Soon enough, the both of them were out patrolling the street, with Hexa dragging the unnamed hero along with her. To Shard, it was amazing how a hero with no combat skills whatsoever could be forcing someone who was so skilled at combat to come along with her. He briefly wondered if Lights was even a willing hero, or if Hexa had forced her to come along. He forced the feeling that rose from the pit of his stomach back down. He couldn't do anything right now if he was going to be affected by his feelings. Instead, he sat on top of a building and watched as they walked towards where Zire was sparring with Rigor. Zire was a gravity manipulating super villain. He smirked. This would be a good show.

"Rigor!" Rigor heard and recognised Hexa's voice. But he couldn't do much with Zire's power in effect, he was sprawled on the ground, having difficulties getting up. But, Hexa's call had alerted Zire to her presence, and Zire shifted his focus over to her. Both of them were surprised at Hexa's companion.

Zire gave an evil smile. Another hero for him to put down.

Rigor briefly wondered what Hexa's companion was capable of.

Zire shifted the focus of his power away from Rigor and towards Hexa and her companion.

Yutra felt herself crash towards the ground. She wondered why the villains that she had met so far only used enough force to hurt but never enough to kill. Then she remembered how Shard had thrown his dagger, aimed to kill.

She saw Rigor, now that the gravity pushing him to the ground had weakened, was lifting his hand, in an effort to aim a fireball at Zire, but he was stopped by Zire's kick to his face.

Zire increased the intensity of the gravity, forcing Hexa to smash into the ground, and Rigor to collapse back into his previous position. Yutra, however, was still standing, with one knee forced the ground.

Shard was impressed. That girl was strong, or had some invulnerability towards the powers of other people.

Yutra gritted her teeth, going against gravity was taking a toll on her. She sighed. She really didn't like to use her power. The wisps of light surrounding her grew brighter, and she felt gravity release her. Somehow, when using light or darkness to surround herself or others, it created another dimension, like a rip in time and space, that protected her from everything else in the world, including the powers of others.

Zire frowned, so this new hero would actually pose a challenge after all. He further increased the force of gravity. Yutra clenched her fist. She was done pulling those punches.

Yutra rushed forward without warning and delivered a solid punch to Zire. Before Zire could recover from the sudden shock, she launched a lightning bolt at him.

Shard was sure that Lights was holding back against him. Zire was being beaten to a pulp by Lights. Shard suspected that even then, Lights was still holding back. If he could take control of her, he was sure he could defeat almost everyone else.

Yutra grimaced. She had to end this and fast. She readied another bolt and shot it at Zire.

Zire slumped to the ground in fatigue, releasing his hold on gravity. Both Hexa and Rigor looked worse for wear, but Rigor still had enough strength left in him to apprehend the villain. He nodded to Hexa. "Usual place." His voice was unusually smooth, coming from a gruff looking man like him.

"Hexa." Rigor's voice sounded out, just as Hetra and Yutra stepped into the abandoned warehouse.

"It seems that you've neglected to tell us that a new hero was coming in on the job. She could very easily be mistaken for a villain."

"Just skip whatever you're going to say and tell the rest of whoever you brought here to come out, I noticed their shadows the moment I stepped into this place." Yutra's face was void of emotion.

"Don't tell me you brought everyone?" Hetra groaned.

"Yep sure did, honey. And that was brilliant perception." An unfamiliar voice rang out as three more figures stepped out.

Yutra saw Hetra tense. She put a comforting arm around her friend's shoulder and shot her a questioning look.

Hetra rubbed her temples, and started the introductions.

"Okay, guys, this is my friend. Well, you know Rigor already, and the other guy's Ghost, who is able to become tangible, Purity is the healer, and Tift, the girl with green hair is the telekinetic."

Yutra only nodded.

"All righty then, how about a quick intro of yourself." Tift chirped.

"Ok! I'll start! What's your hero name?" Purity cut in.

"Don't have one." Hetra saw that Yutra was shifting uncomfortably.

"Oh, how about your outfit, then we'll find a name for you!" Apparently Purity didn't know when to quit.

Yutra was silent, so Hetra decided to help her out.

"Her outfit is what she's wearing now."

"Oh, erm..." Purity was frowning now.

"Really? I thought her outfit consisted of wisps of light." Rigor decided to interfere.

"Yeah, it is, but that's mostly her power."

"Fine then, what's her power?" This time, it was Tift who spoke.

"Erm, what's your power?" Hetra gave her friend a sheepish smile.

"Elementalist." Yutra seemed to favour short answers today.

"Oh, then darling, what elements can you control? The only elementalist in our group is Rigor over there who can control fire." Ghost asked, giving Yutra a flirtatious smile.

Yutra sent Hetra a look that said 'can I punch him in the gut?'

Hetra gave an apologetic smile and shook her head.

Yutra sighed, and replied, "All of them."

"What? But that's impossible, no one has been able to control all the elements before, and the only elements I've seen you use are Light and Lightning!" Rigor protested.

Yutra gave an offhanded shrug. "I'm telling you that's my power, and I don't care if you don't believe me."

