A Plan Conceived

Krystal was an investigative journalist at the Southern Star and it was her duty to look out for anything odd. She had a knack for finding the strange scoops too. Her specific job was a secret to the outside world in order for her to maintain her cover at all times, but her circle of colleagues knew of her persistence and that she would do what it took to sniff out a remarkable story. When told this, she would modestly reply that it was merely a journalist's instincts and the readers of her stories, published under different pen names, could make up their own minds.

One fine afternoon, Krystal was hosting afternoon tea and scones for her friends. Two of them, Lacey and Lottie, had become pregnant using the services of Maximum Fertility Clinic.

"You would be surprised at how little they charged me," said Lacey, her wide blue eyes sparkling. She had already passed the sickly phase and now she looked quite radiant.

"I know, they charged me more," said Lottie. "But hubby and I could not conceive without help. My poor man is diabetic you see," she said sadly. Lottie was middle aged, her brown hair now shot through with silver and she was thrilled to be accepted by the clinic at her age and even more thrilled to have become pregnant with donor sperm. But Lacey was only eighteen and among Krystal's circle of friends because Krystal had been best friends with her mother when they were at school together.

"I'm surprised the clinic agreed, at your age and everything, dear Lacey," said Krystal. "You are so young - you had plenty of time to find the right man and have children with him."

"I've waited long enough to be a mother," said Lacey, shaking her head and then brushing her blond curls away from her face. "I really want this. There was no need to wait."

Krystal was curious about what sort of fertility clinic would accept clients as young as Lacey or as old as Lottie for that matter. It was also puzzling that they should charge Lacey very little. Much seemed strange about the clinic... Her journalist instincts fired up and she decided to investigate.

The clinic's main building was an imposing concrete block that towered over the surrounding area. Entry was strictly for clients only. Krystal hatched a plan. She would be a client and in time, infiltrate the business and whatever murky goings on there might be. She put her idea to Jimmy, a new recruit at the newspaper whom she was mentoring and suggested that he accompany her as her boyfriend to help her charade.

Jimmy was thrilled at the idea: "My first great scoop? Thank you so much for the chance Krystal," he said, beaming. Krystal smiled at him fondly. Not yet out of his teens, he was brimming with energy and optimism. He was a good looking boy, with auburn hair and eyes of a pretty shade of light hazel. His smooth cheeks were flushed pink with excitement. He looked up to her with something bordering on reverence. She was a senior journalist and one already renowned for her investigating skills and he clearly hoped to follow in her footsteps. The following week they met with Dr Katy Goldstein, the obstetrician, a younger surgeon with long red hair and a handsome aquiline face. Krystal noticed that she was heavily pregnant. "Practice what you preach," said Katy with a tight lipped smile that didn't quite reach her eyes.

"Quite right," said Krystal, shaking her by the hand. "Jimmy and I would like to conceive right away."

Katy nodded. "Just slip your things off and step into the operating room Krystal," she said. "Jimmy must accompany me. I'll be back shortly with a fresh load of semen."

Krystal waited, stark naked in the gleaming, sterile, windowless room. How long could it possibly take for Jimmy to fire one off? It had been nearly half an hour... It was cold in here and the room seemed bare apart from the large mirror. She replaced her glasses and glanced at her reflection. She brushed her long brown hair away from her face. She carefully maintained her neutral expression - the one she used specifically for not drawing suspicion to herself. Her glasses magnified her piercing, blue eyes. She thought they were making her expression look rather staring and wondered whether she should worry about this when dealing with Katy. She looked up at the ceiling and noticed a ventilation shaft. It would be a good idea to do some research on where the ventilation system shafts all led to and whether it would be possible to explore them. Just then, Katie returned with a vial of fresh semen, white and sticky in a syringe. Krystal took the syringe and Katy supervised Krystal as she poured it into her. Now Krystal was a patient and she would be able to investigate this unusual clinic from the inside.

Three weeks later it was confirmed beyond doubt that Krystal was pregnant, as she had begun to throw up each morning. Jimmy was delighted, cheering and holding her arm up in the air.

"Just wait, I've got to get a shopping list together," he told her. "We need baby toys... er, would unisex toys do? Or should we wait until we know whether we're having a boy or a girl? Anyway, I'm going to ask my mum what baby clothes are best, that's the place to start. Or is baby food the place to start?"

"You'll be a great dad, Jimmy," said Krystal beaming and giving him a hug.

Dr Goldstein agreed to give her regular check ups for free, which Krystal knew to be unusually generous for a surgeon. Krystal set aside time from her normal schedule each week, visiting the expectant mothers' activity groups and exercise sessions and getting to know the other patients. She found out that they had all been given fresh sperm, whether or not they had a man with them to donate. Hmmm... It was always like that. Katy would leave them in the operating room and then come back with a fresh sample all ready to put into the mother-to-be. The success rate seemed to be high as well; the women she spoke to were all pregnant from their first insemination with the fresh sperm, just as she herself was. Krystal was intrigued by the range of patients. There were married women, lesbians, single women and the mothers were of all ages and backgrounds. Literally patients of all ages visited the complex. One day, a pregnant girl with long, dark-blond hair who looked suspiciously young to Krystal, passed her in the corridor and Krystal introduced herself.

