Episode 116: Big Brothers Last Stand.

Tia Carrere as Isabella Tarn.

Three Weeks Earlier, New York City, a Jamaican arrives at JFK Airport and accidently picks up the wrong bag. He arrives at Abrahams front door and Elaina opens the door and is told he had travelled a long distance to hand her husband a package, but it appears he's picked up a replica suitcase and not his and the disk is not in the bag. The Jamaican is embarrassed and he immediately leaves, without so much as telling Elaina, what the big deal is.

The Bermuda Triangle, the Cosmos hideout has been destroyed. Any trace of the remaining quarters of the society, has been vanquished by the unknown leader, who had previously been neighbouring herself under the streets of Wall Street to claim her billions. Agents are so far aware of a signal, that came from the Tarns house and the second location of the Cosmos. No leads and a missing disk. Will Jeff's and the now deceased Francisco Del Reddi's hard work go to waste?

Three weeks later, Between The Cayman Islands and Aruba, Jeff and Isabella have been on their secret island for three weeks at a safe house, thanks to being plucked from the sea, by Jamaicans and taken to a place, where they are safe and exiled from the rest of civilization. Jeff has managed to salvage the Laptop, during the massacre and chases by vengeful pirates on Ali Tarn, who attempted to kidnap Isabella. Isabella queries whether or not Jeff wants to be found? Jeff considers lying low, until he knows for sure, that the disk' information is used to correctly, to expose the identity of the Cosmos, but is concerned for Harry and Chris's welfare. Even though the evil society had tried to fool the government and fraudulently use the government for millions to billions of dollars, because of their so called findings of a myth started a hundred years ago and to purposely use random innocent people in their tests, Jeff suspects that the majority of the conflict, has been a personal issue involving the Wilson/Mcquire family fold, in which Jeff had discovered secrets from his past in Hexville, which could potentially be linked to his and Harry's parents murder in the summer of '79.'

New York City, Harry now has to except the fact, Jeff's stolen body may never be recovered and considers a private memorial. Harry receives a phone call from London, it's Billy Mcquire, (who's face is not shown), and gives his condolences to Harry, but had always maintained Jeff would eventually shown his dark side again.

Emma assures Chris, that once they start a family, Chris can look to the future again.

Elaina informs Abraham about the Jamaican man, who claimed to have a package that was urgent, but didn't hand it out and didn't say, what it was for.

Harry asks Bethany if she would consider returning to Hexville? Bethany refuses to do so, as the suburb town, brings back some bad memories and Bethany adds that Harry would also be stepping back into a place, that holds horrific history to him.

Secret Island, Jeff is told by the people, that brought him to the island, that the disk was misplaced, three weeks earlier and were too scared and embarrassed to tell him at the time. Jeff is angry and frustrated and smashes up the laptop. Jeff realizes, that after everything, he's back to square one and Isabella comforts him. Suddenly, an unexpected signal reaches an unknown destination, without either Isabella and Jeff realizing.

New York City, Dusk, Bethany awaits for a phone call at a booth and it rings. She answers it.
'Hello?' Bethany calls. 'You know for a so called family man, you sure are putting your limits with my sisters antics, to the test...I see, where is my elder sibling?...I'm worried about my sons sanity, if not anything else...The Cosmos latest hideaway was discovered in the Bermuda Triangle three weeks ago and yet thankfully, I've not been pulled in...right, whoever tried to pull the squeeze on me, has probably hit a snag somewhere, but I'm still looking over my shoulder...what?...Oh my God...There are so many islands down there, we'll never find...When did this show up on your radar?...oh my God, and it was from my computer that was stolen?...what's the radius between the surrounding areas?...Just as well my sister had you to do her dirty work for her, even though you considered yourself not part of the team anymore, it's lucky you weren't terminated, but I guess you're an exception... I don't know what my next step is...hold on, I may have an idea, I consider this last resort.'

Secret Island, Jeff tinkers with the laptop to see if he's literately damaged it, it appears he hasn't but, is completely oblivious to what he's done.

Emma is alarmed, when she is confronted by her biological father, who sold her to Otto, over two decades ago. Emma demands he leave her alone, seeing as he was an informant to the one time governor/Alan Rogers who attempted to throw Otto out of the state senate seat. Emma doesn't give him a chance to explain and snubs him.
Later, Emma confides in Rebecca and Rebecca insists she get an injunction against him, if he profusely harasses her.
Chris is later met by Emma's real father and Chris insists, that he has no right to invade Emma's life after hearing what he did. The man then puts in a dig on Jeff and Chris orders him away.

Harry and Bethany begin their search for a new home and consider it out of state.

Forty Eighty Hours Later, island, Jeff and Isabella wait impatiently for the return of the fishermen, to take them off the island, but they are no show. Jeff realizes, that the game may be up soon and suspect the fisherman may have gone rogue on them

Chris and Emma comfort each other with their recent issues and Emma's real father continues to stalk her and is interrupted by Rebecca, who orders him to leave her alone or else.

