"Did you hear that?" questioned a low voice. A short, red-headed girl jumped in surprise, holding a pale hand over her heart.

"Jesus, Jayden, you scared the fuck out of me!" The girl turned around, staring accusingly at an older boy, his brown hair swept messily over his eyes.

"Did you heard that, Sam?" Jayden repeated. His usual happy-go-lucky smile was now replaced with a thin, serious look.

"Hear what?" Sam inquired. She looked behind herself nervously, but when she turned back around, Jayden was gone.

Suddenly, the lights flickered out. Sam wrapped her arms around her tiny frame, fear growing in her stomach.

Sam whipped her head around as she heard soft footsteps padding across the wooden floor.


A slick, gushing sound echoed throughout the room as Sam's small body fell to the ground, life spilling out of it in the form of a crimson liquid.

"Did you hear that?"