A Study In Heartache


Let's do a study:

How many times can your heart be ripped out by the same person?

Time one:

You realize you love them-

The world stops,

Your heart clenches,

Then you lose it.

But it's okay

{Because they have it}

Time two:

The word 'future' is said.

Your vision swims,

Your hands go clammy,

Then you panic.

But it's okay

{Because not everything has to be planned}

Time three:

You learn 'future' isn't a relevant word

Your eyes water,

Your stomach drops,

Then it hits you.

It's not ok anymore

{Because you love them more than anything}

Time four:

They kiss you again like you mean everything

An apology is uttered,

You smile,

Then you feel whole.

It might be okay again

{Because maybe 'future' can exist as an open door of sorts?}

Time five:

Person three is brought into the picture

Your mind whirls,

Realizes it isn't your picture anymore.

'Future' is again irrelevant

But it's okay

{Because your heart has grown numb form rough handling}





I debated for a while on whether or not to post this; it's deeply personal. Despite that, though, any critics or thoughts you want to share, I would love to hear them!