Island, Jeff assures Isabella that the last three weeks together have been a blast and that he will always think of her, but it looks like running isn't an option anymore. Jeff adds, that he will see her OK and will not allow her to go to jail, for knowing full well he was still alive.
'Do you think, they've found us by now?' Isabella cries.
'It may be weeks yet, or months...I don't know, but you'll be fine,' Jeff assures her.
'Tell me about your wife Jeff,' Isabella says.
'Which one?' Jeff asks.
'The one you loved most,' Isabella insists.
'Sylvia, an amazing woman, a wonderful mother and I...I let her down,' Jeff sighs. 'I just didn't appreciate her as a wife, until that fateful night.'
'What happened?' Isabella queries.
'It's a long story, but I always knew, she was the one,' Jeff claims. 'Sylvia was one of many people I cared about, I didn't appreciate...except maybe my mother up until a certain point.'
'What was she like?'
'The best mother you could ask for, but I let both her and Dad down by running away and they paid for it and there's no going back. The only consolation I had was that disk and where ever it ends up, hopefully falls into the right hands...I know I did,' Jeff informs Isabella. 'I think I've found love again, really... I'm sorry I couldn't save your father.'
'There was nothing you could have done,' Isabella states. 'We were overpowered...Do you think they'll put you back on death row again, if the fishermen have gone rogue?'
'I wouldn't put it past them to try,' Jeff whispers.
'You're a good man Jeff, your brother and son will remember that. And so will I.'

Harry sits in his and Bethany's new apartment in the dark and under the moonlit sky, stares at a photograph of him and Jeff. Rebecca sits up in bed pulling at paper tissue, as she becomes very anxious after her confrontation with Emma's real father. Bethany lays in bed awake and stares at the digital clock, that reads 01:33 a.m. Harry stands up and looks out of the window and up at the starry night. 'Good night, big brother. Be at peace.'

Island, in the Caribbean Sea, Isabella tells Jeff, she's headed up for shower and leaves an anxious Jeff downstairs to ponder his future. The fisherman have not returned in over thirty six hours and fears that they have informed the American government. Although that it's been two days, since a somewhat signal had been sent out, he's unaware that it has been sent to somebody who will want to see him dead. Jeff walks to the front of the safe house and looks out to sea and then to the stars. He thinks of his parents and Sylvia and wished he'd had been a better son and husband. Upstairs, Isabella turns on the shower and steps in and begins washing her body. The camera slowly pans through the bathroom and to the bedroom, through the bedroom to the bedroom door. The round door handle slowly begins to turn. Clockwise from the inside, anti clockwise from the outside. The door handle clicks and the camera pans downwards. The door opens, in steps what appears to be female legs wearing high heeled hostess shoes. It seems Jeff and Isabella have an intruder and the assailant's first target is Isabella.

Isabella cannot hear the intruders entrance to the bedroom, as she continues to shower. Jeff wanders around the front of the safe house, as he expects a show from either the Jamaican fisherman or the FBI to whisk him back to jail or to be informed, that they have received the information on the disk. But, the disk is missing and the American Government are currently unaware, that Jeff is still alive. Also obscured from Jeff, is the intrusion of a possible female inside the islands safe house. The camera stays focused on the lower legs and hostess shoes of the female, as the intruder slowly manoeuvres through the bedroom and stops directly in between the dim light of the bathroom and the bedroom. By the size of the hostess shoes, it looks like a very tall female.
Jeff walks round to the back of the Safe house, near the pool and figures that life is too short, to think what might have been, but he knows deep down, that what occurred back in the states, his participation of terrorism with Hassam Luka, wasn't his conscious decision, but his sub conscious, created by the Cosmos, who somewhat have a personal issue with the Wilsons. Jeff is the only one, who has recently become aware of this and will he get the chance to expose, the truth once and for all? Jeff makes his way back into the safe house and pours himself a drink, before making a slow ascent up the staircase to the bedroom. The shower is turned off and there is still the mere after steam clearing through the two rooms. Through the moonlight, he looks to the double bed, he shares with Isabella and sees what appears to be her asleep.
'Oh, I see,' Jeff sighs. 'Gone to sleep on me already have you babe?'
Jeff takes his shirt off and his pants and jumps in beside her. He puts his arm on her to try and get intimate. Suddenly, he smells blood. He turns Isabella to face him and pulls the cover of the bed back and she has been bludgeoned to death. Jeff jumps back in shock. Jeff sits himself down on a stool, staring at his lovers, lifeless bloodied body. For a few moments, Jeff anxiety, becomes terror, he rocks backwards and forwards, trying to comprehend his recent experience. After all the bad that's happened and the hope, he prayed for, it's all come to a shuddering halt again. If this is to be his last moments, he wants justice, not just for him, but more importantly his brother, Harry. Jeff stands up, not knowing how to take his next path. Jeff, then has a terrible feeling. He suspects a presence in the bedroom and he turns to the closet, near the bedroom door. He senses the intruder, is behind the closet doors and he awaits for the killer to make its move. Sooner or later the murderer will be provoked and Jeff will not go out with a wimper.
'Come and get me you son of a bitch,' Jeff encourages.
Moments later, Jeff is seen thrown from the bedroom window and his bloodied body lands into the swimming pool, which slowly turns red. He's still alive barely, but he's dying. He forces himself to the edge of the pool and he looks up at a bright light appear and out of the light steps, Sylvia, who reaches out to him, smiling. Jeff reaches up at the vision of Sylvia. Jeff then passes away, an horrific, bloodied and lonely death.
Does his last stand, mean he died a failure? Has all the secrets, whatever they are, between the Wilsons past and the Cosmos, been vanquished. The info on the disk that Jeff referenced contains the truth, but has been misplaced at JFK Airport. What will come of it? Will Harry finally get the answers he's been looking for? Is Harry in danger? What is on the disk, that is linking past to present? What are the personal issues between the Cosmos and the Wilson/Mcquire families as Jeff suspected? Will all the loose ends be finally tied up?

The big question is, who murdered Jeff Wilson? Find out in the thirty episode, Final Season.

This is officially Clint Eastwood's final appearance as Jeff Wilson.

He is the second longest character of the series, despite, leaving the show, prior to the final season.

Special re-occurring star:
Sondra Locke as the ghost of Sylvia Mckenzie Wilson.