Episode 139: From Our Eyes Only.

This episode is from the P.O.V. of Harry Wilson and Surveillance camera's only, with the exception of Flashbacks backs. It's the only episode that the P.O.V. will occur.


CARRIE FISHER as Tina M Wilson.

Special Guest Appearance:


22nd February


Francis Bay Long Island.

Harry is seen cradling his dying mother in the 'Summer of 1979'

A shadowed figure is seen moving in the clouds

Jeff 's buriel in Hex-Ville

Harry being Stalked by Jill Flanders

Harry and Tina's break up in 2000

The shadowed figure moves closer and closer in the cloud

The North Tower Of The World Trade Center Collapsing

A middle aged psychotheropist stands over Harry "You won't remember any of this."

From in the cloud the shadowed figure reveals itself as Tina, who calls out. "Harry?"

Harry P.O.V.

Holy Shit. Another crazy dream. What does all this mean? It must be memories of my life, that I still can't remember. Jesus Christ, if it is some of it was really intense and scary. God I've got a headache. My leg still feels sore, I can barely move it a few inches. I don't think I should force myself out of bed just yet, my wheel chair is too far to reach. And here next to me is my wife, Bethany. She is nice. Wish I could remember her. Funny, she's not been in my dreams or nightmares, whatever you'd like to call them. I hate burdening her with my current situation. I know she's my wife, but it's a dranatic change for her, seeing me as someone who's forgotten her and my daughter. I feel shit for allowing this to happen in the first place, but I guess these things happen. As for Rebecca...well, I don't know, is she who she says she is, as Gloria Lang claimed she wasn't? Even so, Rebecca seems like a lost soul, that needs my support. Umph, oooh my head hurts just trying to grasp these events and trying to remember my life. Will I want to remember though, if it's gonna hurt? Just take it easy, take each day as it comes...Just one thing though, who is that Guy and Woman that keeps popping up in my dreams? The man in a suit and the gal in white in the cloud? What does he not want me to remember? Is the lady my Guardian Angel?...Enough Harry, too much speculation, just get a grip on things boy.


"You OK honey?" - Bethany

"Yeah, just a little tender that's all. Didn't mean to wake you."

"Here, have some asprin, will ease the pain. Wash it down."

"Thanks, that's better."

"I've gotta work half day today, Rebecca will take care of you this afternoon."

"I feel like a hospital patient. I'm sorry, I feel bad that you two have no time to yourselves."

"Harry, you almost died, you lost your memory. You won't be mobile for another few weeks yet. So don't excert yourself. You watch TV downstairs if you like."

"I need you to tell me something, it's about Rebecca."

"What about her?"

"It's something that Gloria Lang mentioned...oh it's probably nothing."

"What did she say?"

"She said Rebecca has been pretending to be my daughter for a year and a half."


"What is it?"

"Harry, Gloria Lang had Terminal Cancer , who's condition deteoriated so bad, it caused her to do this to you. She blew herself up and you were lucky to get out alive. If she went this far to hurt you or Rebecca, then whatever she said or claimed, was a complete lie. Rebecca loves you. She thinks the world of you. Have faith in her."

"Yeah, you're don't know what I was worrying myself for."

"Good. How 'bout some coffee?" - Bethany. EXITS BEDROOM.

Something is not right. I can feel it.

Abraham and Elaina's Apartment



Hallway, Living Room, Kitchen and Front door Cams.

Plus Elaina's handbag Cam.

Edited Shots.

Movement in the apartment shows Elaina waking up and preparing for work and making breakfast for both herself and son Andy. Words are exchanged between both and Andy asks if his father will be OK? Elaina assures her son, that Abraham will make it and wakes up from his coma. Elaina makes sure Andy has everything he needs and they leave the apartment.

Handbag Cam and installed

Dashcam of car

Elaina and Andy get into the car and Elaina drives Andy to school. After she drops Andy to school, she spots Emma talking to a hood, and it appears they exhange something, attempting to be secretive. Emma is seen getting into her car and driving away. Elaina to follow Emma, but Emma's erratic driving, stops Elaina following her, but Elaina thinks she knows where Emma has gone. Elaina heads to South Manhattan, where Emma and Chris once lived in their apartment across from Ground Zero and Elaina parks her car in a Parking Lot within the complex.

Parking Lot surveillance

Elevator Cam

Handbag Cam

Elaina parks across from Emma's empty car and heads to the elevator and heads up to Emma's apartment.

Handbag Cam (Not always clear visiblity of characters, but clear Audio).

Elaina knocks on Emma's door and calls out to her.

"Emma I know you're in there, open up. I need to talk to you."- Elaina

Door sounds open.

"What the f**k do you want?!" - Emma (aggressively).

"Emma you a look a mess."

"No shit, I've wondered why I've looked a like a Heritic everytime, I've looked in the mirror this week."

"I haven't come here for an argument Emma."

"Glad to hear it. You found your way, now you can find your way down."

Elaina refuses to leave.

"I'm here as a friend." - Elaina.

"Yeah, where have I heard that one before?" - Emma.

"Five minutes, that's all I ask."

"Oh, by all means."

Elaina enters Emma's apartment and sits at the kitchen table.

Handbag Cam ( feed facing Emma).

Emma attempts to conceal a small quantity if drugs, but it sounds like Elaina has spotted them. Emma looks really high on drugs.

"Say what you have to say and get out." - Emma.

"Is that what I think is?" - Elaina.


"Getting high on drugs won't solve anything."

"What are you now my Fairy God Mother?"

"I take it you and Rebecca have some problems?"

"You don't miss a trick do you, that's why how you found me at my apartment or should I say, not so soon apartment. I'm gonna be homeless in less than fourty eight hours."

Emma is seen taking out a bottle of whisky and pouring it into a shot glass and drinking it in one.

