Black as a man from Africa,

Hairy as a cat from America,

Small and short like a little boy,

Playing with her favorite toys.

Matriarch of her community,

With diplomatic immunity,

Protecting her children with her body,

Keeping the peace in her society.

She paves the way to teach mankind

About the smarts of the bonobo mind,

Passing the tests of her brain power,

Too clever an ape to be a downer.

Entertained by Maasai dances,

Cooking meat over a fire she fancies,

Picking up on language without training,

Using a brush to do some staining.

Playing the feminine Ms. Pac-Man,

Hammering the monsters with a hand,

Eating tasty dots in each hard maze,

Beating the game, her score will raise.

The finest fried eggs an ape could ask for,

She will always ask for more and more,

But she can whip them up by herself,

And take the ingredients right off a shelf.

Sarah the bonobo is a jolly sight,

Swift to speak and quick to listen.

A wise old ape never in a fight,

Who ate juicy fruits that glistened.

She served her people good and well

And sickness and hurt were both defied.

But then she caught something she couldn't tell,

And in America, her wisdom died.