"I'm Lucy," said the girl, grinning cheerily. "I thought there might be some problem about ID or something, like there is when getting a drink..." here she leaned close and whispered in Krystal's ear; "I'm fifteen." She shook her head and wrinkled her freckled nose. "I know you are going to say I'm too young to be a mum. But I want a gorgeous baby." There was a dreamy look in her green eyes for a moment as she patted her hugely swollen belly.

Krystal carefully stopped herself from delivering a lecture there and then. Obviously fifteen was too young to be a mother. Lucy was a very pretty girl, already even prettier than Lacey. Her blond hair sleek and luxuriant, her wistful mouth perfectly formed with full lips, a cute nose and engaging smile. And her looks were only going to blossom as she got older. She did not need the responsibilities of being an underage mother, she would have been able to find any number of the best men only too glad to be her husband had she waited until adulthood to pursue motherhood.

But Krystal thought that suitable guidance for Lucy would best be delivered in the privacy of her home and not now, right in the clinic. "Well as we're both mothers from this clinic, we have a shared experience," she said brightly, smiling at Lucy. She gave Lucy a card with her address on it. "Come and visit me sometime for a cup of tea and a chat." The clinic just seemed stranger and shadier the more Krystal learned about it. She was pondering where the sperm really came from. Jimmy had told Krystal that Katy had instructed him to quickly deposit sperm into a beaker. He had quickly done it and then she had collected it and that had been that. Had she gone straight back to Krystal afterwards? Jimmy boasted that evidently his swimmers must be super quality to have made Krystal pregnant right away. But every insemination at this clinic worked on first attempt, regardless of the mother's age and state of health. And today a whole crowd of teenage girls had been around the complex, giggling and boasting that they would all be having the children of a superstar, having become pregnant from the first insemination by sperm supposedly all from the one pop star. Krystal hatched a plan to penetrate these mysteries in one go.

That evening, Jimmy accompanied her to the exercise class and they hung back afterwards, swiftly changing into tight fitting, black clothes and donned gloves to ensure they left no finger prints. They had ascertained by now that Katy would be retiring to the lower levels of the complex for the night. She and Jimmy were very quiet as Krystal picked the look on the door that led to the lower stairwell and they descended to a forbidden area. From there they crept down a dimly lit corridor, finally arriving at a locked door with a keypad. "Dr Katy had the combination on her though," said Krystal, tapping the keypad. "I checked through her handbag during a checkup while she was distracted."

"Truly a detective journalist's instincts!" said Jimmy in an awed voice.

Krystal smiled. That's what she loved about Jimmy. She found it so easy to impress him. Through the doors they found something of a surprise. It was apparently a bedroom of sorts, bearing some resemblance to a hospital ward, with a figure curled up in the blankets of what could have been mistaken for a hospital bed. As they approached they could see to their amazement that it was a boy with skin of the brightest, vividest green. He was swathed in a purple silk dressing gown. Krystal ensured her sound recorder was switched on and got her camera ready and flashed a picture right away. The green boy's eyes snapped open.

"Who... who are you?" asked the green boy. His voice was strangely husky. He had a handsome face, with fine features. An arrestingly beautiful face in its way, thought Krystal, even though his skin was lurid green and his lips were a much darker green, almost black. He appeared to have thick, black hair, but it glinted green in the lamplight as though it had green highlights.

"'Who are you?' is the question we want to ask you," said Jimmy. Krystal's eyes were drawn irresistably to the bulge in the boy's groinal area, swathed though it was in the dressing gown. Suddenly the bulge increased in size. There could be no mistake that the boy's penis was becoming erect and neither, thought Krystal, could there be any mistake that it was impossibly large. So large in fact, that it was like there was a long, sinuous snake wrapped in the dressing gown.

"Oh no, please go, no one is supposed to be here," the green boy moaned, his dark eyes shining with tears.

"Are you alright? Why are you being held prisoner down here?" asked Krystal, unable to keep the anxiety from her voice. She reached to take the boy's hand, but he wailed and then a long, impossibly large, vivid green penis pushed through the folds of the purple gown, looking much like a powerful, green serpent. The glistening head of the penis was a darker green, almost black, rather like the boy's lips.

"I'm coming!" moaned the boy and Krystal dived out of the way, but Jimmy fatuously peered closer to see, just as the green member shot forth a stream of semen, straight into his face.

"Eugh!" said Jimmy, his face now plastered with a white and sticky viscous mess.

"Oh Jimmy," said Krystal with a sigh. "You ought to look before you leap and think before you look, love."