Hetra hurriedly added in, " She doesn't like using her powers."

Just as Ghost was about to say something, Yutra cut in. "I've got to go now, unlike the rest of you, I actually have work to do."

Before anyone else could say anything, she left.

"Wow, isn't she just nice?" Purity muttered.

"That's just the way she talks, you'll get used to it sooner or later, she doesn't really like to interact with others." Hetra defended her friend.

Yutra lowered her hoodie and started to walk back home. Arosian stood at a side and silently watched her walk past the park and back to her house. He sighed. One of these days, he would slip, and she would find out, but he was going to push that day back as far as possible.

Yutra furiously scribbled on a piece of paper, before crushing it and throwing it away. No good, all of those ideas were too amateurish, ones that could easily backfire. She groaned and thought back of what had happened today. Even knowing the respective powers of the five heroes in town still didn't help her get any ideas. Just as she was about to slam her head repeatedly against her desk in frustration, the doorbell rang. She reluctantly got out of her chair and went to open the door. "Hi Aros." Yutra mumbled dejectedly. The person mentioned shifted around.

"Er, well, Yutra, you see…" He stuttered uncertainly.

"What is it?"

"Erm, I wanted to ask you if you were free for the rest of the day, I already finished what I was going to do, and none of my friends were free, so I wanted to ask you if you needed some company." He finished lamely.

Yutra opened the door wider to let him in. "Just get in."

"I need ideas."

"Ideas? Like a giant man-eating plant kind of idea or a robot that shoots lasers kind of idea?" He joked.

"I got it! Thanks." Yutra stood up and started to head towards her workshop.

"What? You're going to make a giant man-eating plant? I was joking!" Arosian sat there and looked at her incredulously.

"No, I'm going to make and programme a robot that shoots lasers. Help me get some mirrors and sensors, thanks!" Yutra didn't turn back as she went into her workshop.

Arosian sat there and blinked at where she was, before regaining control and going out. The leader gave orders, up to him to fulfil them. He sighed and shook his head.

"Thanks Aros." Yutra said out loud when she heard footsteps as she typed away on the computer.

"Huh? What now?" Hetra's voice answered her.

"Oh, hi Hetra." Yutra greeted her friend with turning her head.

"Arosian eh? Now what did I miss?" Yutra knew her friend was giving her a devious smirk.

"Not much, he just gave me ideas to build a laser-shooting robot. He's supposed to help me get sensors and mirrors."

"Did you tell him what sensors to get?"

"No, but he should've figured out to get the usual force-detection sensors, or buttons."

"But there are so many sensors that exist, and he's not a mechanic like you. I think he might have some trouble figuring out." As if on cue, Arosian appeared, stumbling into the room.

He gently set the items down onto a table.

"Sorry, I didn't know what sensors to get, so I just got one of each that were available in the shop." At this point, Hetra sent a look towards Yutra's back.

"Oh, thanks, and help me get some bulbs while you're at it." Yutra requested.

Arosian looked pained at the sentence. Hetra shook her head. "I'll go help him. Not everyone knows what you're talking about, you know."

Yutra continued typing on the computer in response.

"Wow, she sure is, um…"

"Dedicated." Hetra put in helpfully.


"That's just her."


"You like her don't you? And since when did the two of you become so friendly?"

"I wouldn't really say 'like'. And last week, she wanted some sort of a truce."

"Maybe not 'like', but maybe, just maybe, 'love'?" Hetra prodded on.

"Wh-what? No!" Arosian was blushing heavily at her sentence.

"Don't worry, your secret's safe with me. And you need to be either direct with her or drop more obvious hints. While she's really smart, she can be positively dense sometimes." Hetra gave him a devilish grin.

"Here, that's all that we need to get right?" Hetra asked Yutra as she carefully set the items on the table.

"Yup, thanks, come back in 2 hours, and the money's on the dining table." Yutra said as she tightened the nut around the two pieces of scrap metal.

"Its done!" Yutra declared as she held the miniature robot in one hand and a complicated-looking remote control in the other. Both Arosian and Hetra were sitting on her couch watching TV. The both of them turned to look at her, and her new invention.

"Meet the new guardian." Yutra gently set the robot down, and pressed a few buttons on the remote, then pointed the remote at the plastic drink bottle on the table and pressed another button.

The robot whirred before turning its 'head' towards the bottle and firing a laser. The laser hit its target, and the bottle flew off the table, slightly charred, and mostly dented.

"Wow, but can it hit moving objects?" Hetra asked.

Yutra shrugged in response before picking up the bottle and throwing it up high, pointed the remote at it and pressed the button. The robot's 'head' followed the movement of the bottle, and right before the bottle hit the ground, a laser was shot, and the bottle was hit off course and struck the wall behind it. The laser had hit its target once again.

"But what if the robot is in your house, then you have the remote with you, and you point the remote at, for example a person. Will it still be able to track the person down and shoot lasers at him?" Arosian asked.

Yutra nodded and replied with a grin, "Yup, do you want to have the honours of being the first?"

Arosian took a look at the badly dented plastic bottle and hurriedly shook his head no.


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