Two Hour Episode.

Episode 98: A Time For The Bold. A Time For The Brave. A Time For Heroes. A Time To Mourn.

JUSTIN HARTLEY as James Fletcher.

Special Return Guest appearances by
Mark Hamill as Greg Mcquire
Nancy Allen as Helen Wilde Mcquire
Joan Collins as Audrey Mcquire
Sean Connery as William Mcquire.

Introducing Erica Durance as Rebecca Turner.

The episode I'm about to write is based on true events which occurred on September 11th 2001. It was a national tragedy that day, which took the lives of thousands. I would like to dedicate this next chapter to the victims and to the heroism of civilians, who braved their lives to save others. I would also like to dedicate this to the New York City Fire Crew, who are still very much seen as American Heroes. I would also like to thank the ambulance crews, police crews and would also like to pay my respects to the victims family and friends. Also, I want to pay respects to the victims who sadly perished in Washington and to those who braved their lives on Flight 93. I would also like to add, that I'm very proud, of every national soldier that has participated in war against Terror. Rest In Peace.

Tuesday, September 11th 2001

Southern Manhattan
New York City

08:46 a.m
North Tower, World Trade Center.
Chris leaves the police officers to send for an ambulance, as he proceeds to head up in the elevator to find Jill Flanders. As he approaches the elevator, they blow out, sending Chris through the air and knocking him unconscious.

On the street, hundreds of people, slowly come in their thousands after witnessing an horrific crash. Emma and Rebecca rush onto the street, as Jeff and all his other police units arrive. Jeff is disturbed by what he witnesses.
'Christopher,' Jeff gasps.

On the 84th Floor, North Tower, Tina is below the point of impact, bloodied and unconscious. Everything has gone dark, fire alarms are sounding and smoke is coming through the ceiling. The Cosmo's necklace seems to have come loose off her neck. Lola is unconscious under a desk, in which she appears to have two broken legs.

Lobby, Jeff rushes in and finds his son lifeless on the floor, gripping his camera. He tests Christopher's pulse and it's very weak. Tens of fire crews arrive on the scene, as do many ambulance services and swat cars.
'Come on son, stay with me,' Jeff calls. 'Don't you dare f***** die on me now.'
Jeff picks him up and carries him outside and to the nearest ambulance. George suddenly appears and is concerned for his best friend.
'Oh God is he alive?' George panics.
'Barely,' Jeff worries. 'I told him not to do anything stupid.'
Suddenly, Emma and Rebecca spot Christopher on the ambulance trolley. Emma is in pieces.
'Oh my God, not my Christopher,' Emma screams.
Debris profusely crashes down from the towering inferno as thousands watch on. TV news crews from all over the world arrive for their front seat view. Christopher partially regains consciousness to some relief to Jeff, Emma and George.
'Speak to me, speak to speak me,' Emma encourages Chris.
Chris slides the oxygen mask slightly from his mouth and calls for his father.
'T...Ti...Tina...Lol...Lola are in there,' Chris whispers.
'My birth Mother?! Rebecca gasps.
'Oh my God Lola,' George sounds.
Jeff turns to Rebecca, realizing that she is the niece he's never met and is the daughter, that Tina gave up for adoption years ago.
'Oh my God kid, I'm so sorry,' Jeff sighs.
'I've gotta go up there,' Rebecca adamantly answers.
Jeff stops her in his tracks, just as George rushes inside. Christopher tries to call out to him, but is weak. George glances back to his dear injured friend for a moment, before taking flight with heroic firemen. Jeff tells Emma to go with Chris and thinks Emma should do the same, but she refuses. Emma and Rebecca embrace and Emma hops into the ambulance. Jeff waves goodbye to his son, as he is driven away.

San Francisco, California, Early Morning, Helen desperately tries to calm Greg down, as he sensed Tina was in trouble and sensed she was still very much alive. Helen gets Greg a glass of water, then hears Frank crying and goes to tend to him. Greg calms himself, then put the TV on and see's a live report of a plane hitting the North Tower of The World Trade Center. The CAMERA stays focused on Greg during the report. Greg was aware Tina used to work there and feared that if she was alive, then she may be trapped in the building somewhere.

08:52 a.m., Mid Town, Harry again is stuck in traffic and is now aware of the events occurring south of the island. Harry receives a call on his car phone and it's Jeff. Jeff informs Harry that Tina is still alive, yet trapped in the World Trade Center. Harry's life is thrown into despair. Jeff also states that his daughter is waiting in a crowd. Harry demands that Rebecca stay put, until he gets there. Without hesitation, Harry abandons his car in the congestion and makes a run south.

08:53 a.m., 84th Floor, North Tower.
Tina awakes in a condensed smokey room and coughs heavily. It seems she has sprained her shoulder and through the recent horror, she spots Lola slowly regaining consciousness. Tina shuffles over to her best friend.
'Lola, baby are you alright?' Tina cries out.
'What happened?' A groggy Lola coughs.
'You wouldn't believe me, if I told you,' Tina said. 'Where you hurting?'
'All over,' Lola whispers.
'I'm gonna have to find some help darling, both your legs look broken, stay here,' Tina insists.
Tina stumbles through debris and fire and can hear the screams of terrified people. Tina calls out several times. And when it seems, it's to no avail, James Fletcher smashes through a barricade, after recognizing her voice.
'You sure are a hard woman, to knock down,' James tries to joke. 'I wanna marry you.'
'If we get out of here alive, I'll be already taken,' Tina points out. 'Lola's hurt.'

Through the city, Harry uses all his will power to push himself on foot.

Otto Coles Office, Otto continues to try and call Emma several times, after discovering the recent shocking events, occurring south of the city, but no reply. He also calls Harry's unattended car phone, but again no reply.

Ambulance, paramedics are doing everything they can to stable Christopher, who is getting constant sharp pains in his chest and they fear he has a collapsed lung and this is slowly driving Emma insane.

