I Thought I Saw You Today

I thought I saw you today

As I was passing by

Rushing on my way.

In a hurry to get somewhere

I can't remember now

For when I passed that way

I thought I saw you there.

I stopped so sudden

I'm sure people stared

I looked hard through the window

I really could not have cared.

For I thought I saw you inside

As I passed by today

But when I looked to find you

You had moved away.

I turned around and went in

Hoping to find you there.

Searching every aisle I looked

But found you nowhere.

I thought my mind was playing tricks

On me! So shaking my head

I left the store dejected and sad

My heart feeling like lead.

You see I thought I saw you today

As I was walking by

But how can I see you

When you chose to die?

All I have left of us

Are the memories we shared

Of all the things you did

That showed how much you cared.

And I miss you more each day

Life is so bland without you.

So many memories I hold

Of our love so true.

I thought I saw you today

But it was just in my mind

The only place I can see you now

Until the end of time.