[The following story might contain content unsuitable to some readers]

A gray car slowly pulled in the driveway of a suburban home. Its mailbox has the name Scott on it. Soon the driver put it in park and turned off the ignition. A Caucasian man in street clothes stepped out of the car. He was brown-haired with piercing blue eyes. It looked like the man was around his 20's. His name was Daniel Scott.

Daniel felt the cool evening air brush against his face. He found it refreshing, especially after working the long shift. He shut the door. He then opened the door in the back. Daniel went in and took out a pizza box from Dice's Pizza. He shut the door soon after. He approached his house. Daniel opened the front door with his key.

"I'm home." Daniel said, walking in. He didn't receive an answer. He entered the kitchen after shutting and locking the door behind him. "Melissa?"

Still there was no answer. Daniel took off his jacket and tossed it on the back of one of the chairs near the dinner table. He revealed his shoulder holster. He had been wearing a gun under his jacket. Daniel was packing a Beretta. His profession required it. He sat the pizza on the counter.

"Does she have club activities today?" Daniel said in thought, looking curious. He soon noticed a kettle on the stove. He also noticed steam was coming from its spout. "Or is this her giving me the silent treatment?"

Melissa was his little sister. She was a freshman in high school. She had been having some problems at school lately. Daniel thought it was only her going through a rebellious stage. He had talks with her about it. However, their talks resulted in them arguing. Daniel and Melissa had gotten in another argument this morning. He didn't mean to scold her. It was just that he wasn't only her big brother. He was also her legal guardian. Parents died in a fatal car accident seven years ago. Daniel had taken it upon himself to raise her as their parents would. He cherished his little sister.

He stared at the kettle. Daniel remembered how their Father used to make Melissa cocoa to cheer her up. He smiled.

"Well… She will come downstairs once she smells the pizza." Daniel said in thought. He brought her favorite, a vegetarian pizza. "It smells good."

His stomach soon growled. Daniel had eaten nothing since this morning. He quickly looked around for his sister. He saw Melissa still hadn't come.

"She won't mind if I take a slice." Daniel smirked.

He went for a plate in the cabinet. He stopped. His face was pale. Daniel had noticed something disturbing. He immediately pulled out his Beretta.

"Melissa!" Daniel cried, running out the kitchen. Someone had broken into their house from the backdoor. He was heading for the stairs. "Melissa!"

A hand soon grabbed his gun from his left. Daniel turned and met a fist across the face. He hit the carpet floor with a thud. His Beretta was knocked out of his hand. He shook his head. Daniel was bleeding around his left eye. A black man in a suit had struck him. He was bald with green eyes. Daniel noticed his gun lied across from him. He reached for it. A foot quickly stepped on it. Daniel looked up and saw a grinning Caucasian man was standing on his Beretta. He was dressed in a suit, too. He was blond-haired with brown eyes. Daniel glanced at them in turns. He recognized neither man.

"Goddammit…!" Daniel said, not liking how this felt.

Daniel quickly elbowed the blond in the groin. He dropped like a stone. He was favoring his sore area. His foot was off the gun. Daniel reached for it again. However, the bald man was on him in an instant. He was hitting Daniel with hard shots. Soon the blond was on his feet with a hand on his crotch.

"Son of a bitch!" the blond shouted, glaring at Daniel. He joined in on the vicious beating. He punched him in the back of the head. "Fucking hit me in the balls, will you?!"

His partner hadn't said a word at all. He simply continued to hit Daniel. Suddenly, the bald man was pushed out of the way. He quietly watched as the blond was pummeling Daniel. It seemed the blond was taking it personal. He then stopped hitting Daniel. He picked his head up by the hair. Daniel was bleeding more from the face. He had some bruises, too. Quickly the blond pulled out a straight razor and pressed it across his throat.

"Enough." a man with an accent said. It looked like a third person, who had been watching all this from the living room, was involved. He saw the blond still had the razor at his throat. "Don't make me say it twice."

Daniel noticed the blond had a look of fear on his face. He realized this one was the boss. Soon the blond sucked his teeth after putting the razor away. He frustratingly slammed Daniel's face into the floor.

"We can talk business now." the man said.

Each man took an arm and carried Daniel to the living room. His feet dragged along the floor. He was then thrown at the slick shoes of their boss. Daniel glanced up and saw the man was sitting comfortably on the couch. He noticed the man was dressed in a finer suit than his cronies. Daniel couldn't recognize him. His face was in the shadows.

"Good evening," the man said. His associates had stood Daniel up. He smiled from within the shadows. "…Daniel Scott of the FBI."

Daniel looked at him confusingly. He then noticed the man was holding a steaming cup in his hand. He recognized that cup. It was Melissa's.

"I must say your sister has good taste in cocoa." the man said after taking a sip of the warm beverage.

"If you hurt my sis-" Daniel was quickly cut off. He had received a knee to the gut from the blond. He coughed. "Bastard…!"

"She's fine." the man replied, sitting the cup on the coffee table on his right. He leaned back in the couch and crossed his legs. "Now, I believe a friend of mine had got in touch with you. He's a portly man who wears glasses."

"I know him." Daniel glared. He soon smirked. "Your friend had this bright idea of offering me a bribe. So I threw him in a cell for being a dumbass."

"Bribe is such a distasteful word." the man remarked. He leaned up a bit in the couch. "It's more like my friend was offering you a transfer of funds for a future investment. I would like to make you another offer."

Daniel looked as if the man was stupid.

"You were offered $75,000 by my friend." the man said. He took a moment to think up a number. "What if I offered you $250,000? You can put your sister in a great college."

Daniel was thinking about it.

"Well?" the man smiled.

"You're under arrest." Daniel replied.

"What?" the man said, looking confused.

"You heard me." Daniel said, looking serious.

"He's fucking stupid." the blond laughed. His quiet partner simply remained focused on holding Daniel with him.

"He isn't." the man sighed. He disappointingly leaned back in the couch again. "We are in the presence of an honest man."

"I didn't think one still existed in this city." the blond said, looking as if Daniel was some kind of a thing from a forgotten past. He then looked at his boss. "What now?"

"You cannot persuade a man like this." the man replied. He folded his arms. "I guess that leaves us with only one op-"

Daniel quickly pulled his arms down. He had forced the cronies to bang their heads. He pushed them off him by throwing back his arms. Daniel then went straight for their boss. He soon cringed. In great swiftness, the man had stood up from the couch and nailed him in the chest with a hard spin kick. Daniel was thrown back. He hit the floor hard. He laid in a fetal position with arms holding his chest. Daniel soon spit out blood.

Still the man had his leg outstretched. He guided his knee close to his chest. He then coolly pulled out a handkerchief and brushed off his slick shoe.

"You two okay?" the man asked, lowering his leg. His associates were on the floor, recovering.

"Motherfucker." the blond grunted, favoring his head. While his quiet partner groggily nodded in response.

Soon the man put his handkerchief away. He then approached Daniel. Slipped a hand in his suit and pulled out a Thompson Center Arms Contender. He pointed it at Daniel.

"My sister…?" Daniel asked, looking concern.

"You'll see her soon," the man said. He was looking at him coldly from within the shadows. "…in the afterlife."

Daniel screamed in anger. He was then shot through the chest. He lied motionless as a lot of blood spilled out from his back.

"Melissa…" Daniel said as the darkness claimed him.

Hi all! As you all can see I removed "Gun Talk" from the story. I just don't know I would have been able to keep up with it. Other than that, I made no other changes to the story.

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