Go and create your opinions on me.

I swear I don't care even if you compare me to a bee.

This is how I am, and no one will know.

Just how much it hurts to see you curse and grow.

Grow to hate me, I dare you.

Not like it'll help me to stop from feeling blue.

I kiss your feet and this is how you repay?

I swear I won't do the same to one who makes me say.

"God, I really will do anything for you."

They deserve the treatment I wished to have.

I'm not like you who'll beat me when I say to you,

"Will you give me some time off, that I really wish to have?"

Screw you and your friends.

So what if I don't follow the trends.

This is me and I deserve,

To tick off your very nerves.

Accompanied by "DUAL"