08:57 a.m., 84th Floor, North Tower.
James Fletcher and Tina make sure Lola's legs are secure, before they try and descend out of their terrifying ordeal. About the point of impact, people are trapped and scared. It's almost impossible to maintain Oxygen for such as long period of time, as the inhalation of smoke is becoming unbearable. James tells Tina, that they cannot wait for emergency services and that if they stay, they may not survive. Tina attempts to give words of encouragement to Lola, who's in agony. James points out that all the elevators are blown out. Both Tina and James support Lola as they stumble through debris.

On The Street, thousands of observers are gathering feet away, even blocks away as they watch the dark smoky cloud, bellowing from the top of the skyscraper. It's a scene that sends shivers down your spine.

84th Floor, North Tower it's really smoky. Tina, Lola and James stumble through a gap in the wall and appear in what remains of open offices, with about five people injured and two attending to others. Most of the smoke seems to be coming through vents and screams from above and below can be heard. Tina can hear a loud cough, like a female. It's a banking executive, who says all she can remember is feeling the room shake and a filing cabinet fall on her. Plus, she is stunned to notice Tina is still alive, after thinking she was killed in Alan Roger Condo, months ago. Lola is sat down for a moment, as both Tina and James steady the executive.
'I'm gonna go check the staircases, make sure we have a way out of here, before we get overcome and suffocate,' James informs them.
'Do you think we should smash the windows?' Tina asks.
'If it means getting some air, then I'll be much obliged, James nods.
'Does anybody know, what happened?' the executive queries.
'A bomb, I think,' James figures.
'It wasn't a bomb,' Tina replies. 'It was plane.'
'Holy shit,' James gasps. 'Look, wait here, I'm gonna go check the staircase, make sure we got safe trip out of here.'
A worker interrupts James. 'It's blocked by rubble and the emergency staircase door is jammed shut.'
'So we're sitting ducks?' Lola cries.
'No, we're not. We're getting out of here,' Tina promises.
'Too right, we are,' James answers. 'We're gonna break through that emergency door, if it means using every last breath.'

09:01, Lower Manhattan, Jeff assures Rebecca that they will do all that they can to get her mother out safe, as the crowd mingles in. Police forces demand that watchers back away, as emergency services need to get through and there is falling debris. Some are bruised and cut from debris falling almost a thousand feet to the ground. One of Jeff's officers calls out to him and points up. Jeff, Rebecca and thousands watch helplessly as they realize that it's not just debris falling down from the tower. The intensity of what's happening far above the flames, has left terrified people with no choice, but to go with last resort. It's heart breaking.
'God Almighty,' a reverend prays.

The ambulance, carrying Chris and Emma is only five minutes from the hospital. Emma tries to keep Chris awake, as he is in and out of consciousness. Emma tries to distract him, by joking about his once split personality, Marlene, and that he'd make a good drag queen.

Lower Manhattan, North Tower Lobby, Jeff heads into lobby to speaks to leading fireman, Samson. The fireman suggests that the airliner seemed to steer towards the building on purpose.

Outside Rebecca, prays that Tina makes it out safe. Rebecca whispers something unusual.
'Forgive me, Hannah,' Rebecca tearfully cries.

Harry runs out of steam and catches his breath for a moment, as the thought of losing Tina a third time, is just unthinkable. Tina was the only woman he had ever loved and would always be the only one, he could love. She wasn't just his high school sweetheart or his wife, Tina was his life all round.
It is vice versa for Tina, Tina regretted all them years ago on run off on him, like she did when she was eighteen and giving Scarlett up for adoption, just to please her family. But, it seemed them ghosts had been laid to rest, when she and Harry married sixteen years later. Despite, whatever tried to tear them apart, Family feuds, Jill Flanders, Jacks kidnap, the custody battle over Frank, Alan Rogers, the Cosmo's etc, Harry and Tina were one and if they could get through so much trauma as that, then they can get through this devastating event.

Tina grabs a chair and attempts to smash the windows, along with other workers. Firemen continue to enter the building and each floor in an attempt to find survivors and help them to safety.

09:03 a.m., Emergency Helicopters as well as News Helicopters, hover in and around the Trade Centers. It's nothing like anybody has seen before. The fire is so bad, the dark cloud is blown almost a mile into the air. A cameraman zooms in, as the news helicopter hovers near Ellis Island. Suddenly, an fast moving object is spotted coming in from the South West. It also catches the pilots eye. A police pilot hovering closer to the North Tower, is sat wide eyed as his believed imagination, becomes dreaded reality.
'That's not what I think it is, is it?' the pilot gasps, as a piercing noise is heard getting closer and closer.

As Tina smashes the window of 84th floor of the North Tower, Tina watches in horror.

San Francisco, California, Greg is on the phone talking to his mother Audrey in England and explains that's he's fearful that Tina may be still alive and trapped, a she has a telepathic feeling. Helen then is heard screaming and Greg rushes in, leaving the phone off the receiver. The Camera stays focused on Greg and Helen as a news reporter speak. 'Oh My, this is horrendous. Another Plane has now hit the South Tower Of The World Trade Center, how devastating, but now it's obvious and no question about it, this is a deliberate attack on our nation. This is terrorism for sure. Oh my God, what you are witnessing right now, is a tragedy.'

Otto Cole's Office, Midtown Manhattan, Otto watches on in disbelief, as already in his few month as senator, he now has to have broader shoulders to help his city people come to terms with a tragic event. Reporters come rushing in trying to get his response and his phone is constantly ringing as Politian's come to aid him to deal with the situation. Otto is also worried about his daughter, as well as where Harry is.

Lower Manhattan, Rebecca rushes into a nearby cafeteria in distress and hundreds to thousands of scared New York citizens running in fright, as the next twist of the day, takes another tragic twist. Jeff's head is now in a spin.

09:05 a.m., 84th Floor, North Tower.
Tina keeps Lola comfortable, but doesn't tell her what is worrying her. James and other men attempt to prise open the emergency door.

