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This series is going to be a collection of rant essays about things that piss me off that I cannot be alone on. So, since you didn't come here for my delightfully charming and witty author's notes, let's get on with it.

"Retarded" and "gay" are not insults. They are just words; labels that are used against people, without their control, consent, or often times, their knowledge. Using these as insults are more of a slap in the face of those who are actually gay or retarded than those who you are trying to insult. Stooping as low as this, scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with these insults is nothing more than shallow. It doesn't make you clever or funny, and in the long run, it won't make you feel any better about yourself.

As mentioned before, using "retarded" as an insult is often times less hurtful to those being insulted than it is to those with actual mental handicaps, or those with people close to them that do. Often times, people choose to use "retarded" against someone because they feel that they are the "weakest links," so to speak, easily insulted because of their mental disability. Telling someone that they look retarded, or calling someone a retard is not the way to express your feelings, nor is it even a good insult. When someone is insulted as being retarded, they don't feel so much emotional pain as would be expected by an insult. That's what's terrifying, is that people have learned to brush it off as no big deal, because what does it mean, really? That they're implying that you have a low IQ? Next time you feel the need to call someone or something retarded, consider what you're actually telling them.

Using "gay" against someone is just as bad. "That song is so gay," or "Your hair looks gay" is very confusing when taken into the literal sense. Is it being inferred that someone's favorite song or hairstyle is a man that is sexually attracted to another male song or hairstyle? Furthermore, why is it socially acceptable to call something gay, but not bisexual or lesbian? Does "gay" just have a better ring to it? This is another insult that when thought about literally and rationally can make even the most predominant users of the alleged "insult" reconsider.

Don't get me wrong, when used correctly, insults can be spot on perfect. Ideally, you'll get your point across while possibly making the insulted person smile, especially if you are close friends. Properly used insults can make you seem witty, charming and overall a cool person. If you are a frequent user of "retarded" or "gay," and you want to achieve this, any time you wish to inflict an insult on someone, consider what it actually means, and what you're actually saying. If you don't like someone's outfit, before calling it "gay" or "retarded," think about if their clothing is a man seeking a man, or has an IQ under 100. If this isn't the look you're going for, you'd be better off telling the person that you've seen skimpier nuns than her, or that your grandfather has the same shirt as him.

Now, you may have found yourself shaking your head at everything you've just read, thinking that no harm can be done in using these insults. If this was you, congratulations. You're probably experiencing an overwhelming urge to leave a negative review, maybe even telling me that this was retarded or gay. If you found yourself agreeing with the points made in this rant, congratulations to you as well. You're probably thinking that you were the only one, and that you're glad that there are decent people in the world.

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