Living in the cold rainforest,

Bundled up by a coat of dark hair,

He dwells with his harem of sisters,

In peace and harmony with the land.

Creating all of his children,

Nursing them to good grown-up health,

She is his cherished mate and life-giver,

And mother to a new host of brothers.

Eating only simple plant food,

Protecting their territory with strength,

Generally enjoying their life,

They are the true kings of the jungle.

Living as a community,

Socially interacting together,

Scaring away intruders,

They really are their own culture.

Hunted to this day for trophies,

Caught and locked up in strange jails called zoos,

These poor beasts are slowly dying,

And may be forever lost to history.

But we are learning more about them,

And they shine as near-equals to man,

For gorillas are great apes, like man,

Which also live lives of peace and joy.