"Oh Emma, I'm so sorry. That bad?"

"What's bad, is that the people I have loved , have either died, lied or pretended to love and care. First I discover the man I thought was my father, was not, he bought me off drug addict...hypocrite I know. Then he gets killed by bomb. The man I married turns out to be Bisexual and then vanishes off the face of the Earth and to add even more insult the girl who I thought loved me, used me as a consolation, to pine for a dead woman, who was once a Vampire...Oh and before I forget, I don't trust you either."

"I'm your friend, you got to believe that."

"So have you solved your case on Bethany yet?"

"I'm working on it."

"Well, I hope your evasive Eric Lance is keeping his nose clean. Because if I see him, he won't know what hit him."

Momentary silence

"I know Chris missing is what this is all about. I pray he's some..." - Elaina.

"Elaina, he's f*****g dead! Bethany killed him!" - Emma

"Like I said I'm working on it."

Emma pours herself another drink. Elaina tries to prise the bottle away from her, but Emma quickly snatches it away.

"How are you for cash?" - Elaina

"I've still got two hundred and fifty grand in the bank, so I'll be just fine thank you. Unless you've got room at your place."- Emma.

"I would, but I can't."

"Of course, you got secrets at home."

"I can't complicate things for Andy."

"I know, Abraham and...I understand. I'll just drive about somewhere."

"The state you're in?"

"What's wrong with New York?"

"You know what I mean."

"I know what you meant. I'm beginning to think this was my destiny. From what I've learnt about myself and about the people in my life, this is how it was mean't to be."

"You don't deserve this life."

"Then lets do something about it. Tell me what you've planned. you can trust me."

"Emma it's too dangerous."

"You don't trust me."

"Emma...role back there. What did you mean Rebecca pining for a woman who was a Vampire? You don't mean that Linda Perry that disappeared after the Wall Street incident over two years ago?"

"That's right."

"Does she know you know?"

"Of course she does, otherwise I wouldn't be in this State."

"So Rebecca's in on it too."

"Not nescessarily. What Rebecca needs is years of psychotherapy, Bethany needs the Gas Chamber."- Emma

"Why the leniency?" - Elaina

"Clara Barton's death was no accident I suspect. And she had a big part to play in Rebecca's life. And I mean a big part."

"What do you mean?"

"There's something else I haven't told you about Rebecca."

"What's that?"

"You tell me what you're planning to bring Bethany down and I'll tell you."

"You know I can't."

"That's what I thought. Don't let the door hit you on the way out FRIEND."

Francis Bay

Long Island

Wilson Household

Harry P.O.V.

And surveillance Cam's in Living Room

Harry is watching the 1970 Movie 'Love Story' with Ryan O' Neal and Ali Macgraw. He is watching the Ice Skating Scene set in Central Park, where Jenny Barrett is watching Oliver Barrett Skate alone, with Francis Lai's Sountrack playing in Harmony.

Unknown P.O.V.

Unknown Location

Somebody in an unknown location is also watching the same Movie at the same time.

Split Screen of Harry/Unknown P.O.V

Two scenes Combine.

During the Harmony of the Movie Scene and the split screen, a young Harry Wilson, aged about ten is seen ice skating from the Point Of View of someone unknown in an ice rink.

Living Room Surveillance Cam

Rebecca is seen entering the room with a coffee.

"You're totally engrossed in this movie aren't you?" 'Rebecca

Harry P.O.V.

"Well, it's OK...kinda mushy though."

"I remember watching this when I was little. Broke my heart when Ali Macgraw died at the end...oops sorry did I give you a spoiler there?"

"You know what, I probably have seen this film, but of course I can't remember, much. There is something familiar about this though."

"Yeah, I guess that would be Mom passing away year before last."

"Not that, the ice skating. I seem to remember taking part in ice skating with someone. Sort of like when I was a kid, but it's a blur."

"How did it feel?"

"Very comforting. Wish I could remember it all."

(Rebecca glances at her watch).

"How 'bout we try get that leg and arm into rythm again?"- Rebecca.

"I don't think that's such a good idea sweetheart. The Doctor said I should be resting for a couple weeks more and Bethany will hit the roof."

"If the shit does hit the roof, she can hit it with me."

Hold on maybe Rebecca is right. I can't let my memories fall into the ground literately. It could be push I need to find my true self. And come to think of it, maybe this could be my chance to get Rebecca to open up to me. I can see she is desperate for my approval. She's kinda tense too. She could be hiding something, I'm certain. I'm no psychologist, but it's written all over her face.

"OK, you've twisted my arm, when?"


Oh shit, here we go.


"Sure it's only eleven o clock, we'll be in Central Park between one and two and we'll be back before it gets dark. C'mon we'll take some painkillers and be sure to wrap up warm."

"They may not let me go on the rink, the way I am. If anything happens to me, they could get into trouble."

"Don't fret. I'll pay them double or treble to get you on there. As long as you hold on tight, I won't let go."


"Scouts honor."

Elaina's Handbag Cam

Elaina has entered the Elevator in the NY Times building and is headed up to her office. She enters his office and a male voice can be heard.

"Hello Mrs Carlisle. I'm detective Ryland of the thirteenth precinct, I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions?"

The handbag is placed under Elaina's desk and only a pair of black shoes is seen from the lens, as well as Elaina's and Rylands conversation.

"Does this have to do with my husbands attack?" - Elaina.

"Sort of. The day after your husband was put into a coma, you were questioned by to senior officers from my station. Hugo and Beagle."

"Yeah, so."

"So, I am to understand you made a complaint against them."

"Yeah they bugged my phone, because they thought I was covering something."

"Well, aren't you?"

"Look my husband is on death's door and clinging onto life and your coming in here throwing horrid accusations at me. If they think they've found any distrust in me, then why haven't they come to ask me themselves?"

"They're missing."