"So sorry," said the boy, wrapping his pulsating member in the gown once more. "There is a washroom to the side," he said, indicating another door.

"Who are you, dear?" asked Krystal again, as Jimmy beat a hasty retreat.

"I'm Dax. Short for DNA Alteration eXperiment," said the green boy with a wry smile. "I was genetically engineered by a team of scientists at GenuTec corporation." Kystal inhaled sharply. She had heard rumours of GenuTec's unnatural experiments before. Dax blinked at her, then continued; "Dr Katy is working for them, but it's all very hush hush. I am much more fertile than a normal human, it's encoded into my genes. And I am the donor of all the sperm in the clinic above, not that I have a choice about it. I understand Katy always uses my sperm. Always - even if the patients' husbands and boyfriends donate their's. She just switches it for mine." His dark green bottom lip quivered and he sniffed.

"Oh!" said Krystal, thoughtfully. "I am pregnant from being inseminated in the clinic. Then my baby is not Jimmy's, but yours! We both got a load of your seed - me in the belly and Jimmy in the face!"

"Oh dear, oh dear," said Dax, shaking his head. "I've cuckolded him and now really rubbed his face in it... he ought to hate me." Kystal was a little uneasy about how Jimmy would react to learning the baby in her womb was not his, but she decided to reassure Dax anyway.

"It's not your fault. You were forced into all of this against your will," she replied, patting his arm. "But it is important that we get you out of here and expose what is going on."

Once Jimmy had emerged from the washroom, the three of them went back to the laundry room and selected some new clothes for Dax to wear outside. They averted their eyes as he struggled to pull on new trousers. Suddenly, there was a dull blaring of an alarm in the distance.

"We can't go back the way we came," said Krystal, "the building's defenses will be activated now. We must climb through the main air shaft, it has rungs like a ladder and I can still climb... I hope." It was just as well that Krystal knew where the vents would lead, having studied the schematics of the building. Jimmy and Dax managed the rungs that scaled the air shaft easily and Krystal toiled up behind them. Eventually she emerged into a small stone room where Jimmy and Dax were waiting, Jimmy lighting the place up with his electric torch. "Are you OK?" asked Jimmy, gazing at her anxiously as she stood there panting, unable to quickly get her breath back.

"I wish you didn't have to exert yourself, with the baby and everything," said Dax unhappily. "I couldn't bear it if you collapsed." The torchlight shone off his green nose and cheeks as he looked right at her with those soulful, dark eyes. She wondered whether he felt responsible because he had provided the sperm.

"I'm OK... you dears," she replied, still breathless. Both boys linked arms with her until she felt strong enough to walk on her own, although she was now feeling faintly nauseous. "Well now comes the easy part, " she murmured and she extracted her lockpicking tools from her purse and broke open the door. The three of them emerged into the cool night air, in a dingy alley which then joined another alley. Suddenly, there was the sound of barking. Krystal estimated that it could be no more than a few streets away...

"Oh no! They've sent the dogs out to look for me!" said Dax. "They're a mastiff-bloodhound mix. Not genetically engineered, but still bred to find and catch. And they know my scent."

Krystal felt an odd sense of calm as she knew what must be done. She had had close shaves before. "We must break and enter, boys," she said. "Come along." She picked the lock of a steel backdoor and they went inside, emerging in the storeroom of what Krystal deduced to be a high grade restaurant and then the three of them crept along a bare corridor towards a velvet curtain, through which there came the sound of many people talking, violins playing and plates clattering and chairs scraping the floor. Krystal led the way and they pushed through the curtain onto a crowded dance floor, next to a grand piano with a pianist playing an upbeat tune, whilst a string quintet industriously kept rhythm nearby.

"Oh no, what do we do? There's a crowd," said Dax in dismay. "I've never actually had to deal with a crowd of normal people before."

"Follow my lead then," whispered Krystal. "Jimmy, slip into the restaurant and ask for a table, hopefully no one noticed how we came in." Jimmy nodded and hurried off and Krystal took hold of Dax's arms and twirled him around in a lively dance in time with the music. He kept pace rather well. Maybe he had been genetically engineed to be coordinated as well as fertile. The tempo accelarated and Krystal pulled Dax closer to her as they danced. She felt his warm breath on her face as his wide, dark eyes gazed into hers. His breathing was quickening. To her dismay, she realised that his Dax's member was growing large again, grinding into her hip. His pants were straining to contain the bulge.

"This dancing seems to be making me ... hot!" he wailed. "I can't help it..." and then his large green penis broke out of his pants. Krystal took a quick step back as it began firing off its load. One musician was splattered in the face. Dax staggered around 180 degrees, but then his whole body juddered and his penis issued forth another load that landed in a customer's soup while the poor man was distracted. The customer turned back to his table and without looking into the bowl, he took a spoonful and swallowed the sticky white substance... Somehow, Krystal knew they would have to beat a hasty retreat!