Shout out to 'Kai'. This person reminded me that writing does have an effect on people. I hope you get to read this

Reign of Humanity

Hailed is your name above all

Ballads to your deeds

Caped and glorified

Worshiped and blessed

Adoration wherever you are

Lovely hero, to what pleasure do we owe thee?

Defiled is your name

The treachery of your crimes

Condemnations to your very name

Gone is your life, gone is your worth

Threats to your being

Accursed hero, when shall they see?

Tiny you are

Small, unremarkable

And yet you are the bravest of us all

Wry, sarcastic, loving, and simple

Disregarded and shushed, yet you are the best of us all

Little hero, you possess a heart of gold

Your craft has saved their soul

Filled a void with love

Travelled yonder

Offered your life to servitude

To masters demeaning, to whips unyielding

Voyager hero, how far have you come?

You are the men

Of Past, present, future

Disregarded to glorified

Enriching a nation, a person such as I

A story of courage, grief, love and solitude

You are saviors, you are heroes