"So, what does that have to with me? Maybe they were killed in the line of duty by a mugger or maybe they ran off to Hawaii together."

"Or maybe you know more than you're telling me."

"No, officer, Ryland this is harrassment."

"See it as you will. We'll be keeping tabs on you Mrs Carlisle and until you tell us the truth on what happened in Saratoga Springs, then this will be a continous investigation."- Ryland.

"Well, as soon as you fail in your attempts to paint me as a criminal, I will sue your ass." - Elaina.

The officers shoes are seen walking out of View and a door clicks open.

"Mrs Carlisle, I do hope your husband pulls through, I do. ut, something has been bothering me. It's kind of a coincidence that officer Lance and your wonder boy photographer Christopher Wilson, would go AWOL, the same night your husband disappeared. Maybe I'll have more luck with Mrs Wilson from the Bronx, you know the high on drugs gal you visited this afternoon."

A door clicks shut.

"Oh shit, this is not good." - Elaina.

Unknown Location.

Computer Surveillance Cam

Viewing Elaina's Handbag Cam.

A voice can be heard.

"Yeah, you're right Elaina, this is not good."- Eric Lance.

Harry's P.O.V.

Harry is sat in the passengers seat of Rebecca's car, as Rebecca drives them to Manhattan for some ice skating. Harry spots the sign

"You are now leaving Francis Bay. Please come Back again soon."

OK, it's a two hour journey to the city. Maybe I should try and persuade Rebecca to open up to me now. Or maybe not I don't want to make her nervous at the wheel, might have an accident. At least I can rest my leg 'til then. Although I'm so anxious to know more about my life and the two women in my life or three. Bethany my second wife, Rebecca my daughter, who may not be, and Tina who died nearly two years ago. And there's something else.

Flashback- " You won't remember any of this." - Psychotherapist.

What does that mean? What was I supposed to forget.

"You're quiet there." - Rebecca.

"Oh, just going into thought. Trying come to grips with events."

"It will get better, you'll see."

"I don't want Bethany fretting over you taking me ice skating. She might think you're trying to break me altogether."

"You can't wither in the house weeks on end, until you recover. You need to exercise."

"He He He, you know ice skating is quite a level up to a slow recovery sweetheart."

"Trust me, you'll be fine."

"I don't want to spoil the occasion Becks, but you haven't really opened up much on why you and Emma split up."

"It's complicated Daddy...I guess our love wasn't as strong as it was mean't to be. We drifted apart."

"You two seemed pretty close."

"We were, but it wasn't to be. Sorry I had to burden you with that, considering what you went through with Gloria."

"I'm your father aren't I?"

"...Course you are."

Francis Bay, Long Island
Harbour Bank Cams

Dominic King is seen entering the bank to cash in. Bethany appears to be awkward behind her desk.

"Good morning Mr King? How are you this morning?" - Bethany.

Dominic appears to not be in a gracious mood and puts cash on the table.

"May I have this placed in my savings account please?" - Dominic.

"Sure, why don't you sign here."

Dominic not making eye contact with Bethany signs the paper work. Bethany glances around to other customers in queues, entering and leaving the building.

"How's Deloris?"

Dominic does not reply. The manager of the bank, notices evasive and cold Dominic is towards Bethany's attempt at conversation. Dominic throws the pen on the table and the paper work.

"Appreciated." - Dominic.

Dominic exits the bank.

Volt Cams.

Bethany proceeds to the volt and notices a note on the bag. It reads. What it says cannot clearly be seen.

Central Park, Manhattan
New York City
Ice Skating Rink.
Harry P.O.V

Oh God, I've forgotten how to skate. Hope I don't make my leg worse. Although could be a confidence booster, if I manage to not make it to the accident and emergency unit. Rebecca give her credit, her flirty and bribery act would wonders on the guy at the counter. Rebecca, Rebecca, I hope Gloria's accusations against you aren't true. Are you really my daughter.

"I don't know how you did it, Becks, but if something happens to me out there, that guy could get fired."

"Don't worry, I'm not using you, to get a compo claim. I mean would I risk your will to have a better life?" - Rebecca.

"How much did you give him?"

"A Hundred and Fifty?"


"No a hundred and fifty shades of grey. (sarcastically)...Not really. Too cold for that, especially for that many times anyway."

"Hey you enough of the sarcasm. When do I get to skate?"

"Patience, just allow me to adjust your skating shoes."

Harry is then helped to his feet by Rebecca.

Ooow this is gonna hurt.

"Hold on tight now, we're just gonna glide slowly not too fast." - Rebecca.

Oh shit, here we go. F**k there is quite a few people on this rink. I hope I don't get knocked down. Just be brave Harry. Just go with the flow.

"Don't be nervous, just look at me and be happy."

"Yeah, good this isn't it?"

"There ya go, your a natural."

Flashback Memory
Harry P.O.V.

Eighteen year old Tina is stood directly in front of Harry, grasping his hands as they go in to a spin. Tina is laughing and smiling and then she leans forward and kisses him.

(then the vision changes)

(takes place in 'pilot,' season 1)

Thirty Four Year Old, Tina is sat directly opposite Harry in a restaurant. She seems to be sad.

"I had a baby. Our baby."- Tina

"What are you talking about?" - Harry

"I was pregnant with your daughter, when I left Hex-Ville all them years ago. I'm sorry Harry, I was so scared. I should have told you."

"How?...what happened... where is?"

"I gave her up for adoption. I had no choice."

Harry P.O.V.
Present Time, Central Park.

"Daddy, are you alright?" - Rebecca

"Yeah, just...thinking."

Whoa, that was interesting. That took a lot of guts for Tina to open up to me.

"Are you sure?"

Whoa, Becks your grip is getting tight.

Harry's Vision
From Rebecca's P.O.V.

What in the world? Who Gods name is this woman? Is that Rebecca I here?