9:07 a.m., 84th Floor, North Tower, James Fletcher and the North Towers work force profusely refuse to give in as they attempt to prise open the Emergency staircase door. Meanwhile, Tina keeps Lola comfortable she still feels the agony of her broken legs. Tina then puts her hands on her chest, noting the fact, the Cosmo's necklace is not attached to her neck any more, which could now mean she is vulnerable without it. The necklace however, is the least of her worries and her concern is, saving her best friend, making sure they have a safe exit and she is reunited with the love of her life, Harry. James and the 84th floor workers are successful in opening the door but are then surprised by a fire flash and rubble blocking their escape. However, another emergency door, below can be seen, but since there only passage is almost impossible to get through, with the flash fire, it's too dangerous.
'F***!' (8x) James rages.
'So, now what do we do?' the male worker asks.
'What can we do?' James groans. 'We're f****d!'
Tina then leaves Lola for a moment with the 84th female executive to see what the commotion is. Tina senses that there may be no way out, seeing by the look on her former Broadway Managers expression.
'It's not good is it?' Tina realizes.
'I don't wanna die up here Tina,' James panics. 'I don't wanna be one of those poor people above us, having no choice but to...'
'Don't think like that?' Tina insists. 'Neither one of us, should be up here.'
'But, what if I can't handle it Tina?' James cries. 'The smoke is becoming unbearable. We could lose oxygen within the next half hour.'
'Suddenly, eighteen year old apprentice fireman, Stanley Kramer, knocks down the 83rd floor Emergency door and is knocked back slightly by the flash fire. Everyone on the 84th floor, see promise. Stanley spots the trapped through the flash fire.
'How is everyone up there?! Stanley calls.
'Barely alive!' James replies.
'Have you any fire extinguishers up there?' Stanley shouts.
'None that I can see,' James answers.
What's the oxygen like?' Stanley again raising his voice.
'Not good, we probably won't last another half hour,' James informs.
Stanley rushes around the smoky corridor of the 83rd floor and discovers a fire extinguisher and he rushes back. He calls up to everyone on the 84th floor to stand back. Stanley fires water all over the fire for at least thirty seconds, before it appears that every last flame is put out. But, it doesn't stop any smoke, going through the vents from above the point of impact. Stanley removes a hose pipe rest on his shoulder and calls James, by insisting he use it to pull everyone down along the rubble, but reminds everyone, they must do it safe. , as it's possible that even though there rubble in the way, it could still be unstable underneath. Stanley throws his hosepipe up to James and he tells Tina to lower Lola down first. Tina goes back into the open offices to aid Lola. James turns to fireman Stanley.
'This is totally not important right now, but how old are you?' James queries.
'I'm eighteen sir,' Stanley states.
'You're barley a school boy and you're a fireman?' James says, coughing loudly.
'Yeah, actually I'm an apprentice,' Stanley admits.
'An apprentice and you're already thrown into the gauntlet, you boss must have confidence in ya, coz I sure do,' James appreciates.
'Actually, my further superiors have no idea, I'm up here,' Stanley confesses. 'My Mom thinks, I'm doing a one hour practice.'
'One hour practice? Seems you've had plenty already kid.'
Tina and the executive, move Lola into the corridor.

09:20 a.m., Lower Manhattan, thousands of terrified and gobsmacked witnesses cannot believe what they have just seen. With everybody aware of the Second Tower in flames too, it soon dawns on the American people that this is no accident. Jeff comforts a distraught Rebecca, as they come to terms with such a catastrophic event. Rebecca is dumbfounded that the mother that only saw her for a few hours as a new born baby, could be either trapped or worse in the North Tower of the Trade Center and that she may never get to meet her mother. Jeff tells her she's got to believe that Tina will come out of there alive and that she will be reunited with both her parents.

Two Half Miles from the Trade Centers, Harry spots a fire engine caught in traffic and trying to get through. Harry rushes over and calls up to the firemen. He asks if he can ride on the back of the truck. The firemen demand that Harry step aside, but he refuses and yells that his wife is trapped in the trade center and that his long lost daughter is waiting for him and that he doesn't want to leave her alone if anything goes wrong. After begging and with the firemen hesitating, they allow him to ride along with them.

09:24 a.m., Hospital, Chris is stabilized and Emma is told that he has a broken arm, some internal bleeding and a collapsed lung. Emma breaks down and desperately tries to call her father Otto, who is now in an emergency meeting with the Mayor.

San Francisco, California, U.S.A, 06:27 a.m.
London, England, 14:27 p.m..
Greg calls his parents Billy and Audrey in England from California, telling them he had a suspected Telepathic psychic feeling something bad had happened to Tina and she called out to him for help and that he heard screaming and panic in his head. And then they saw, two plane crashes in New York. Audrey begins to think that Greg is right and is fearful for her daughters life. Billy interrupts the conversation and promises Greg that if Tina is still alive and that if indeed she is trapped, she will come out of it ok. Billy reminds his son that his twin sister is a fighter. Helen sits and watches the atrocity on the TV, grasping her son Jack.

New York City, Manhattan, 84th-83rd Floor, North Tower, 09:30 a.m., Lola is already lowered down and Tina joins her after on the 83rd floor, as James supports the hose lead to help the trapped on the 84th floor. Once the last of those, who were trapped in the open offices, are lowered in the corridors of the 83rd floor above the rubble, James now has to get himself down. With the hose not looking supportive on the door handle of the fire exit, James will take his chances. Tina assures James, that as long as he takes things steady, everything will be fine. Suddenly, creaking noise can be heard through the emergency exit stairwell. The pressure of the heat above, is forcing the ceiling downward and James holds his nerve as he slowly manoeuvers himself downward toward a sharp drop down to the 83rd floor.
'Take it easy,' Tina warns.
'That's it nice and steady,' Stanley calls.
Then the hose starts to come undone on the emergency door on the 84th floor and James starts to panic and the pressure of the ceiling above just cannot continue to be stable.
'James, look at me, not at the ceiling,' Tina demands. 'You're gonna be alright.'
James tries to maintain stability during the sharp drop, but it appears the hose won't hold and begins to come away from the door.
'Oh God help me, please God I don't want it to end this way,' James cries out.
The ceiling is almost caving in, as dark smoke pears through and James take his biggest risk, he purposely lets go of the rope and throws himself down ward. Tina, Stanley and the others dive out of the way, as James comes flying through the emergency door and into the 83rd floor, just as the ceiling collapses in the corridor, lighting it up again. James dislocates his shoulder on land. Stanley kicks the door shut, in case the fire spreads. Tina tends to James.
'Oh, well that's my shoulder dislocated,' James curses.
'Rather your shoulder dislocated, than a ceiling full of flames on your head,' Stanley explains.
'Stay still, while I pop it back in,' Tina says.
'What?' you could do more harm than done,' James moans.
'No time to be squeamish, we got another eighty two floors to descend,' Tina orders.
'You must enjoy me not being your manager anymore, yet you would have probably enjoyed my $20,000 even more,' James sarcastically replies.
Tina crunches his shoulder back into place. James turns to Stanley who pulls him to his feet.
'You did good kid,' James smiles. 'Thank you. But, I think it's time you hung your red cape up for the day and put your Mom's mind at rest.'
'No way, I got your back all the way,' Stanley adamantly insists. 'I didn't come into this building for nothing. I want to make my father proud, even though he's not here anymore.'

