Back to bleeding nonstop

Realm of pessimism

Eternal false hope

A dying pulse

Tedious senseless cause

Hope's heartbeat

Echoes of what could've should've would've been

Redundant wishful thinking

Evanescent dream

A broken union


Infinite laborious effort

My unlimited support

Black and white reality

One long overdue goodbye

My quiet departure

Bittersweet joy

Repetitive history

Our reconciliation

Worthless wasteful vanity

New unknown surroundings

Evolutionary metamorphosis

Rosy bright future

A different state of mind

Self liberation

Exit strategies

Removable obstacles

Early minor bumps in the road

Needless compromises

A halfhearted devotion

Momentary pleasure

Everpresent merciful graceful patience

Sacrificial love

Stationary motion, my tiresome fray, feeling misused and rejected

Even though I have been good to you, you are still distant

Now and then I am hesitant to reconnect with you

Can't move on from you, its never over between us

Endless harmony, bittersweet irony, our symphony