Oh no, please God No! Not my Ma Ma. Oh God no, please, no no!"

"Please, wake up Ma Ma, I love you!" - Rebecca

Wait a minute this is not my memory.

(Cut to a much older memory of Rebecca's)

Oh my God what the F**k? Oh my God where am I. A river and girl dancing around. Oh my God she's gonna fall!

"Alicia!" (screams)

"Oh my GOD, Rebecca no! Rebecca!"

Holy shit, that girl just fell into the river. That poor child.

Harry P.O.V.
Present, Central Park.

"Daddy what's wrong?"

"I don't know...But I'm fine now."

Nancy Blake Show
On Air Cam Show
New York City

Host Nancy Blake (played by Serinda Swan), is hosting Live coverage in front of a live audience and to millions across the country. Her Guests are Sharon Taylor, left, Deloris King, Centre, and Matt Graison, right. Deloris is holding missing posters of her mother, Charlotte King, who unbeknown to her had been murdered by the Francis Bay Killer, orchestrated by Bethany, weeks earlier.

Nancy Blake looks to the Camera, as she sits left Deloris in Camera view.

"Welcome to the Nancy Blake show. Hi I'm Nancy Blake and here with me today is Deloris King, who runs a coffee shop, in the small town of Francis Bay on the far east coast of Long Island. Am I correct?"

Blake puts the microphone to Deloris mouth.

"Uh, yeah, but..."- Deloris

"That's very interesting, must get chilly this time of year, but of course you have plenty of hot drinks to warm yourself up with huh, keep the colds at bay. Get it at Bay? Ha haha haha."

"Uh...Uh yeah. Listen I'm looking for my mother..."

"I hope you're not nervous, which is perfectly normal, because this is my fifth show and I'm still nervous. In fact is there anyone here who is not nervous, Sharon? Matt?"

Blake puts the microphone back to Deloris lips.

"Listen I'm in search of my mother, her name is Charlotte King, she disappeared around a month and half ago..."

Blake interrupts her.

"This wonderful. Because I love coffee. My favourite is Latte. It's bad I know because of the caffeine. But, the energy surge just sends chills down my spine. Can't beat a Latte or Cappuccino, with a Cream Pie."

Blake feels momentarily awkward and coughs, before placing the Microphone back to Deloris.

"Listen, I'm trying to find my mother, her name is Charlotte King and..."

Blake interrupts again.

"This is wonderful, Uh...how did it come about that you became to run your own coffee shop?."

"Look, I'm trying..."

"Do you recommend this line of work. Do you make a lot of money doing this?"

"Her name is Charlotte King, she's forty three..."

"This is a little off the subject, but that is a beautiful bracelet, can I ask you where you got that?"

"She's forty three years old, I'm trying to find her."

"Great, lets say you do find her. What would you say to her, what would be the first thing that would pop into your head?"

"She's Forty Three years old, her name is Charlotte King..."

"Thank you so much Deloris."...Blake turns to guest Sharon. "Hello, there Sharon, now you are an interesting character. Now you are twenty one and you have slept with a hundred men over seventy years old."

"And they've me so rich!"- Sharon

"Who can blame you?"- Blake

A seething Deloris snatches the microphone away from Blakes hand.

"Yeah, rich bitch can my kiss my boring ass. Listen I'm trying my mother OK. Her name is Charlotte King, she was last seen in Francis Bay Long Island, on January 12th, and if you have any information..."

"Thank you, Deloris...- Blake.

"No f*** off Blake, and if you have any information to this wonderful lady, I'd appreciate it if you contact the Kings Café of Francis Bay, I have a five thousand dollar reward to offer. Hey, asshole, leave the camera on me, I'll knee your balls right to the roof of your mouth. Charlotte King, Kings café, Francis Bay, Long Island. Now you can talk about, skanky Sharon and her geriatric perverts and whatever, excuse me."

"Thank you, that was Deloris King."

Deloris walks off set. Blake has the microphone and points it to Matt Graison's lips

"Now where were we. Oh yes, you have slept with over a hundred men and they are all over seventy."- Blake.

"Actually no, that was Sharon."- Matt.

"Oh yes...Blake looks to the camera awkwardly. ..."We'll be right back after this commercial break."

Cue Commercial Break music.


Harry and Rebecca are sat on a bench eating a burger, opposite each other.

Rebecca what is it that you're scared for me to find out? The visions are becoming more occurring too. Did these ever happen before I lost my memory, or are they part of a new phase in my life? I wish the whole truth could just open up completely, just for some closure. Looks like I may have to learn the hard way.

"I've had a certain memory pop up, where I'm cradling a dying woman in my arms. Felt like a very long time ago."

Rebecca- "I'm not sure on that one."

"Or maybe you're worried how I might take the truth, if I were to find out. Is it the sort of memory that nobody may want me to find out?"

"It is painful. I don't think it would be my place to tell you."

"But, you may know whom I'm referring to right?"

"You really wanna know?"

"I can take it."

"It was probably your mother, my grandmother...your parents were murdered twenty four years ago, shortly after you left High School."

Holy shit, I shouldn't have asked. That is too much more than I can handle, with all the other stuff.

I'm sorry, you wanted me to be honest."

"Don't blame yourself, I'm OK...wow. Why? I mean who would do such an evil thing. Who killed them?"

"Nobody knows. Whoever did it, is still free today. For something to go unsolved for so long, it must have had a major cover up."

"You mean the police, the Fed's, they just gave up? No justice has been done."

"Before you lost your memory, you told me, that the evidence the police had was so inconclusive, it would have taken a long, long, long, long, long time before they could even tell what the circumstances were, let alone make an arrest."

"Sounds like my parents murder was premeditated. If it wasn't, a cover up like this wouldn't have lasted this long."

"Sorry Dad, but the only people that knew of your parents death, was your parents and you found them."

