Ruler of the whole planet Earth,

Steward of the animals and plants,

Dominant species of the globe,

And the world's worst enemy, is man.

Exceeding the billions in number,

Of grand total population,

Living in big and little cities,

And rural landscapes of the countryside.

Smooth and soft is a man's flesh and skin,

With hair only on top of the head,

Man and woman are the most advanced

Creatures of the Earth's evolution.

But they are not quite as gentle,

As their primate cousins often are,

Settling disputes with fights and war,

Living with clashing moralities.

Hunting for sport and the fun of it,

Making weapons of mass destruction,

And competing in violent sports,

Man is truly a dangerous species.

But human beings aren't irredeemable,

And know how to love and how to give, too,

And perhaps with lessons from the primates,

We can learn to be good old simians.