Lobby, the fore chief receives word that Stanley's Mom called the fire station. He did not return home. He soon realizes that Stanley, has ascended into the towering inferno.

09:34 a.m., Lower Manhattan, North Tower, Tina and James support Lola, as they make a slow descend from the 83rd floor, along with apprentice fireman Stanley and 84th floor workers, who were trapped, just below the point of impact. It's a long way down, but as long as they stick together and not panic, then everything will get out safely. Many operatives from the North Tower are still evacuating, yet those above the point of impact are suffering and the fires are getting worse. Still many choose last resort and there is nothing that emergency services can do at this point to reach them.

Lower Manhattan, Streets, like the North Tower, the South Tower of the Trade Center is in flames, between the 77th and 85th floor. Jeff is then chased and harassed by a TV reporter and his cameraman, as Jeff tries to control the crowd, who are either in distress or injured from falling debris.
'Sir, can you tell me did you see the second attack happen?' The reporter asks.
'Well, if all these people saw it, then either you or me must have,' Jeff sarcastically replies.
'Do you see a promising outcome?' the reporter again questions.
'Promising? This is a tragedy, are you blind?' Jeff answers.
'This is a sad day isn't it?' The reporter strangely asks.
'I don't have time to answer dumb questions,' Jeff grunts. 'Now, beat it and get that camera out of my face or I'll have you arrested.'
'Are you concerned for all those trapped inside the Towers?'
'That's another dumb question and again you're trying my patience,' Jeff whispers. 'Look around you, how many people do you see Traumatized, hotshot? F**** thousands and you're asking questions that even a five year old would be pissed at.'
'I understand sir...'
The cameraman accidently bumps into Jeff as Jeff tries to calm a fearful teenager. Jeff is now totally pissed off. He shoves the reporter over and turns to the cameraman.
'You don't listen, do you assholes?' Jeff rages, punching the camera.
Rebecca sits in a crowded cafeteria looking at the picture of an eighteen year old Tina holding her as a baby, just a few minutes old. Rebecca had always wondered what her real mother would be like, but being reunited with her is more difficult than she thought. Rebecca is probably aware his biological father , Harry is attempting to reach the south side.

09:39 a.m., Around the Time, the president makes his way to Air Force One, Otto is now in an emergency call with the mayor, in his New York office. As Otto continues his conversation, another news bulletin appear on the television, reporting that there has been an explosion at the Pentagon in Washington D.C. This frightens Otto and he has yet to have any contact with his daughter Emma, since the first plane hit the North Tower.

San Francisco, California, 06:41 a.m.
London, England, 14:41 p.m.
Greg is still speaking to his parents on the phone, 5, 351 miles apart. The whole family are in turmoil and believing that their nearest and dearest Tina is in the Tower, makes it even more painful. Helen goes to put Frank back to bed as Greg sits on the floor, watching all the terrible events unfold, 2, 905 miles the other side of the states. Audrey grips a glass of scotch as she tearfully glares at the tv screen, unable to reach out to her daughter, who is trapped in a towering inferno, over 3000 miles the other side of the Atlantic. Billy demands his son think positive and that of he's right about his psychic flash, must believe Tina will come out of it ok.

New York City, 09: 47 a.m., Harry stands to the back of the fire engine powering through the rush hour traffic and road blocks, as the city is frantically thrown into chaos. Harry's pulls out a picture of Tina from his wallet and touches it. What it would mean to him to hold her in his arms again.

Hospital, Emma again tries to call her father Otto, as Chris is taken in for an emergency operation. Emma finally gets through and Otto wastes no time in taking the call.
'Sweetheart, are you alright?' Otto calls out.
'I'm at the general hospital Daddy,' Emma sobs. 'It's Chris, he's been hurt.'
'Oh my God, I'm sorry darling, I've been in emergency calls since the towers came under attack,' Otto states.
'Towers?' Emma gasps. 'You mean my Christopher could die because of terrorists?'
'Don't think like that,' Otto insists. 'Christopher is capable of pulling through, he's strong at heart.'
'Daddy, I love him so much,' Emma says. 'My heart will be torn if I lose him.'
'Emma, I assure you, you ain't,' Otto said. 'Now, I'm gonna finish these calls and deal with whatever the mayor I agree for what's best for the city and American people, then I'll get to the hospital as soon as I can.'
'Please hurry, Daddy, I don't like being left alone in hospitals,' Emma explains.
'Stay calm, it'll be alright,' Otto assure her. 'I love you.'
'I love you to Daddy, bye.'