"Before we return home to Long Island, I want you to take me to the archives."

"Daddy c'mon I don't want you to stress yourself out more, than you already have."

"Please, if we get home late, I won't let you take the blame, I promise...I'm just desperate."

"I'll give you an hour no more."

Elaina's Handbag Cam

Southern Manhattan

Elaina's voice can be heard, as she sits impatiently in her car.

"C'mon copper hurry and pass off." - Elaina.

Anxious tapping on the steering wheel can be heard. Few moments pass and she has lost all patience.

"That's it, can't wait anymore. We all have to take risks."

Elaina's picks up her handbag and appears to run across the street and into an apartment complex, possibly Emma's previous apartment once again.

We then cut to an elevator sequence, ascending upwards and Elaina steps out and walks over to Emma's front door and listens in carefully. Elaina can hear heavy breathing and slowly enters. Continuing into the apartment kitchen, blood can be seen splattered on the floor and then Emma is seen sat over Officer Ryland's dead body. The handbag is dropped to the ground with the CAM still facing Emma and a kitchen knife beside her. Emma is drugged to the eyeballs.

"Jesus Christ Emma what have you done?"- Elaina

Elaina stands alongside the body.

"He made me do it. He broke in."- Emma.

"Emma this is a police officer, his name is Ryland.

"He's a police off...Oh shit."

"Emma this is gonna look bad. You have put everything into a major predicament."

"Major predicaments have been happening to me for a while El, might as well put the icing on the cake. Anyway I guess you had had better call 911 emergency and send me in. Might as well confess my sins and tell them everything."

"Emma what have you done? WHAT HAVE YOU FUCKIN DONE!" - Elaina.

"What have I done? What about what people have done to me? Ok I admit both myself and Chris did the same to each other and sleep with the same sex, but on top of all that, the girl that I fell in love with, fell in love with a vampire psychopath, concealing her murders. My now deceased, legal father, bought me off my drug addict biological father and he's dead. And to top it all off I've got nothing left, except a dead policeman in my apartment, who I thought was an intruder."


Lance can see the mess Emma has gotten herself into

"My, my, my what a mess."- Eric

( back to conversation between Elaina and Emma).

"What am I gonna do now? Ryland was gonna ask you about Hugo and Beagle, two cops that have been harassing me and have gone missing." - Elaina.

"What you think I killed them too?" - Emma

"No, this has to do with the investigation into what's being going on in Francis Bay"

" Oh wouldn't have anything to do with Rebecca's dirty secret would it or Bethany being serial killer? Might as well just get it out in the open on the way down to the police station. I'll help you put the body in the trunk."

Elaina starts to cry

"Don't cry. It's my fuckin mess."- Emma

"You don't understand." - Elaina

Emma gets to her feet over a bloodied body.

"I thought we were friends."

"I wanted to be and I don't know maybe, this..."

"Elaina I just murdered a blue fuckin badge. I can deal with it, call e'm I won't hold it against you. You never know I might get better sex in the showers."

"Emma! You're off your F*****g head!"

Emma is then seen grabbing a glass of water.

"Elaina are you trying to say what I think you about to say? You don't have to cover for me. As much as I love you, there's no way out of this. If I get everything off my chest now, Bethany will go straight to hell and Rebecca, well, identity theft and aiding abetting a murderer, ouch. You Elaina will be saving Harry from years of torture and bullshit."

(Eric voice is then heard).

"Oh my Holy God. If Emma talks, then Carla will act with deadly vengeance on the World, and Bethany again will be prepared. We could yet have a worse case scenario on our hands. Right location phone book. "

Elaina's handbag Cam.

Emma's apartment telephone rings.

"Who is that calling?" - Elaina

"Probably someone new about to move into an apartment, now haunted by a dead policeman."- Emma

Emma is about to head to the phone, when Elaina cuts her off

"Let me answer it, you're in no fit state. And mind the dead body."

Eric's computer surveillance.
Elaina's Bag Cam

Elaina's voice can be heard and there is an echo, in between the cam and the phone line.

"Elaina what the hell is going on? This wasn't supposed to happen." - Eric

"It wasn't my fault, this cop is harassing me and Emma's be caught up in it in her pretty little neck." - Elaina whispers.

"We're not supposed to get everything out in the open, until we've located Carla and that Cosmos necklace is out of Bethany's grasp. We could literately end up back to square one again and then we're f***ed . "

"It was an accident, Emma didn't mean to. She's lost everything. The people she loves, she's lost her mind. She's needs help."

"I'm glad to hear that. You're about to commit your first federal crime."

"Oh Christ, you want me to hide the body?"

Cam remains on Emma who shivers at the thought of a bludgeoned body in her kitchen. She then looks at Elaina's handbag that's open and spots a bright red light in her bag. Emma moves over to the bag, as Elaina remains on the phone to Lance and looks inside. Between the outside and inside of the bag, is cam and Emma has found it.

"And to top it all off, Emma's found the cam."- Eric

"Oh shit."

The Handbag is then seen being picked up by Emma and walked across the room with heavy footsteps.

"You fony Bitch are you spying on me?" - Emma

"Emma listen to me it's not what you think."- Elaina

"Funny, everyone say's that."

"It's for my protection."

"Do I look like I just flew over the cuckoos nest?"

"It's hard to say really."

"You don't care about me do you, you're just the same as all of them. Lance, Bethany, Rebecca, Chris! You're just a bunch of Fuckin Bastards!"

"Emma please."

Partially from Cam view Emma head butts Elaina and her nose starts to bleed. Emma drops Elaina's bag and runs off somewhere and footsteps can be heard coming back. Elaina can be heard panicking and out of the nowhere footsteps can be heard slowly stomping back loudly.

"So what's another persons blood on my hands. After all, I'm being exactly what Linda Perry was. A person that Rebecca could LOVE!"

