For All That I'm Worth.

I take a step into my first day of many lasts

My last first day.

Hold your head high

Don't look around to much.

Try to be invisible,

Don't draw too much attention to yourself.

My last first class.

Take a seat,

Try not to look to lost

Too uncomfortable.

Because your stomach hurts and you've developed a head ache already.

And repeat this six more times.


Hope in every class there is at least one person know

At least on familiar face to bring you at least some comfort.

But in the classes that do provide a friend. There are seating charts

And you can't even look at them to see if they are struggling as much as you are.

I think back, how did I end up this way?

How did I end up hating these classes that are hardly and hour long.

There seven of them. And in each one I am threatened

I am reminded countless times that in this place I am scored and judged and evaluated.

And it's all written down on paper,

And this piece of paper is all that defines my worth at a human being

This means, I'm pretty freaking worthless.

But I carry on; I try not to let them know how scared I am

I smile and laugh.

And I try my best,

It's never good enough.

I despise that piece of paper.

And I try not to let them see how "Worthless" I am.

But I'm not.

I'm not worthless. I mean something

I mean a lot.

Maybe I don't mean a thing to those people with the papers

To them I am only a grade.

But to that girl down the street, I mean the world too her

Because I'm the reason she smiles when she is down

I mean something

I am NOT what those grades say I am, they don't even make up half of my worth!

I want others to know the same

Your "worth" can't be defined by a later or numbers on a paper

Can't be defined by how well you spell

How well you can read or solve number problems

Your worth can only be defined by the people AROUND you!

By the people who know you and only the true you

To the people who look forward to seeing you and hearing from you!

And if you don't think there is any one like that then look a little closer

Or get a mirror. Look long and hard into yourself because there's a reason your still alive today

Because your worth something

No one

Absolutely no one is worthless.

A piece of paper can easily be burned to ash.

I think the reason, I , like so many others

Dread the days of endless hours of classes

Is because, these classes have only become a means of stress for us

Have become the way of earning our worth.

If all we have to live for is this then what do you expect?

How can you not expect s to be sad, or scared.

How do you expect us to think we're worth something,

If all you see is a letter on a piece of paper.

That piece of paper- is worth about .01 cense.