do I start…your not who you think you are nor who people see you as. You are Polaris a messenger from Uthoran. Your spirit was sent down into your body so you could use the knowledge locked inside it to spread consciousness to a galaxy in the dark. You are the first of 4 messengers to venture into earth's astral plane and the first to come back. Each messenger during their 17th birthday will receive signals that only they will be able to feel...mostly coming in the form of a blind knowing. Imagine you know something is there but you don't know exactly what it is."

"Well that would explain all of today, my friends thought I was just going crazy again but I knew it was something real. I could feel it stronger than anything I've ever felt before."

"Yeah, that's usually how people explain it."

"So, what do you want me to do now? Where do I go with this?"

Sam took a necklace out of his pocket, a crystal flower of life with the Taurus symbol in the middle swung in front of him. "Take this, this will be the object that you will use to access your zodiac powers. A large part of this will take time to understand but you'll start to see changes immediately upon putting it on. I'd sit up if I were you."

After sitting up he grabbed the necklace and began to put it around his neck. "Why would I need to-" Polaris took staggering breath as his vision began to tune into Sam's mind filling with pictures of his birth, seeing the nurse with the screen in her hand flashing it over his face. He also started to see the world in flames and a single american flag standing in the middle. Interwoven in the flag were images of the white house and the governmental chain of command and a smiling image president. The symbol of consciousness formed in the middle of the fire and from there a wave of light restored the earth back to a healthy state. The light covered his vision and slowly faded away.

Opening his eyes to the view of his mirror across from his bed. He stood up and walked over to it holding the necklace in his hand. The ohm in the room died to a steady silence...His thoughts floated around him in images. Startled he took his hand off the necklace and they disappeared. Amazed he tucked the necklace under his shirt and as it came into contact with his skin the images came back. A robin flew past his bedroom window as the wind blew into the room. "So, there's four of us huh?"

Part 3: Sacrifice

Waking up the next morning Polaris stumbled down the hallway to the kitchen table. It's early and his eyes aren't open all the way yet, although his mother seems wide awake.

"Ready for school kiddo?" Polaris' mother places a bowl of cereal in front of him and signals him to eat.

"Yeah, something like that." Looking at the bowl of cereal Polaris remembers his necklace from last night but it isn't around his neck. Panicking he runs back to his room and throws his covers off his bed. Confused, he looks behind his bed and sees a glow in the corner. Taking a breath of relief as he grabs the necklace and places it back around his neck and walked back into the dining room.

His mom turns around from the oven and looks at him with one eyebrow raised. "Forget something hun?"

Pointing to the necklace he smiles at his mom. "Yeah it was a gift for my birthday."

Examining it closer she walks toward Polaris. "It's nice! Lots of colors."

"Yeah...hey I've got to get to school mom. I'll see you when I get home." Kissing her on the cheek as he grabs him things and walks out the door. "Love you mom."

"Love you too sweetie!" She almost screamed as he walked out the door.

On his walk to school there was a man walking in the opposite direction of Polaris. He decided it would be a good time to test things out. Grabbing the necklace he felt a rush through his head. The man's thoughts were like his own...a gun, a car and fire were images that filled his head. As well as a green truck with a hunting sticker on the back of it. Scared of what he was seeing Polaris took his hand off the necklace and figured he needed more time to adjust to the changes before he went testing things.

During one of his free periods his girlfriend walked up behind him while he was searching things on the computer.

"What are you looking up?" His girlfriend sat in the seat next to him and scooted closer.

"Some things I saw in a dream last night." He decided not to tell anyone about what happened and what the necklace did. If he was to tell anyone his girlfriend would be the first person of course but he didn't think it was something even he understood yet.

"The flower of life and zodiac sign characteristic huh? Sounds like a pretty specific dream." She chuckled as she looked in her bag for something.

He grabbed the necklace and thoughts of pizza ran through from her mind. "Say we go get some food Jude? Maybe pizza?"

She chuckled as she stood up. "Read my mind."

"Something like that." He said as he pushed his chair in and closed the tabs he had open.

Putting the keys into his car he turned on his favorite Kid Cudi album and pulled out into the street.

"So, how were your classes today?" His girlfriend asked him from the seat across.

"Same as everyday boring and ann-" He zoned out as the man from this morning pulled up to the red light on the other side of the street in a green truck with a hunter sticker on it. Polaris put his hand on his necklace and saw a small red car getting smashed in it's side at the light by the green truck. Taking his hand off the necklace the red car pulls up to the intersection and the man started to pull off into it's course and sticks a gun out the window. Polaris screams at his girlfriend to get out of the car as he pulls across 4 lanes of traffic and drives in the path of the green truck getting smashed in the side saving the lady in the red car.

The lady and his girlfriend run toward the bleeding Polaris and he turns his head to see the other driver unconscious in his car and falls out the car into his girlfriend's arms. A scream comes from his left ear, "Someone call the cops!"