Screams can be heard and out of the blue, Emma is seen running across cam with a kitchen knife. A scuffle can be heard. Eric is wondering what's happening.

"Holy shit. There' nothing I can do. C'mon Elaina, C'mon. You fail now. Don't fail us all." - Eric.

Smashing and crashing can be heard, as well as the screaming. Then Emma is punched across screen and the knife falls onto the cam. Elaina kicks away the knife and shoves Emma away. It then seems Emma's footsteps are heard running away. Elaina picks up the handbag and looks into the cam. Shaken and a bit bloodied, but luckily to be alive.

"I'm OK, Emma's ran out the apartment. She's ruined, totally. There's no way back for her. I can't do nothing to help her now. We gotta do something Eric... Help me."

Francis Bay
Wilson Household Cams

Briefly shown all downstairs room, empty.

Francis Bay Bank

Bethany is seen interacting with customers.


I wonder if I'm doing the right thing. What if what I discover becomes too painful? What if the information I get is not fully clear to me or vague? What if I don't wanna know? But, if I'm desperate...wait...What about Rebecca? She loves me and apart from me being here looking at history that could be daunting and haunting, Rebecca is hiding something too. But, that also...what if I don't wanna know that either. Ah, shit, we're here now, might as well face the music. I know everyone will tell me, that something's are best left in the past and the future is all that matters. But, the visions, they are obviously are trying to tell me something. In my dreams and now recently, when I make contact. I see a woman, possibly my first wife, visions, of happiness and...horror. Oh shit we're. Don't back out Harry, don't throw the f*****g towel in. Could bring to light more than you realize.

"You ready for this?" - Rebecca


"Look are you sure you're up to this, I mean this is so soon?"

"Rebecca I need closure. I think so suddenly in my amnesia, I'm not so patient."

"What about Bethany?"

"I won't say anything and you mustn't either."

"That's what I mean, maybe...no you're right. You should do this at you're own free will."

"I know it's intense, but I can't hide behind closed doors forever."

"Nobody said forever, but you've are getting over a kidnapping ordeal."

"I'm certain there will be plenty more ordeals in the future."

"Nothing traumatic I hope."

"OK, lets see what's Ghosts are hiding in the closet. "

"Now, then if we click on here and here...right then what's first?"


Alright what happened to my parents?

"What year was my parents...when did they pass away. Will it be on these newspapers, I mean you said it happened in Hex- Ville upstate in my hometown?"

"Possibly. Well...from what I recall, it happened on July 4th 1979. Lets take a look shall we.

Wilson Household Cams
Francis Bay

Still house is not occupied at this time

Francis Bay Bank

Bethany is seen with her coat on exiting the bank


Oh Christ here we are. Oh my God that's them (Harry sees a photo of his parents).

Upstate massacre shocks town of Hex-Ville

"Daddy, Daddy are you alright?"- Rebecca

"That's my mother and father?"

"Yeah, that's them.

They look so happy. Looked like decent people. How could somebody destroy such happy lives?

Wilson Household
Francis Bay

Bethany arrives home and places her handbag near the plant, where a CAM is hidden.

"Hello? Harry?...Rebecca?" - Bethany

No reply

Bethany searches all the rooms downstairs. It's all quiet and then heads upstairs into the bedroom and finds Harry is not resting up. She then realizes that Rebecca's car is not in the drive and she is seething.

"You gotta be shitting me. What are you up to Becky you sneaky Bitch?"



This is sickening who would commit such a gruesome attack on nice people? They look nice. I mean for what reason?...Oh my God, it's say here 'I found them and that...I held my dying mother in my arms.' That memory, the nightmares are...memories from my past. She was my mother. Mary Wilson...died in my arms.

"How Horrible."

"Daddy I advise you not to continue with this. It's gonna cause you constant stress." - Rebecca

"I must do this. I need closure, otherwise it will be more stressful not knowing. Hang on a sec...what the hell?"


Bethany? It can't be. My wife was raped, by a cop. The same night my parents was murdered.

"Rebecca did you know about this?"

"Bethany opened up to me on it a few months ago. It's something that is not easy to get over. But, before you lost your memory you were aware of it."

"If he could do that, then he could have possibly murdered my parents."

"It is, but as I'm aware of, they could not pin the murders of your parents on him, because there was no sufficient or conclusive evidence to press charges. He was only charged with rape. I don't know the full facts cause I wasn't born until the following year. Your parents murder is still the biggest mystery in the country and the assailant is...unknown."

"Listen I promise I won't mention these findings to Bethany, I don't want you getting into any trouble. Anyway I need to find something on your mother."

Rebecca's cell phone is heard ringing.

"Rebecca do you know what year I married your mother?"

"Um, I think you said sometime around the Autumn of 1995, I recall."


Rebecca and Bethany talk on the phone, whilst Harry continues his article search in the Archives.

"Rebecca if I didn't love you so much, I would have broken your neck by now. Where the f**k are you?!" - Bethany

"Uh yeah, it's good, everything is great. Yeah...um.." - Bethany

"Oh I'm sorry, can you be a bit more specific because I'm feeling very uncomfortable right now. Put Harry on the phone."

"I'm sorry, name doesn't ring a bell Mrs...Focker."

"That's flattering is that how you feeling about me Beck, as a random piece of Garbage?"

"You said it not me."

"Put him on the phone, I won't ask three times."

"Or what?"

"Alright, alright, I'll give you an hour. If you're not home in that time, you and I will be having a serious altercation and it won't just be verbal."

"Can we make that three hours?"

"You disappoint me Becky. I thought we were starting to trust one another again. I wanna know why Harry is not recovering at home and you're sneaking him out of the house?"

Bethany hangs up and chucks the receiver across the bedroom.


"Everything OK Becks?"