09:51 a.m., Lower Manhattan, North Tower, hundreds of brave emergency fire crews continue to ascend the Twin Towers. The chief of one fire crew, takes flight in search of his young apprentice Stanley. Between the 39th and 40th floor, Tina, James, Lola, Stanley, the executive and the others are still headed down. Suddenly, George then turns the corner and see's that Lola is injured. Lola partially sits up and he rushes over and they hug. George states he was worried about her. Lola is warmed that George went up all this way, despite, what had happened in recent months. George kisses Lola on the lips and they continue to head down. James turns to Stanley.
'How on earth did you get up to the 83rd floor so fast anyway?' James queries. 'I mean it surely would have taken longer than twenty minutes for you to get that high.'
'I run a lot, it keeps my mind at ease,' Stanley claim.
'Well, as long as your by my side all the way down, nothing can go wrong,' James smiles.
George glances at Tina, as they both steady Lola.
'For a moment I thought I was looking at ghost,' George adds, referencing Tina's surprised resurrection.
'It's a long story George and a story that's the least of my worries,' Tina answers.
'Lola, thinks a lot of you Tina,' George points out. 'She loves you like a sister. Thanks for keeping her safe.'
'I don't wanna sound like I'm pushing it,' Lola coughs. 'Does this mean you still love me George.'
'What do you think?' George grins. 'And yes, I want a baby with you.'
As they get between the 34th and 35th floor, an emergency door flies open and Jill Flanders appears with her gun. She shoots Tina, when George throws himself in front of the bullet and instead gets shot in the chest. Lola screams out, as Tina lunges at Jill and the two women fight for the gun on the 34th floor corridor. James demands that Stanley and the others take Lola and George down. Lola cries out for George, then for Tina. Jill grabs the gun and hits Tina right across her eyebrow, creating a nasty gash. Jill points her firearm at Tina and orders her to get to her feet. A dazed Tina, is powerless and Jill orders her into the offices. James retreats and is not about to let Jill Flanders be the reason Tina doesn't get out alive.

09:55 a.m., New York City, Harry and the fire crew he is with are a mile from the Trade Center. He is desperate to be reunited with his wife Tina and long lost daughter, Scarlett, who adopted name is Rebecca. Harry can see the dark cloud of heavy smoke rising a mile high into the sky and when the fire engine drives into the position, where both Towers can be seen, his heart drops and realizes the intensity of the situation. Sirens from all three emergency services continue to come and go in their hundreds and some of them cannot even reach the Impact Zone. Harry is hoping, that he can reach there, before something even worse happens. His thoughts remain with Tina. Being without her for a year and a half, not being able to tell he loves her, not being able to share their life together, not having the family they deserve, he regrets so much and now he wants it so bad, he fears it could be too late.

34th floor, North Tower, Tina is held at gun point by a sociopath, psychopath, paranoid and schizophrenic, Jill Flanders. Jill shoves Tina into a meeting room and orders her to sit down. Tina head bleeds from the hit she took. Tina knows that Jill is unstable and is weary that Jill thinks that Tina and Harry are not right together. Jill keeps kidding herself, she is in love with Harry and insists she is right for him. It seems Jill hasn't learnt from the horror she caused four years earlier, murdering her money scamming boyfriend and friend Millie Contraeu, then trying to kill Tina. Hundreds of feet above ground level, Tina is on her own.
'You just won't stay away will you?' Jill yells. 'What is it he loves about you?'
'Jill, you are not well,' Tina begins calmly. 'And as you can see this is not the time or place.'
'I'm going to have him,' Jill adamantly replies.
'So, you keep saying,' Tina counters.
'I would have, if he and your brother hadn't stopped me from doing, what I should have finished four years ago,' Jill winces.
Look, they're gonna find us any minute now, my friends, know you have me trapped up here. There's no escaping this,' Tina explains.
'At least I can have my Harry,' Jill curses.
'He's not yours, He's mine!' Tina screams.
Jill shoots Tina in the top of the shoulder and she cries out in pain.
'Why would he wanna be with you?' Jill laughs. 'You can't even have kids of your own. You even tried to steal your own brothers child away. That's right Tina, I saw that court case on TV and not an ounce of guilt was written on your face.'
'You can talk, you're a murderer and evil, don't you feel guilty Flanders?' Tina sarcastically answers, gripping her shoulder.
Jill shrugs.
'I guess not,' Tina figures.

09:58 a.m., The fire engine carrying Harry is blocks away from the carnage and Jeff tries to control the situation, with other emergency operatives. Suddenly, the ground begins to tremble and Rebecca can feel the cafeteria shuddering, like as if there is an earthquake. Then all Jeff can see, is thousands of terrified citizens running for their lives, with a huge roaring sound getting louder and louder. A dark shadows cast's over Jeff and watches a huge dark cloud, begin to move and cover the Southside. It moves so fast, nobody hesitates to stop. The cloud begins to moves in all directions and Jeff makes a run for it and rushes as fast as he can. The fire engine carrying Harry, comes to a complete stop, as Harry watches on in horror as the huge dark cloud continues to surge the southern island. Harry jumps off the fire engine, as hundreds to thousands rush in every direction crying out for peace. Harry rushes into a convenient store to escape the darkness descending upon the city.

North Tower, 34th Floor, Tina and Jill watch in horror, as a dark cloud covers daylight over the north tower. Distracted by the recent catastrophe, James Fletcher bursts into the meeting room and wrestles with Jill Flanders. Despite, a dislocated shoulder, James is not giving up in trying to contain the head case. James punches Jill in the face and she falls near the window and Tina picks up the gun. In a panic, Tina pulls the trigger, but the gun doesn't fire and Jill laughs.
'You are one sick bitch,' James curses.
'I haven't even started,' Jill laughs, preparing to lunge at Tina.
'Go to hell you bitch!' James roars.
Protecting Tina, James launches himself at Jill and both of them crash through 34th floor window and plummet hundreds of feet to the ground.
James!' Tina screams.
Tina slumps back for a few minutes feeling the guilt, that her friend and colleague, had to die to protect her from a scorned woman, who previously had intend on destroying her marriage.

San Francisco, California, 07:04 a.m.
London, England, 15:04 a.m.
New York City, Otto's office and Hospital, 10:04 a.m., The nature of the attack are truly evil and the consequences are devastating. As the dark cloud begins to settle, The South Tower Of The World Trade Center stand's no more. It has collapsed and many innocence have lost their lives. It's a cruel twist and very much heart breaking. Otto drops the phone in his office devastated. Emma watches in the waiting room of the hospital, as she awaits news on Chris. Greg drops to the floor traumatized. Helen comforts him. Audrey and Billy hold onto each other, as they wait helplessly watching the other side of the Atlantic.

