What do we do when our minds decide to wander? When our thoughts consist of nothing but trouble? Do we do what is wrong, or do we do what is right? If we do right, we live happily ever after, and the book closes, slowly. If we do wrong, stupidity kills and shreds at our thoughts. All we can say is, "What the hell were you thinking?" Yet, it's our own doing; What causes us to end up dead in the gutters. Our minds are simple, yet fragile. One minute we can be paying attention; the next minute our minds are in La-La land, occupied by something else; something stupid.

A black cat never crosses our paths, nor do we walk under latters, smash mirrors, spill salt, or step on a crack and break our mother's back. The only thing that crosses our paths is questions, thoughts, and something toxic; curiosity. We should all learn to avoid that toxin, for it leads only to danger and consequences. The more you think of things, the more you're closer to death.

I should know this, because I never avoided the toxin. Instead, I let curiosity consume me like a parasite. I wish I had never let curiosity take over me. I wish I would've fought it to the death. Just like everyone else close to me, I too was forsaken. Every day I only see monsters and try to run from them, but never can get away. I can't die or rest in peace. Just as the creatures are going to kill me, I enter a new nightmare. Nowhere to run or hide; it will never stop. All because of my mind being consumed by curiosity, I opened the forbidden door that I was told to never open. My life is a labyrinth of nightmares that never ends. Will it ever end? Not as long as "they" let me live. Curiosity is what put me here, and now there's no way out; I'm trapped, forever.

Thank you for reading, and leave your thoughts. Most importantly, don't let curiosity consume you or you might end up like the character of this story:) More creepy stories will be posted, so if you liked this story follow me for more creepy tales.