"Uh yeah, Um, listen maybe we should head back to Francis Bay. Bethany might hit the roof if she finds out that I brought you Manhattan."

"Just a few more minutes sweetheart, I need to find something out about your mother. I won't be long I promise."

Wait, that's me... and Tina. On our wedding day. ARTICLE FROM NOV 1995. 'Harry Wilson and Tina Mcquire, both 35, were officially declared husband and wife, yesterday, at Grace Church at 2pm. Around 200 guests witnessed the happy occasion. It was made more special by the fact they were two high school just reunited after sixteen years apart.'

That's Tina...the love of my...or was?


"Sorry, Daddy what did you say?"- Rebecca.

"Oh, Bethany will, yeah you're probably right. Bethany will probably be upset. Let's go home."

Wilson Household Cams
Francis Bay

Benjamin is seen entering the house via the front door and Bethany walks up to him.

"You alright?" - Benjamin

"Define Alright." - Bethany

"What's happened?"

"Oh, just Rebecca being guilty as always. Being the nice daughter, she's always wanted to be. Even with trying to hide from our problems, she just wants to be that one step ahead of me, all the f*****g time."

"OK, ok, what's she done?"

"I think she's taken him to the city. I'm beginning to suspect she wants him to regain his memories."

"If he did, he won't know any of our darkest secrets. He never knew before he lost his memory."

"That's not what I'm worried about."

"You think Rebecca is trying to hurt you, by Harry going back to his past like...?"

"Tina. Always her. Even her being dead, she's still trying to take Harry away from me. She may have been my half sister, but I will always remember her as the Bitch, who deliberately got there first."

"And now we got a bigger problem in present day, MOM? Rebecca? You say you love her in your own way, but she if she loves Harry that much, enough to expose you, and herself, then we can't trust her.


A female voice is heard, whilst the Cam is viewing Bethany and Benjamin in conversation

"That's incriminating" - Marge

"What's incriminating?" - Eric

"Bates talking about exposure and not trusting that girl what's her name? Rebecca."

"Exposure about what? Her sleeping with her step daughter? You're not watching The Ricky Lake Show now Marge."

"Ok Mr Sarcastic, what I meant was Bates could have suggested Rebecca would be better off dead."

"Maybe, but I think will use her manipulation to calm the situation she thinks she has solved."

"Question is, how long will it be, before Bethany discovers the camera's we had Elaina set up?"

"Trust me, we will have enough time to blow this operation wide open and Carla will have to come out of hiding at some point."

"Look Eric, you may think we can pull the wool over Bethany's eyes. But, she is a devious homicidal sociopath. So far she has had her wits about her, and Harry still thinks she walks on air." - Marge.

"How's Um...?" - Eric

"You've forgotten her name already? Oh of course you're just working hard, viewing a frustrated psycho who has revealed nothing of yet."

"If you'd shut up, I'd probably would hear what they talking about?"

"She's fine by the way. Watching 'Star Wars,' with Jack."

"Which one?"

"Empire Strikes Back."

"Good choice."

"What's your favourite movie?"

"The Good, The Bad And The Ugly."

"I can understand why, you're all three of them personalities all rolled in to one. Although I would consider the good part controversial."

"Yeah, yeah, enough Yackity Yack and let me hear what they're saying."

Bethany on Cam then kisses Benjamin inappropriately and Benjamin touches on her ass.

"What the F...?" Really?" - Marge

"Yep, you're actually viewing true incest before your eyes Margie?" - Eric

"They're twisted as well as dangerous. That poor guy?"

"Who? Benjamin f*****g Bates?"

"No, Harry Wilson...Oh God they're not gonna?...I'm gonna be sick if they...I can't watch this."

"Yep, you're so sick to the stomach you can't bare to take your eyes of the screen."

Benjamin exits the house.

"So what now? Check on Elaina or something."

"I will eventually. She's need lay low. I'm sure she'll find somewhere."

"And what about this Emma Wilson? She's f***ed the situation up."

"I'm surprised as much as you are, that Emma went all psycho. I've tried tracking her. But, she's gone off the radar."

"We should have had Elaina brought here."

"And followed. No, can't keep taking too many risks."

"I've got a bad feeling about this. Are you sure Elaina secured them camera's from sight? I was more surprised she didn't wake up the household that night, when she installed them." - Marge

"Will you stop fretting Marge, Bethany has got it coming. If I am to go to jail, then I wanna make sure Bethany, her precious son and estranged evasive Sister are fried before I go."

In car driving home back to Francis Bay with Rebecca


"Has Bethany been able to go over it, you know?

"I don't know. A few reoccurrences of memories here and there. I don't think anyone can really. - Rebecca.

"And her son, she's never contacted him or vice versa?"

"Not that I know of but..."

"What is it?"

"Nothing I...nothing."

"I bet you miss your mother a lot. I know you never had the chance to meet after...what happened that day."

"...I know. I was just a block away from the Towers when they went down. I was forced into a café. You were thrown under a car by Uncle Jeff to protect you from the debris.

"Your Uncle Jeff, was he as bad as everyone thought he was? Was he really a terrorist, before he died?"

"People can perceived Uncle Jeff the wrong way in my opinion. You were his baby brother and he loved you. In fact he did more good than anything bad."

"That's comforting to know."

"You see I've cheered you up already."

"Thank you for today. I will defend you when we get home."

"Look Daddy, I'm a big girl, let me handle it. Bethany is your wife after all, I would probably feel the same if I was in her shoes."

"You're not afraid of her are you?"

"Afraid? Where did that come from, we're family."

"I know that was Bethany on the phone back there Beth. We'll work it out, when we get home."

"Well, we're only five minutes away, we'll see."

What's that on the Lamp Post. MISSING, CHARLOTTE KING. How awful for them. Hope she is safe.


Bethany walks up and down the hallway anxiously, when suddenly the front door opens and Rebecca helps Harry inside.