Lower Manhattan, Streets, Harry runs as fast as he can towards the last standing tower. Jeff is exits the safety of the cafeteria and demands that Rebecca doesn't leave. Jeff looks around and so many firemen, ambulance men, policemen, citizens are covered in the dust that was once part of an iconic building. Jeff then spots Harry rushing through the clearing cloud, as the sun tries to peer through it's darkest day. Harry and Jeff embrace. Jeff introduces Harry to his daughter. Harry is overwhelmed by how beautiful the daughter he thought he'd never met is, yet see's how frightened she is. Harry assures Rebecca they're going to get Tina out of the North Tower and they can be a family. Jeff insists that he won't let Harry go into the tower.

10: 10 a.m., North Tower, Tina is in a world of her own, still trying to come to grips with what has happened. She has spent ten minutes, trying to figure out, why everything has gone against her and all she ever asked for was a happy family and love. Tina fears that of she tries again, something else will stand in her way. Tina then spots a cordless phone on the meeting table. She takes it. There is a dial tone and she heads down with it in her hand. This is Tina's last hope. Lola cries out, as George's gunshot wound, doesn't look good. Lola calls out for Tina, as Stanley tries to calm her down. On an opposite stairwell, the chief of Stanley's fire department is rushing to look for him.

10: 12 a.m., Lower Manhattan, through the clearing dust, reverend Turpin discovers James Fletchers lifeless body near the pavement. He kneels beside his body and says a prayer.
'By the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit, I come your soul to God. God bless you my son. The reverend slowly moves away. Jill Flanders lies bloodied on top of a car roof.
Jeff demands that Harry thinks straight, as he is concerned that the other tower is unstable and still in flames and should leave it to the firemen. Harry then spots Jill Flanders dead body on top of a car, with ambulance crews tending to it. Jeff points out that Jill is the least of his worries now and should concentrate on being reunited with his wife. Harry insists that Rebecca head as far away from the building as possible, but Rebecca argues the case, until both Jeff and Harry make her see sense. Harry assures his daughter, that she will see both Tina and himself soon. Harry and Rebecca embrace, before Rebecca retreats. The crowd seems to be moving further away, yet some stay desperate to know if loved ones will make it out alive. The majority nearest the zone, are emergency services who are still trying to reach those above the impact zone. Jeff fears the worst, considering the south tower collapsed, nearly twenty five minutes ago.

Hospital, Emma is watching an NBC news flash involving, flight 93's crash in Pennsylvania, when a surgeon informs her, that they've controlled Chris's internal bleeding, but they confirm he has a collapsed lung and burns to his left leg, but assure Emma that they made him comfortable.

Otto leaves his office and makes his way to the hospital, where more fire engines head in the direction of Southern Manhattan.

10: 21 a.m., Lower Manhattan, Jeff profusely stands in Harry's way, as he continues to refuse his younger brother to end the towering inferno. Many emergency services exit, with survivors from just under the impact zone and those really terrified. Harry doesn't take his eyes off the lobby entrance/exit doors, hoping that the next to come out, is the woman he loves more than ever, Tina. Suddenly, Stanley, a wounded George and a seriously injured Lola escape onto the streets and both George and Lola are rushed to an ambulance. Harry and Jeff rush over, as it's noticed Tina is not with them. Jeff rushes to Lola, who cries out for her husband George.
'Lola, Lola,' Jeff calls. ' It's me Jeff. You're gonna be alright, you're in the best care.'
'Lola?' Harry cries. 'Where's Tina?'
'Ow, my legs,' Lola screams.
'Where is she Lola, I beg of you?' Harry pleads.
'Jill Fl...ow...she's got Tina,' Lola painfully replies, trying to reach out to her unconscious husband. ''Please George, wake up.'
Harry turns to Jeff.
'But, Jill is already dead,' Harry worries. 'But, Tina, she's still in there.'
Harry is about to run in and Jeff grabs him and continuously obstructs him. Lola is put into an ambulance alongside George, who has lost a lot of blood. Lola holds his hand, as the ambulance pulls away.

10:24 a.m., North Tower, Tina dials her and Harry's apartment on the cordless phone, as she attempts to reach ground level with other evacuees. It goes straight to answer phone. Tina is left frustrated.

On the Street, Harry and Jeff come to blows and Jeff calls a police officer to help him to try and contain his brother.
'I'm sorry, Harry, but I have to do this,' Jeff sighs.
Harry realizes that Jeff is trying to get him handcuffed to stop him from risking his life and he punches Jeff in the stomach. Two other offices, as well as Jeff carry Harry to a patrol car and handcuff him to the seat of Jeff's car, a few feet away, which is covered in dust.

San Francisco, California, 07:26 a.m.
London, England, 15:26 p.m.
The Mcquire's thousands of miles apart, are now frantic. Greg can sense Tina is still much alive, through his telepathy and prays that she makes it out alive. He grips Helen's hand tight. Audrey and Billy hold each other in arms, begging for their daughters safe return.

New York City, U.S.A., Lower Manhattan, North Tower.
10:28 a.m.
Harry stares at his older brother through the wind shield, who is discussing with other offices what their next moves are going to be? Everyone fears the worst, when surviving fire crews, suggest that the remaining emergency services near the North Tower, vacate immediately, as they sense the inevitable. It's terrifying and Harry is helpless. Jeff slowly walks back to his patrol car, when his private car phone rings. Harry stares at it for a moment, then he picks it up.
'Hello,' Harry calls out.
'Harry,' Tina calls. 'Harry?'
'Tina!' Tina oh my God,' Harry cries out. 'You're alive.'
'Harry, I'm just about near the lobby,' Tina informs him. 'Oh, Harry, I can't wait to see you.'
'Tina, I love you,' Harry tearfully smiles. 'I love you more than you'll ever know.'
'I'll see you soon, my love, both you and Scarlett,' Tina replies.
'Tina, I'm holding you right now, close to my heart.'
'Oh, Harry...' Tina grabs her arm, as she feels a strange feeling, to where she was shot and is stunned to find that her gunshot wound has healed. Suddenly on the 84th floor of the Trade Center, the Cosmo's necklace that Tina once possessed, lights up and Tina, hears a ringing noise in her ears and she falls down the stairs onto the lobby. Then in slow motion, Jeff is seen rushing towards his patrol car, with Harry unable to escape. Jeff jumps in and after several attempts starts his car, just as tens of emergency crews are running as fast as they can. Harry grips onto the car phone, as a huge roaring noise can be heard, it's gets louder and louder, people are screaming. In the rear view mirror, Harry spots a dark shadow casting over them, as Jeff profusely honks his horn in shear desperation to get away from the next catastrophe. Harry cannot bring himself to scream out, his mind has frozen, with his visions of Tina, as teenager, Harry asking Tina to marry him in 'pilot,' getting married, being together with Jack, sharing Christmas together etc. The dark cloud descending upon southern Manhattan is hidden away by Harry's memories of Tina. The dark cloud covers the patrol car and thousands of terrified citizens blocks away, break down traumatized and pained by what they've just experienced. Rebecca hides under the cafeteria table, realizing she now may never meet her mother and unsure, what has happened to her father, Harry. To many everything becomes cruelly clear, it's the worst day of their life. The North Tower Of The World Trade Center is gone.

San Francisco, California, 07:30 a.m.
London, England, 15:30 p.m.
New York City, 10:30 a.m.

The Mcquires, and Emma watch the devastation on TV. Audrey and Billy are heartbroken and may have to accept that Tina is not coming home. Helen shares Greg's loss, as he continues to stare at the TV and the tragedy that's happened the other side of the states. It's a tragedy that took almost 3000 lives, maybe more. Stanley is informed his fire chief went looking for him and has possibly perished in the collapse. Like the fire chief, hundreds of firemen and other emergency services died heroes to try and save others. Rest In peace.

Southern Manhattan, New York City, 10:40 a.m., Harry and Jeff peer through the clearing dust and are devastated by the recent atrocity. All that's left is the remains of two skyscrapers and apartment blocks, that has so many people inside. They have all perished in the collapse. Harry and Jeff covered in dust and cuts move forward slowly, as other people and fire crews appear, injured and full of the dust. Harry stares straight at what's left of the North Tower, with Tina very much on his mind. Tina is gone. Harry has lost the love of his life. Harry does not scream out, he quietly mourns and drops to his knees. Rebecca may have to live with the fact, she may never meet her long lost mother and she exits the cafeteria with others scared and shocked. Rebecca spots her father, amongst the devastation, as emergency teams whisk the injured to safety. Jeff does not attempt to tell Rebecca to leave. She kneels down beside her long lost father. Rebecca eyes fill with tears, as Harry's emotions tell the story.
'Where's Mom?' Rebecca whispers.
Harry is unresponsive, as Rebecca holds onto his hand.
'Daddy, where's my Mom?' Rebecca begins cry out.
Harry again doesn't answer, except break down. Rebecca drops her head on his knee. Jeff stands staring at the extent of what was a planned attack by an evil terrorist organization. The screams of terrified Citizens, can still be heard in the distances. Helicopters continue to scour south of the city.

Hospital 11:30 a.m., Lola is stabilized in her hospital bed and in severe pain. All she can do is stare at the ceiling, wondering if her husband has survived his gunshot wound or if Tina had made it out of the North Tower alive. Lola is unaware of what happened on the Southside. Next we see, George receiving CPR and a shock. The doctor later enters Lola's room to deliver the devastating news that George had passed away. Lola seizes up in shock.

13: 25 p.m., Chris's operation however, was a success and is recovering. Jeff arrives at the hospital, without Harry, who remains near the destroyed Twin Towers. Harry informs Emma that, Tina didn't make it and dreads to tell Lola the news. Chris is now, aware his best friend is gone and Emma comforts him during the loss. Jeff enters Lola's room and sits beside her bed and kisses her hand. Lola turns to look at him and see's sorrow in his eyes.
'T...T...' Lola tries to speak.
'No, sweetheart, no I'm sorry, Tina's not coming home,' Jeff sighs.
Tears roll down her face, as her losses become too much to bare. Jeff kisses her on the forehead and assures her, that he will be back and goes on to see Chris. Jeff enters Chris's room, with Otto and Emma by Chris's bedside. Emma and Otto agree to let Jeff be alone with his traumatized son for a while.
'Thank God, you're alive,' Jeff states.
'I can't believe he's gone,' Chris whispers. 'They said he died from a gunshot wound.'
'Yeah, Jill Flanders,' Jeff replies. 'But, she's dead now.'
'That's little consolation, he was willing to save the life of a love cheat,' Chris groans.
'Hey, Lola is suffering too,' Jeff interrupts. 'Your Aunt Tina, died in the North Tower collapse.'
'I'm sorry,' Chris answers.
'You can't help who you fall in love with Chris,' Jeff explains. 'George must have realized that life was too short to leave things as they were. Harry and Tina, they've known each other since they were seven years old. You can't ignore that.'
'Emma has been great and I love her a lot, but life without George,' Chris continues. 'I've lost a brother.'
'We're gonna get through this as a family,' Jeff insists.
'While I was unconscious, I saw Mom,' Chris informs Jeff. ' It was so real. She told me that, she was proud of me and that she was happy, I met a nice girl in Emma. Mom said, that you've done a really great job as a father and that we should not fall out, even over a woman. She told me that she'd always love me...and you and Mom knows you haven't forgotten her.'
Jeff smiles and holds his son's hand.
Otto comforts his relieved daughter. Otto tells her, that he has to meet the Mayor and assures her that he will return. Jeff leaves Emma and Chris alone and Chris asks Emma if she would marry him.