Bethany looks pissed. Hopefully not for Rebecca's sakes.

"Honey you OK?" - Bethany.

"Sweetheart everything is fine. Look don't ta...hey Hun take it easy, I'm...


. Being held down by Albert Kray in 1979

.Burning down Dominic's house for the Insurance

.Being committed to an asylum

. "I'll never leave you again. I promise," Bethany tells Benjamin.

. "You'll never replace Tina ever," Jeff warns Bethany in 2001.

.Bethany seducing Rebecca.

What in God's name?

"Harry are you OK?" - Bethany.

"Daddy?" - Rebecca.

"I'm fine, I'm OK...Really I'm OK. Look don't take it out on Rebecca. She wanted to...It was my idea. All of it. I wanted to venture instead of being cooped up all day. I know you wouldn't have agreed to it...I'm sorry."

Oh shit, what's just happened.

"Look lets get you upstairs. I'll you run you a nice warm bath. Rebecca and I will be getting on fine."

"If you insist. See you in a few Becks."

"I'll make us some Tea." - Rebecca.

Oh shit. This is awkward. The whole day's been awkward. Mysterious if that. If anything it's been a revelation. Whenever I'm touched by someone, their life unfolds to me. But, it appears dark and hurting, painful...yet some... deceitful. I don't know, but as well as what I discovered in the archives, I may have stumbled upon something darker about the two women currently in my life. The two I live under the same roof with. Just what is the truth? What is truth behind my life? Gloria Lang told me, Rebecca wasn't my daughter. Maybe she was telling the truth. So if it is, then...Rebecca stole my true daughters Identity out of guilt, because she died when they were ten. And now, I find out my wife was raped by a cop and...something else. Bethany setting a fire and Benjamin...then my brother Jeff...Oh f***. Just take it easy. Hold it together Harry, but I think these flashes, are far from over. These revelations are just the beginning.


Rebecca is making and preparing the tea. Bethany enters and shuts the kitchen door behind her. She looks at Rebecca looking upset. The conversation becomes an argument in a whispering high tone.

"Why? - Bethany

"Why what?" - Rebecca

"Don't pass me tonight girl. You took him out of this house, while he has been trying to recover from injuries suffered because some crazy friend of yours, tried to out you. He's lost his memory. He's vulnerable."

"Oh so this is what it's all about. You're worried that Harry will see right through you?"

"We're getting somewhere at last. Where'd you go? Manhattan?"


"What did you do?"

"Walked about."

"He's not supposed to walk about."

"Oh so he's just gotta stay in the house all day, while you plot?"

"Plot what?"

"I don't know you tell me. You seem to conjure up ways to hide things and plan action. Like trying to pay off my mother on Christmas Eve. You remember the night she died?"

"You took him out of the house, because you wanted to get back at me, because I was looking out for your best interests? I suppose you're gonna blame me because Linda Perry was a psychotic Vampire and died because of me too or maybe you just wanna let off steam because Emma walked out on you. "


"Does have any reoccurring memories of his past, the life he should know with us?"

Rebecca laughs

"Don't laugh at me." - Bethany

"Bethany you're paranoid."

"Don't fuckin mock me."

"OK, I took him Ice Skating."

"Ice skating...Yeah what am I getting all paranoid about? He can break a leg as much as he wants, when you're looking after him, or when you properly not."

"I'd like to break a leg too, I've gotta take him this nice cup of tea."

"I'm warning you Becky darling, please don't push me. I love you. You know that. I've told you often enough. Shown you...Don't let all that turn to distrust. I'll forgive you, if you promise, never to pull a stunt like that ever again. "

Bethany touches Rebecca's hand.

"You're trying to manipulate me again." - Rebecca

"It works...most of the time." - Bethany

"Just so I remind you Beth, I know one of your past secrets too. You know, time in Mental Institute, because you were dangerous to society."

"Your secret is just as great. We both know, that you could never tell Harry. You love him too much to throw it all away.

Bethany touches Rebecca's face

"Please Becky, don't ever take him out of this house, without my permission ever again...please. I don't want this relationship of ours getting even more complicated than it already is...Although I do miss us on occasions. It makes us come to understandings, if you know what I mean? ...No more Linda and no more Emma...Just us.

Bethany starts passionately Rebecca, who freezes on the spots. Bethany starts to touch Rebecca's breasts, when something catches Bethany's eye and pulls back slowly. She looks back to Rebecca.

"You take this tea upstairs to him OK? Water under the bridge...I forgive you. You're my girl." - Bethany

"If you say so." - Rebecca

Rebecca exits the kitchen with Harry's tea and heads upstairs. Bethany manoeuvres slowly towards the microwave, when the door bell suddenly rings.


(Viewing Wilson Kitchen and Hallways and Living Rooms)

"That is definitely something incriminating on Bethany. She was a danger to society?" - Marge

"I knew that, but she never explained why she was a danger to society. Doesn't help us one bit" - Eric

"This Rebecca seems to have known a while about Bethany past in a Mental Institute. It's a start."

"That's the problem it's a start, but the start means we still have to wait...possibly for a long, long, long time, yet."

"Who's she talking to at the door?"

"I don't know, lets see."


"I don't wanna argue here, outside c'mon. - Bethany.

A minutes of silence passes by, when Bethany suddenly re-appears. Bethany looks to her surroundings and then switches the hallway light off. She wanders into the direction of the Living room. About 45 seconds of darkness is show with silence. Then a big shadow is then cast over the cam. Suddenly, Bethany looks into the hidden cam and seizes it. She smirks at the discovery.

"What the f**k are you looking at?" - Bethany.

Bethany hits the cam and the picture scrambles.


Note: This was the last and only episode, to feature character P.O.V. and Video surveillance viewing. The remaining eight episodes will return to regular viewing.