Southern Manhattan, Ground Zero, 22:28 p.m., Twelve hours, since the North Tower collapse, Harry stands watching the fire crews searching for survivors about a hundred yards away. Jeff and Otto try to convince him to go home and be with his daughter, as they have some catching up to do.
'Harry, Tina is gone,' Jeff tries to make Harry see sense.
'No, she's not,' Harry refuses to believe.
'Harry, Rebecca needs you, she's lost her mother,' Jeff tries to encourage.
'And I've lost my wife,' Harry snaps.
'At least having your daughter around, you comfort each other in you loss. You can share you good memories with Tina, with her,' Jeff adds.
'I don't want memories, I want my wife, my Tina here!' Harry shouts.
'Let us take you home Harry,' Otto begs. 'You could catch a cold.'
'Don't worry about me Otto,' Harry shivers. 'Just think about your family.'
'Rebecca is lonely...'
'I heard what you said, but I need to be sure, that Tina isn't...'
Jeff embraces his devastated younger brother.
A fireman discovers the Cosmo's necklace among the rubble and hides it in his pocket. Could he be a secret inform to the run away leader of the society?

Day's Later, Lola has entered a catatonic state, and Doctors tell Jeff, that it may be a long time before she ever recovers, if she recovers. The events of 9/11 have left her disturbed. Losing her husband and best friend, have been too much to bare. Jeff agrees to take care of her treatment and agrees to let her have the best care.

Rebecca tries to get through to her father, Harry, but he's too shocked and upset to talk.

Thousands of American Soldiers and many other nationals, are dispatched to infiltrate Afghanistan to dispose of the Taliban, a group that are the worlds most evil terrorist organisation, Al Qaeda. Their leader Osama Bin Laden has gone into hiding, as it was revealed he orchestrated the attacks on America and the nation would not rest until his war on terror is forever ended.

It's the day of Tina's wake and Georges funeral. Greg, Helen, Audrey, Billy and Florence Mcquire coming together, alongside the Wilsons, friends and Colleagues, bid farewell to their beloved Tina, who's body was not discovered during searches after September 11th. Greg is in pieces and says a few words for Tina, but Harry is in a world of his own and Rebecca still tries to make Harry get involved. Billy and Audrey bond with their new grand daughter, Rebecca and are overwhelmed by how beautiful she is and that Tina would have been overjoyed to see that she came in search of her birth parents. Billy feels guilty for talking Tina into getting Scarlett (Rebecca's birth name), adopted, because of family feuding, 22-23 years ago. Audrey assures Billy that Tina and Harry forgave him for that, years ago. Greg stands on the balcony over looking the city and Harry stands beside him and tells him he made a lovely speech for his twin sister.
'I felt a shiver go down my spine, when I woke up that morning,' Greg cries. 'I could feel Tina's pain. She was something, wasn't she Harry. Tina had a heart of gold.'
'She was, the most amazing woman I had ever known,' Harry agrees. 'I messed up.'
'You and Tina braking up, was my fault,' Greg figures. 'Frank was my son...'
'Greg, that's past, you and Helen are Franks parents,' Harry answers. 'What happened, had nothing to do with then. Tina would be proud of you, you are the best brother, she could have asked for and you are a wonderful husband and father. Remember that. Wherever you are, she will be in your heart.'
Greg and Harry embrace.

Chris places a rose on Georges grave, with Emma and Otto by his side. Chris says a final few word, before bidding farewell.

The Wilson's, the Mcquire's and the Otto's light candles at a memorial and Tina has a headstone made out.

The Song 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow,' by Eva Cassidy begins to play into the scene. As everyone begins their final farewell. Harry is then handed an envelope, by an anonymous deliverer.

Greg and Helen return to San Francisco, Audrey and Billy fly back to England, while Florence heads back to Scotland.

When Harry and Rebecca return home, Rebecca heads off to bed, leaving Harry to read Tina's goodbye letter alone. It was written the morning prior to the attacks. Tina's voice can be heard.

My Dearest Harry,
We have known each other since we were seven years old and we didn't declare our love for each other , until we were eighteen. The truth is, I loved you, since the first time I laid eyes on you. Last night on the cruiser, when we exchanged our goodbye words, it broke my heart knowing I couldn't hold you. But, you are too precious to risk suspicion, therefore I couldn't put you, my friends and family in danger. I must be remained deceased, until that sick organisation, the Cosmos is finally put to the sword. I am going to begin my odyssey into the abyss to find our son Jack and to bring him home. Doing this is the best I can hope for to save us, if I can. This is the worst I've felt, since we first parted twenty two years ago. I regret everyday, giving our Scarlett away, I should have been stronger and there is not a day that goes by, that I don't regret my actions. She was ours. If Scarlett, ever decides to find you, tell her that she has always been in my heart and that I love her very much. I love you very much, you are my rock, my soul mate, my life and the best friend I could ever have had. I am proud to say that you were my husband and wherever I am, you'll be with me all the way. But, Harry, you must realize that you don't have to wait for me forever, if you decide to move on, I won't hold it against you. Although, I know, you want to be with me, there is no guarantee, that we will ever see each other again. Please I beg of you, don't come looking for me.
And so my love, I bid farewell to you. I'm not sure if this is the end, but if it is, don't forget. Remember the times we shared, the companionship, the joys of life we had in our hands. Be strong, be yourself, be Harry and don't be afraid to laugh, even if you're sad.
You are the love of my life Harry Wilson and I can assure you, you are the best man in my world.
Goodbye my love. Being seeing you.
Tina M Wilson xxxxxxxx

P.S. I always preferred you in that Han Solo outfit, than the Indiana Jones Costume.

Harry breaks down and cries himself to sleep.

This was Justin Hartley's final re-occurring appearance as James Fletcher.

This was Sigourney Weavers Final guest appearance as Jill Flanders.

Mark Hamill (greg mcquire), Nancy Allen (Helen mcquire) and Joan Collins (Audrey Mcquire), will next appear in the series Finale, 2003.

This is Sean Connery's final appearance as William Mcquire. William will be killed off screen in the final season.

This is Kathy Bates as Lola S Parent's final season as a regular. Lola will be next seen in the series finale, 2003.

This is Christopher Lloyd's final appearance as George Parent.

This is Carrie Fisher's final appearance as Tina Mcquire Wilson?

Rest In Peace, to all the victims who died on September 11th 2001 and thoughts are with the victims families.